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  1. Vithrack was fine for me as well, tough it was pre 1.03. Same with Danna, both pre and post 1.03. What i have noticed (only once or twice tough) is that if you save or quicksave just after a scripted talk between you and someone that goes hostile, it might break any further scripting of the scene. That is, if you have autopause on seeing hostiles, and after the talk, you quicksave, and quickload it, you might miss out on some scripted events after that and break it.
  2. Yeah, we really need more portraits in general, but there is or will be probably a mod somewhere.
  3. Hehe, you can test it as it is but you would have to manually move the characters away and see for auras ^^ For carnage... gonna be a lot harder, but yeah i agree that it would be nice to know the area of effect for both these abilities.
  4. Did they not add an AA slider now in the 1.03 patch? @jaydee.2k Running the same GFX series as you and its silky smooth here. Tough I got 16BG of Ram and an i7 3770k. CPU wise i got maybe 10% on synth tests compared to your Xenon, and RAM wise you should be good anyway. I also did a clean install of Win7 a month back, as i hate OS / software bloat that will always happens over time, heh. You only running 1 SSD, no HDD for storage? I am assuming that the game is installed to the SSD of course...
  5. Yeah, using diff, delta or similar technique would be nice in general, no need to waste bandwith. Not sure why its not possible tough, as i dont know how steam does its patching.
  6. If I could choose between having a romance option in a game and not having it, I would go with a romance option in general. That said, I never actually felt the *need* for a romance in this game, and I do think it would have detracted from the plot / story as it is written. To me it was more like "hmm...oh..no romance..ah well" after 20+ hours in game before i sorta noticed I would much rather prefer a polished story and plot, then a mediocre romance addition. A *good* romance addition tough, is a different story, but as the plot\story is in this game I feel it is not required at al
  7. Nice tasty patch omnomnomnom Great work!
  8. Meh. I hate to whine, but a hotfix, just fixing the most critical bugs would have been preferred. Most critical meaning double click equip, stat bug, and raedrics hold crash IMO. Anything else can come later. Usually when only fixing one or two bugs, the QA and testing part is done very fast, since they know exactly what code was changed and what it could effect. Disclaimer: Not been coding for the last 10 years, so my knowledge might be outdated, heh. Edit: Just saw the tenative patch notes, and okay, okay, its fine i can wait for that big patch list
  9. Yeah...been having this issue myself for a couple of days now. I tend to save a lot, so very noticable. Probably takes 2-3 minutes at the start screen looking at "loading save games" before i can actually load any save games, heh. Actually loading any save game is fast after that, its just that it seems to want to cache\read all the savegames you have for some reason. Yes i could delete some saves, but gah.
  10. *Bump* I am gonna assume that this is a bug then, and the item is missing description and\or effect....
  11. Find a chokepoint, put a Burning Seal right at it. Then a Noxious Burst trap behind the seal. Then pull with a Rolling Flames. Laugh. That sounds like a really good tactic. I am on normal mode so i just cast when combat starts, but you posting this made a lightbulb appear above my head on how to make some fights easier
  12. Yeah custom map markers was something i felt was missing as well. Especially since this is an old school rpg, so no quest arrows, heh. I might be getting old, but sometimes i was like, where the "bleep" was that npc again....
  13. Just googled for it myself after finding it..nada. Anyone know what it does, if anything at the moment?
  14. Those games called bug free were not bug free. Even the first Super Mario Bros had bugs, some discovered decades after release. Ah well, lets just say that they seemed to be bug free then
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