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  1. Okay Lannister, it is possible that some of these things may be happenig with you: 1. You've encountered a bug where your characters are going to become the OPPOSITE of what your alignment is. I encountered this once a short while ago, after my character was captured (I won't say by who - just in case ) and the others had to rescue him, but once they finally found him they suddenly changed into DS aligned looks. Their characters i.e thier dialog and speech were unaffected but their looks were of the DS. I tested this by cheating and turning myself DS - lo and begold they went straight t
  2. Yes, but you can't complete the race if you don't let him beat you at least once.
  3. www.pcgamemods.com is one of the best places I've found for mods for plenty of our favouriste games. If any of the pro-modders are reading this, how about making a mod that allows the PC to choose a power like Force Crush, even if he is a Light Side character; or Force Enlightenment if he is darkside. Instead of having to play for 20 hours before they become available to you or something you can choose them to begin with. (w00t) (Drools with anticipation) I know I'm supposed to play through each time and make different choices etc, but I'm tired of that now and want to try something
  4. Actually, the best way to win the race on Nar Shadaa is to race BEFORE you destroy that stupid droid! Make sure you don't do TOO well because he keeps beating you by about one second (stupid thing). Any way after you have a reasonably easy time to beat - scrap him, then race again and do your best this time. Bingo! 500 in the bag!
  5. The swoop racing wasn't that hard, the only problems I encountered was a bug. Whenever I fininshed a race, it would come up with something like: "nasty spill you had out there" or something. Finally on one of my replays I manged to finish all of them. Each one only gives you 500 credits for winning though, after that i only played them for something to do. BTW, my time was 39:19 for Telos!
  6. On the subject of GOTO. I also believed him to be nothing more than a droid sent to keep an eye on me while the real GOTO hid somewhere. But something in this vivid imagination of mine, looked at it from another point of view. GOTO was the No.1 power munger right? ANYONE with that much power and money is going to have people wanting to put a thermal detonator in his underwear , so that's why he kept his location secret. Now here's something. Didn't Luxa, that hot red-headed babe from Telos station say that Goto "is cold and all numbers" - it's a bit of a far stretch but bear with me.
  7. This one and also when you take control of B4-D4 and tell the Czerka astromech droid to open fire on everyone. I thought I'd never stop laughing. (w00t) (w00t) (w00t) (w00t) (w00t)
  8. Nar Shadaa - Where you learn "Breath Control." My favourite part of the game!
  9. Craig: I can puase time but I can't rewind it, maybe I should go play one of thoose warrior within game or those blinx ones... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Wrong thread, I think.
  10. Bounty Hunters: Let's get the Jedi! Exile assumes menacing stance, draws lightsaber - slowly. Bounty Hunters: Let's get outta heAAAAAAAAARGH! i always wanted to do that!
  11. Ah yes! The romance between the General and her Scoundral is just brilliant! After seeing those I was inspired to play as a female character in the game, I had quite a few laughs doing it too!
  12. I think it would be great to have the Exile and Reven appear in KOTOR 3...and be able to play as either one of them each with a slightly different storyline than the other. Of course, you should be able to customise each one at the start of the game to look like the way you think they should look. Their paths cross at various points in the game, just so you get the feeling of them being their own character and not some sort of existence trapped aboard the Ebon Hawk!
  13. I'm sure I saw a thread like this somewhere but I can't find it now. Anyway, I have both the Episode 1 & 6 soundtracks for Star Wars. If i ever get tired of the soundtracks for my Star Wars games (which is like 85% of the time " ) playing these songs on iTunes or whatever is kinda cool. Playing "Duel of the Fates" when you come across a Dark Jedi in Jedi Academy or eitherr of the KOTOR games is REALLY cool. Just a pity the battles don't last as long as the music. Anyway just my 2c worth.
  14. :angry: Oh for the love of.... Grrr! Alright so what's the next best thing to put into my machine. That won't require I rob a bank or something? "
  15. I'm a lightsider and even then I still hated his guts. <_<
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