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  1. You can tell these people have never faced any bigotry in their entire life by how cartoonish they make their fake one seems. A guy burns a car, and leaves a note saying kkk and Trump? LOL! Even better are the nazi swastikas that are drawn wrong. I guess those neo-nazis forgot what a swastika looks like!
  2. The irony is how much of his campaign platform included the sentiment "they're laughing at us". Did nobody notice that he's the reason why? Yes; it was because they are stupid and arrogant. Very amusing.
  3. Actually, there is no new evidence; just that some people took the evidence we already had and came to certain conclusions. 100% of the "evidence" we have now is circumstantial BTW. Let's also not forget that Assange himself claims that the leaks are not from Russians, and the people claiming it is the Russians are known liars with ZERO credibility (what they say should be dismissed by default). If you don't trust Assange either (I'll admit that I do) then it's a wash with no hard evidence. Just guesswork. Side note: The CIA being butt-hurt at the idea that leftist leadership has been over thrown by foreign interference is pretty lolzy. <- Saw that on twitter; thought it was worth sharing.
  4. Nothing new about it, you just didn't notice it until now, because your ox got gored. Trump is making truth cool again, among other things. http://thefederalist.com/2016/11/11/donald-trump-just-made-10-things-cool/ Edit: Also watch true masters of false narrative at work: http://thefederalist.com/2016/05/09/ben-rhodes-reveals-how-obama-duped-america-into-the-dangerous-iran-deal/ Sorry WOD snookims but you were equally fooled by Trump, you dropped your support for him because of sustained daily criticism, though misplaced, and then finally the sexism incident made you say " okay this is too much even for me " We supported your unexpected SJ sympathies but .....we were wrong in this case, its rare but it happens even to us You should have stuck by Trump, imagine the moral high gound you would have had on this forum? This would have been one of those almost inexplicable times where if you wanted you could REALLY have gloated because sometimes I think the guys do tease you a little and keep taking what you say literally Gloating is stupid because sooner or later everyone face plants. I finally decided to support Trump because doing nothing isn't an option when the good of the country is at stake, despite the moral objections. Wait, what was your moral objection? I guess I missed it.
  5. I think that we all can get behind this. I'll lay the bricks myself. Anything for Ben Carson; as long as I get that sweet, sweet Ambien.
  6. Send them to Israel. Various pro-Israel politicians and Israeli funded groups were telling us to take them in; it would be hypocritical for Israel not to take them in.
  7. You're telling me you'd be upset if the military overthrew Trump? Yes. I'm anti-coup d'etat here in the United States. Low energy Leferd, who can't predict an election in his own country; doesn't support a coup against Trump. SAD!
  8. TPP had not been given up on (in earnest) until Trump won the election.
  9. "I didn't like Clinton at all, but her position's are much better than Trump's on every issue I can think of." -Chomsky in an interview post election. Major election issues: TPP- Any genuine supporter of socialism (or even any non-corporatist shill) should be 100% opposed to TPP. Trump is far better than Hillary on this issue. Syria, Libya, Iraq, and neo-con warmongering- Trump was critical of Iraq, opposed intervention in Syria. On this front a genuine leftist should see Trump as better. At the very least Chomsky should considering his past rhetoric. These are NOT minor issues either. Either he's lying now, lied about his goals/ideology in the past for years, he's a partison hack, or he's just an idiot. Screw Chomsky. Zizek>>>>>>>>>>>Chomsky
  10. Recount will be a waste of time and money. Though I'm looking forward to leftist salt after Trump wins again.
  11. What I'm trying to say is that communism/socialism wasn't/isn't the true heart of the Cuban regime. It's independence from US control. Something he achieved. The government that will be running the market economy of Cuba in the near future is the same government that controlled socialist Cuba. The cold war and socialism is a detail. If Cuba remains an independent nation that isn't just a US puppet; then his legacy is valid. Whether that's a noble cause is a matter of perspective, IMO it isn't worth the cost to be independent from the US. Not to mention that Fidel was a bigger jerk than he needed to be, but regardless; he had a goal and achieved it. EDIT: Fidel only chose communism due to happenstance. If the USSR were capitalist and the US were socialist he would have been a pro-market dictator.
  12. Success in what way? He will culturally celebrated, and remembered fondly in Cuban history classes. A Cuba that isn't just a puppet state of the US will be what he is most remembered for. His socialist tendencies will be a detail, his desire for a truly independent Cuba is his legacy.
  13. Guys, Castros legacy is a failure.....the Cuban idea of socialism failed because it failed to sustain or grow the economy His legacy will be one of success.
  14. Yep. Not that it bothers me; I'm not keen on killing national leaders. Not even hostile ones.
  15. Yes. The elites in Cuba have wanted to transition to a market economy (China style) for a while now, and have been waiting for Fidel to die. Now that he's gone, the US will be helping the Cuban elites make the transition. The only roadblock is that Trump won the election, making what was a done deal a little unclear. Even so, the plan will go forward, and Trump will take credit even though it's Obama who deserves it. What do you mean by a market economy in respects to Cuba? China is primarily an export driven economy but since Davos last year they are trying to restructure there economy to consumer driven, meaning the citizens of China will be the main buyers of goods like many Western countries It will be a country who's economy is determined to a major extend by market forces. An economy where someone can go out, "buy" (more like rent, but let's not get too technical) land, an run a private business to sell goods and services to potential customers. Success will be determined by having the right connections to the government so they don't screw you over, and the basics of supply/demand. There will still be government services like healthcare, but to a major extent it will screw off of strictly controlling the lives, culture, and productivity of the average citizen. This will be done to dramatically increase productivity so the elites have more wealth to leech off of, and the increased prosperity they allowed to happen will give them swelled egos (even though all they're doing is not stopping people from making their own lives better).
  16. Yes. The elites in Cuba have wanted to transition to a market economy (China style) for a while now, and have been waiting for Fidel to die. Now that he's gone, the US will be helping the Cuban elites make the transition. The only roadblock is that Trump won the election, making what was a done deal a little unclear. Even so, the plan will go forward, and Trump will take credit even though it's Obama who deserves it.
  17. Obviously Pidesco thinks that Trump is just the greatest guy ever. I remember that he said Trump's words about illegals was, "Charming stuff". Now he thinks Trump is honest and charismatic too. I guess Trump supporters really are cult-like. :)
  18. From what I, likely erroneously, understand communities(aka communes) would collectively work out of self-interest to make sure the beans were harvested and processed and then shared with the community similarly to the primitive tribes of ancient times. Vague though to be fair Marx spent more time analyzing Capitalism and theorizing about revolution than he did laying out what communism look like. Today most leftists see communism as decentralized post-scarcity utilizing some sort of automation to do the bulk, if not the entirety, of the work. To be honest, I'd say Marx is one of capitalism's most perceptive critics, and all te points he made are pretty valid, although his views were very extreme. But remember: Marx is going against 19th century industrial revolution capitalism. So, in the spoiler a quick summary of what I understand of Marx's criticism of capitalism The conclusion he drew from these problems, communism as a solution, is not a good one though (in my opinion). Marx got a very bad reputation since a lot of totalitarian systems and poorly planned economies were build on it. However, I don't think we should completely throw away Marx.... As I said, most of his criticism is very valid in my opinion, only his solution is not. WHAT A SURPRISE!!!
  19. Another attempt to sarcasm down the drain, pity. How did he miss the blue text?
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