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  1. The music patch is rather good..it's an audible improvement, even for someone with wooden ears like me. Music sounds deeper, richer, less muddy. I'm not sure I can say the same for the movies patch. The files are larger both in filesize and graphic resolution, but I don't see any greater detail in them. In fact, I still see problems that bothered me about the original movies. For example: the movie 'The Harbinger Arrives', filename PerMov03.bik, is significantly blocky and displays really bad tearing (horizontal lines) when the camera moves. Overall I'm very happy to have the media pat
  2. I've posted about this before, but I ought to make a post about it that I can link to. There were several lines cut from the conversation that takes place with Darth Nihilus, and they offer different dialog options, but not any difference in the outcome of the meeting. Most of what was cut are darkside options which I imagine were dropped for lack of time to finish them. In particular, your character can offer to become Darth Nihilus' apprentice, and that offer can be either a lie or the truth. I'm attempting to be very careful with the 'truth' section, as I don't want to change the cours
  3. Unfortunately my Kotor II guide is currently offline due to a change in staff at Magestrix.com. I'll try to have a new host for it soon. Until then, you can find a version of it in Dan Simpson's Kotor II walkthrough on GameFAQs.com.
  4. While positive recognition (and more importantly, knowledge about the intended game plot) from Obsidian would be nice, we haven't heard from them, no. Actually, the part you're referring to would be the HK Factory, which is not part of the droid planet. The bulk of the effort in completing that area is in scripting because that is both the greater part of how the game operates and the area in which the HK Factory is needing the most completion. In its default state, the area has conversations and combat, but is not complete in the sense that the player can accomplish anything which affect
  5. Although our restored content will help fill in the story a bit, I don't think there will be any major changes in how you perceive the game. There isn't enough cut content to do so, nor are we shifting established story stuff around beyond the bare necessary minimum. We're not likely to change an existing, working dialog unless it has some obvious problems. As far as updates go, everyone who's eager to see our progress will see a small update this weekend. Perhaps not as thrilling as the original WIP, but progress. :cool:
  6. I just tested Kotor 2 (patched) with Catalyst 5.4, and Dantooine DOES work normally, no Disable Vertex Buffer Objects fix needed. It does run slower than the rest of the game, but it's very playable, at least for me. I am using a somewhat hefty gaming system though (ATI X800 XT 256Mb AGP card, Athlon 3200+ processor, 1.5 Gb of RAM) so it may be that the slight slowdown I now notice is worse on a more normal system. But it IS better.
  7. Have you made certain your video, sound, and motherboad drivers are the latest versions? If you cannot get the game working at this point, then perhaps I or someone else can send you a save game just after the turret game.
  8. I would be happy to donate. Do you think you guys could set up a "Support Us" webpage of sorts on your site? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Thank you very very much for the offer..we're all a little overwhelmed at the support. But really we don't have any major expenses to support. If we do have any needs that come up, we'll let everyone know, but finances aren't an issue.
  9. We'll look at the need for translation as the project gets closer to completion and the list of altered files firms up. Thanks for offering, Illbleed.
  10. The kind words are very much appreciated. Thank you. We will try to post regular updates as we make progress, and our best efforts will go toward restoring everything we can. Yes, I'm afraid we'll only be releasing the mod for PC. Someone with a modded XBox may be able to take advantage of our mod, but that is an issue we won't be dealing with.
  11. Others have reported Catalyst 5.3 doing them no good and reverted back to a driver set which works for them. As for me, the 5.3 set works great. No problems here.
  12. Most of the fixes will be transparent..they'll take immediate effect as soon as you start the game. However, if you've already played past that point in the game, you may miss something we've added. So an early save or new game is recommended to get the full effect. I'll be able to be more precise once we can list all the areas in the game we've worked on.
  13. Many people have reported that the European patch causes their game to open only in windowed mode. If the above ini fix does not help, you may have to either wait for the real patch which is coming soon or reinstall the original version of the game.
  14. The 5700 and 5900 are okay, but the 5200 and 5800 are best avoided. I would recommend a GeForce 6600 GT with AGP interface. You can get one of those for just under $200 US. If you prefer an ATI solution, a Radeon 9800 might be your best bet. Currently ATI's newer cards are either PCI Express (needs new motherboard) or very expensive (X800 series, which I have). Sorry you got no/bad advice. The Geforce 5200 and 5800 perform worse than the 4x00 Ti cards pretty much across the board. By the time nVidia introduced the 5700 and 5900 and then the 6x00 series, they'd cleaned up their act.
  15. darth spock: Yes, this will work. However, you first need to have the actual module files for the area you're warping to installed. In the case of the HK Factory and M4-78, the droid planet, these files were removed before the PC version shipped. You will need to download the modules, add them to the SWKotOR2\Modules directory, and then warp to the proper area. Also, there are people working on restoring the HK Factory to its full and intended glory. It's too cool to leave out. :cool: As far as the actual location of the modules you need, I've got them for the time being at http://ma
  16. Rather baffling. Your ini file looks fine, except for one entry. Fullscreen=0 under [Display Options] should probably be Fullscreen=1. If that doesn't solve the problem, I can only think that something might be wrong with either your graphic drivers, your motherboard drivers, or the game install. I guess reinstalling all of the above one at a time is worth trying, using Driver Cleaner to ensure that no traces of old motherboard or video drivers remain. I'm also unsure why you have Windows XP SP1a when SP2 is out, but both SP1a and SP2 should work fine with KOTOR 2. If you have no reaso
  17. If you open swkotor2.ini, what is the line RefreshRate under [Dislplay Options] set to?
  18. Actually, the style reminds me a little of Don Bluth. Very cool. Keep up the good work!
  19. Yes, the shuttle is the way out of the military base. The Sublevel is something that was removed from the game. With any luck I'll have it finished and available for download sometime soon.
  20. I haven't heard of this problem before. What video drivers are you using?
  21. Actually, a GeForce 5200 should be able to run the game fine, if not too fast. It's a budget card but has the proper support for KOTOR 2. Have you got the latest video drivers and sound card drivers? I know others have had this problem too but I don't yet know for sure what causes it. Your video drivers are by far the most likely cause though.
  22. I'm fairly certain you can get DS Mastery if you finish Nar Shaddaa first with neutral alignment, then take most or all DS options. As is proper, it is MUCH easier to become dark than it is to become light. You don't even have to finish Nar Shaddaa to get Mira. You just have to complete enough quests to get the Exchange's attention, positive or negative. Many people will be done with Nar Shaddaa by the time they meet G0-T0 and the Jedi Master, but often there are still small quests to mop up.
  23. I can only verify that glows work with Catalyst 4.3 through 4.11. I myself have chosen to use the latest 5.3 drivers and live without glows in trade for better performance and less bugs. I have contacted ATI with examples of the non-working glow and according to their driver development department, the issue is being reviewed. Not sure when a fix will be out, but I would guess Catalyst 5.4, possibly 5.5 at the latest.
  24. Thanks for the link, Fionavar. I'm continuing to update and I'm glad to accept reports of repeatable bugs, workarounds/fixes, and tips/suggestions.
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