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  1. This is an old thread, but I'll opine anyway: Regarding why PoE 2 wasn't a big success- A) Pillars of Eternity is a good game BUT.... The early version of the game was a buggy, unbalanced mess. That's all in the past now, but for many people, that's their only impression of the game. B) For as much as it was sold as an IE successor, especially Baldur's Gate, it really didn't live up to what was promised. Per-encounter abilities, no kill xp, "disengagement mechanic" that weakens the RTS elements, fairly linear game progression (Most areas were locked off until after you get your stronghold for example). Heck even enemy balance philosophy was really different (no immunities in enemies until later patches. Interesting note: Patches that improve the game make it more like the IE games). You burn people, you lose them. C) This is the biggest issue: Poor mod support. Good mod support is really important for a game like this, and should have been a stretch goal. Mods keep the community interested, engaged, and excited.
  2. I really don't get the strong opposition to wearing a mask. I'm not a medical expert by any means, but... Why does anyone care so much about having to wear a mask? It's an extremely small annoyance at the very worst, unless you have some extreme medical condition I guess. I GET the opposition to the lockdown, makes good practical sense to not want to trash the economy, but, why exactly is wearing a mask a big deal?
  3. The irony is that Baldur's Gate 3 will probably not come close to it's namesake's legacy. Pillars of Eternity came pretty darn close to matching BG's renown, and was only held back by poor mod support.
  4. I killed Verzano like Danna Doemenel asked me to. Then it just said Quest Failed. I'm on trial of iron and can't go back. Why did I fail?
  5. Osama Bin Laden liked anime, including Naruto. That is all.
  6. No doubt it will be done to thunderous applause. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/volokh-conspiracy/wp/2017/10/05/the-campus-anti-free-speech-movement-black-lives-matter-protesters-shut-down-aclu-speaker-at-william-mary/?utm_term=.92681c96e2bc I know we went from Confederate flag is racist to US anthem is racist in like 2 minutes, but now liberalism is racist? What's next? Non racist are racists? Non-racists are racists has been a thing. You're behind the curve. I'll cut you some slack since you don't live in the US.
  7. Sure is nifty that it starts after 9/11 but before the Orlando shooting.
  8. I hate that guy's voice. That said, his notion that the correct response to a bad idea is a better idea, is spot on.
  9. They really are. It's too bad those black socks are obstructing our view.
  10. I didn't think you of all people would be opposed to privatization and purging of unions. They also think Usury is bad. I love usury. They're unacceptable. EDIT: If people want high interest loans, that's fine by me. EDIT2: Regarding unions. Private sector unions are good. Public sector unions are bad.
  11. I know for a fact that isn't true, and if you doubt me I'll create a compilation of Christians whining about happy holidays.
  12. It honestly should. National Socialism is a very dangerous ideology.
  13. That is all well and good, but I think that if you parade around chanting Blut und Boden and toting a flag with a swastika, "Nazi" is a fairly adequate term to describe you. Yes, technically they aren't Nazis, because they don't have a card with their member # in the National Socialist German Workers' Party, so they are neo-Nazis at best, but that's not an exceedingly useful distinction to make outside of a historical discussion. The vast majority of them did not have nazi flags. They mostly had confederate flags. EDIT: Heck, there were people waving nazi flags at occupy wall street. Not exactly fair to say the people there were nazis.
  14. "it's not a political thing" *Yes it is. As surely as burning the flag would be. It is an inherently political statement. "When you refuse to use the word Nazi, but you can call someone who pays their taxes, carries themselves the right way -- in order to play a professional sport, you have to have some sort of discipline --- who is a disciplined individual, you call them 'sons of bitches.' But you can't call a spade a spade." *Yeah, you can't just call people Nazi's at random (or rather, you shouldn't. People actually have been). And no, just because they're white nationalists doesn't mean they're Nazis. National Socialism is a very specific (and very European) branch of white nationalism that most white nationalists don't subscribe to (At least in the US, I don't know enough to say the same about Europe). Also, even if this guy's totally idiotic statement regarding calling people Nazis were true, it doesn't pertain to the issue at hand, since calling people Nazis is a declaration of their political affiliation, and the other is a value judgement.
  15. Seems reasonable to me. If for some reason unpatriotic athletes bother you, leaving is a pretty logical course of action.
  16. Fox doesn't defend Trump? Bit curious you'd be put off by bigotry and still watch Fox. Is Fox some sort of spewer of bigotry? I've never been a fan of Fox News, but I've never seen them promoting bigotry either.
  17. #WindowLivesMatter You forgot about the real victims: Garbage containers. They'll have the alt-right on the run in no time!
  18. That was only because those people were clueless. Trump's win was plenty predictable. Predicting events isn't so hard when pay close attention to things. I think one handsome Obsidian poster named, Namutree (peace be upon him) saw Trump's win coming thanks to his brilliant insight; oh, and a crackpot named Val too, but he just got lucky.
  19. It's likely that WoD is talking about the long term demographic shift and it's electoral consequences. Though I could be wrong.
  20. More like communists. Which is worse. If they were merely nazis they'd be more tolerable. It's not about fighting fascists. It's about trying to intimidate the rightwing into accepting their control over acceptable ideas, because no one except spoiled brats with zero real world experience would entertain their self destructive ideology so long as they had a choice. "Fight back" is an interesting way to frame assaulting people guilty of nothing more than utilizing their civic rights. Also, you might be overrating how peaceful BLM is.
  21. When people ask me why I refuse to vote Republican anymore this is #2 on the growing list of reasons I give. Civil Asset forfeiture. Why are we not fighting a civil war over this despicable practice right this moment? Because almost no one gives a crap about property rights anymore.
  22. wants to implement a law that would make it a felony for Americans to support the international boycott against Israel, which was launched in protest of that country’s decades-old occupation of Palestine. Unless 'support' is replaced with 'participate in' then there is a zero percent chance this is constitutional and so I'll assume the article meant participate in. As for the underlying idea: Totally indefensible. No one should be obligated to involve their private business with any party or party's against their will. Considering my previous argument regarding the civil rights act I'm nearly alone in this sentiment on this board though. I'm with you on this KP. Boycotts are freedom of association and in the case of business a matter property rights besides.
  23. Same reason why we have eminent domain and government bailouts, we aren't a capitalist country anymore. We are a dysfunctional hybrid of contradicting ideas whose remaining prosperity is due to the infrastructure and systems established by classical liberals that have YET to fully removed. Don't worry though; it's on it's last legs. We still lead the world in dramatic hyperbole, at least. There is a rather long list of US companies that are industry leaders in innovation that would seem to refute your claims. Which ones?
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