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  1. In the early phases maybe, but over time we would become more and more independent from other humans that we'd have our own ships and mech crew to do literally everything for us. Basically we'd split up in a zillion different directions and conquer our own part of space. Some people would do better than others and claim more and more territory for their own until the entire universe is controlled by a handful of opposing people. One will be dramatically more advanced than the others and wipe out all independent life in the universe to claim personal control over all energy and matter. This person will then put itself into a permanent, blissful mental loop of experiencing something pleasant; only to have the memory erased and have the experience repeated eternally. Content that nothing in existence will ever take away the eternal paradise; this final master of creation will be the true end of history.
  2. See, if you had said "survival", I would wholeheartedly agree. "Enrichment", however, means accumulating wealth, which in turn necessitates private property. That is a relatively modern concept. "Human nature", whatever the hell that is, predates any such concepts by ~200,000 years, which is how long ago the first anatomically modern humans (indistinguishable from you and me) appeared. So, no, the right to private property is certainly not "natural". I assure you, nothing in my "nature" compels me to "enrich" myself at the expense of everyone else. I honestly feel sorry for you if that's how you regard yourself first, and everyone else next. edit: I didn't mean for that to sound as condescending as it turned out, but oh well Private property became a thing the first time someone put a fence around their house or garden. Earlier than that. Try when some one decided an area is "theirs". Likely pre-humans. No need for fences when you can just bash the head in of whatever poor creature is foolish enough to trespass on your territory (likely a cave or something).
  3. Mmmhmm... Just keep tellin' yourself that. You'll just keep going there, getting more and more brainwashed. Soon you'll exclusively listen to nationalist propaganda as only they see the, "truth". Do you know why that is your fate? Because you gave Stephan "not an argument" Molyneux a chance. Now you WANT to be brainwashed. Don't worry though; you've picked the right team to be brainwashed by. At least they have dank memes.
  4. I'm still waiting for a right-winger to provide a defense of cultural diversity beyond repeating "muh culture" or "muh heritage" over and over. They can be kind of neat to observe. When I first heard of, "Guanxi"; it entertained me for a bit. So there's one reason.
  5. That has to be the lamest excuse for just wanting to get some rest. I mean, just look at him: He's the perfect statesman. He can govern like a pro it in his sleep!
  6. WHY DID YOU ABANDON US DAVE!!!??? WHY!!!??? Was it because the masses didn't appreciate the Hater's Ball???
  7. Amen. WoT is the indisputable true barometer and vanguard of orthodox thought in the Western RPG discussion world! Admit it, you're having fun agreeing with Valsuelm.
  8. Hopefully she will have learned her lesson about lying to the police.
  9. Yup. Seems about right. Name recognition. We see how that will work out.
  10. McMullin? What is wrong with them? Why not run some one with a shred of decency or credibility?
  11. The bible has some screwy stuff in it; might be best if they don't read it. Come on, the Old Testament is a fantastic guide to living. Old Testament is best Testament. They can be accused of many things, but at least they weren't no stones throwing cucks.
  12. The bible has some screwy stuff in it; might be best if they don't read it.
  13. As I predicted. You can't virtue signal in a voting booth.
  14. What if I told you that Trump's main strategy was to get people NOT to vote for Clinton rather than trying to get people to vote for him. This is why a LOT of his rhetoric was attacking others (hence the bully claim) rather than promoting his ideas (hence lack of substance in most of his rhetoric). Hillary's low turnout was not just due to her being awful; it was Trump's exploiting of the Sander's wound, her pro-war history, ect. Trump won this. Hillary did NOT lose on her own. EDIT: This also why Sanders would have defeated Trump easily. People respected Sanders, and most his serious flaws are complicated (thus hard to attack), or are flaws he shares with Trump (thus the attacks would be ineffective). EDIT 2: Also Trump campaign had way less funds than Romney campaign had. Imagine if Trump had those resources (which he will in 2020). AND republican establishment undermining him (won't be a problem in 2020).
  15. I seriously doubt Trump has sexually assaulted anyone. Prepare for disappointment. Obamacare's problems have NOTHING to do with republicans. It's main issue is that young people don't want to pay higher insurance for old people with pre-existing conditions. Thus they don't pay for their insurance. This makes premiums go up which makes even more people refuse to pay it. That makes premiums go up. The process is repeated until no one is paying for it. Republicans opposed it because it was fundamentally unsound and not a viable program. Obamacare's failing is 100% on the authors of the bill and the idiot democrats that voted for it. Many career politicians and especially leftists don't understand that when a demand is unreasonable; people won't cooperate, even if not cooperating is against their personal interest (which is why increasing the fine for not being covered won't work). Ironically, a lot of the people refusing to pay and dodging insurance are young Obama voters; see, coercive government programs are cool until it's your turn to be pushed around. The Dems were so busy shoving their new healthcare system down our throats they never really considered if it should be shoved down our throats (seriously, many of the dems had no idea how the new system worked). Also, don't give me any BS bemoaning a lack of a "public option" either. If the bill would have included that, insurance companies would never have allowed it to pass. It was a doomed system and republicans were 100% correct to oppose it.
  16. You're so right about that, in a double sense. Hence my claim of having powers.
  17. We discussed my powers. How biased media helped Trump. How Sanders would have won. How spamming isms at Trump was useless. That it's happening. Why Trump should be a 1 term president (not gonna happen guys). How Hillary not doing a concession speech was classless and lame. Also I mused about initiating a civil war after Trump is president to get rid of the SJW menace and permantly cripple the left. You missed a neat thread.
  18. Nope. 1) Wait until Trump is president. 2) Antagonize undisciplined SJW youths. To hasten the inevitable civil war approaching so you can win while you still have the systemic advantage. 3) Wait until BLM forms another riots and kills a cop or two (will happen); label them a terrorist group. 4) Do something really douchie in a tense situation to trick opposition into triggering the civil war on your terms (Abe would be proud). 5) Bulldoze idiot SJW's who didn't know what they were up against into a mass grave. 6) Make sure to target solid blue states for maximum damage. 7) Right will fully control the nation for generations to come. America will be great again.
  19. What a glorious night. One I'll carry to my grave. Trump, the man so many said had no chance, is now set to be president.
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