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  1. I've noticed this also. I've also seen it show me the notice but also stating that 0 exp has been granted.
  2. I've spotted other grammatical problems myself in the original English text. I wasn't sure where to report them. Can we use this forum even though it's not a technical problem? I'm assuming it's okay as there are threads for translation problems?
  3. It doesn't seem to work for me. It says "This patch does not support your version of the game please download a new installer.". If I try to open the 1.03 patch, it says "Update already applied". Hm, maybe I need to reinstall from scratch?
  4. I'm assuming trying to recreate the control groups with Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2, and Ctrl+3 doesn't work? 1. Select only your first party member. 2. Ctrl+1 3. Hit 4 to select your fourth party member. 4. Hit 1, is your first party member selected or your second?
  5. I've seen this behaviour on 1.03 before. Clicking around to view the other Stronghold pages a few times seem to correct the text for me.
  6. Description: I level up my Ranger and pick Brutal Takedown. When I hit 'C' to view my character's profile, I do not see it on her profile screen. If I select my Wolf Companion and right-click on Takedown to read its description, the 20 Crush Damage buff is not listed. From looking at the combat logs the 20 Crush Damage does appear to be mentioned though. Steps: 1. Load my save file. 2. Pause the game. 3. Level up MC. 4. Set Mechanics from 7 to 8. Go to the next page. 5. Select Brutal Takedown and complete the level up process. 6. Hit 'C' to access the character screen. Brutal Takedown is not mentioned anywhere. 7. Select your Wolf Companion and right-click on Takedown. Brutal Takedown is not mentioned anywhere. 8. Unpause. There should be a Huntress walking around. She won't die immediately so use Takedown on her and check the combat log. Assuming it's hit, 10 Crush Damage (Pierce) or 20 Crush Damage (Hit) will be mentioned correctly. output_log.txt
  7. My Detonate ability also shows up as dealing over 10,000 points of damage although my numbers don't match the OP's. I don't know what triggers this but could a developer please download this save game and take a look? Thank you.
  8. I just encountered this as well. I saved the guy, talked to Nedmar and got the scrolls, fought Raedric, then talked to Nedmar and got the scrolls again.
  9. I also have the same problem with the Hearth Harvest item. See here for another thread with the same problem.
  10. Turning of anti-aliasing and reducing the game's resolution to the lowest possible option fixed the problem for me. The other thread for the same problem is here.
  11. Both restarting and using the 'msaa 0' trick did not fix the problem for me. I'm running the game on an i5 Surface Pro 3.
  12. Agreed. People should be upset if I accept a quest but then proceed to just put it off. That questline should subsequently be dead (for whatever reasons, NPC doesn't trust me anymore, the bandits have moved to another location, what-have-you) and archived away into a section of my journal. I would love for there to be consequences for not completing quests in a timely manner. As already mentioned, this just promotes metagaming to load a save where you haven't accepted the quest yet if you are not able to tackle it immediately. It's especially bad in a nonlinear rpg where you might pick up new quests with time limit while trying to solve another one with limited time, as this may produce situations where you can't solve both of them anymore, even when playing optimally. Yes, I realize that people will try to game the system by reloading. I am not a completionist so I am okay with these consequences because it makes the game world feel more real to me. But, I certainly recognize that there are people that enjoy exploring every nook and cranny and finishing every quest that a game has to offer. I think it would be cool to be able to tell an NPC "I'm sorry but I'm busy with something else" and just go do what you were originally going to do. That NPC's problem will then either resolve itself (because of third-party intervention) or evolve into a new problem (those bandits you didn't take care of has tripled in size and is no longer "just a nuisance"). I don't know if such a game will ever be made...but hey, that's okay. A man can always dream, right?
  13. Agreed. People should be upset if I accept a quest but then proceed to just put it off. That questline should subsequently be dead (for whatever reasons, NPC doesn't trust me anymore, the bandits have moved to another location, what-have-you) and archived away into a section of my journal. I would love for there to be consequences for not completing quests in a timely manner.
  14. What tier level did you pledge at? I wasn't aware of a physical reward tier that didn't come with a digital version of the game.
  15. If you do this, make sure to let me know so I can be sick that day. So Adam can bring you the helmet at home and we get to see what your house is like, right?
  16. I would like to see all the available portraits in a gallery page or something. I'd also like to listen to some more BGM samples (or full tracks if you are so inclined). Wait, you mean February 25th, right?
  17. Thank you for at least considering this. I appreciate it. Steam certainly satisfies the general requirement for tracking the amount of time you've sinked into a game. However, it's not quite what I want as it aggregates everything into one number. I can't tell from the raw number how many hours I've spent on character X and how many hours I've spent on character Y.
  18. How big is GOG download going to be? If it's 25 gigs to download and then another 25 gigs to install then I'm going to have to do some cleaning up of my hard drive. I only have a 120 gig SSD on my Surface, so, yeah...
  19. GOG gave their users the option to preload The Witcher 2 so maybe something similar could be arranged for Pillars of Eternity? Or maybe that was just an exceptional case given GOG's direct relationship with CDPR.
  20. I am not sure I fully follow you. What are you suggesting when you say "to classify a class for the adult language and place a query for the class"? I think Night Stalker has covered most of what needs to be done. Throw in localization in there and the effort is significantly compounded because of all the extra translation passes. Translators are not cheap and from what I understand charge by the word. And let's not forget the voice overs. If an actor dropped the F bomb then that audio will need to be edited out. It's also not clear if the dialogue system is the only thing that will need to be reworked. There may or may not be inappropriate words in the popup speech bubbles from the locals on-screen or the in-game interactive cutscenes (or whatever those things are called). On that note, just deciding what word is "inappropriate" and should be filtered out is going to eat up a lot of time because everyone is going to have an opinion about this. Having the user input the words in manually in some text box is not foolproof because the voiced audio has to be considered.
  21. According to the update, there seems to be a physical retail option available for non-backers.
  22. Hi, tried searching around but couldn't find an answer. I'm not in the backer beta so I've only been able to look at screenshots of the save screen so maybe someone can help me out here? It seems to list things like days and hours but I'm assuming that's the in-game time spent by my party? I would like to know if the save files will record how much time the player has spent on that save or if there are plans to add this as a feature? I am someone who likes to know how much time I've spent on a game before beating the final boss (even though I know that the number in the save file is technically off given reloads and deaths, as POE isn't like the Souls series that records everything including your deaths). Thanks in advance.
  23. First time posting on the forums here. Thank you for asking for our feedback, Obsidian. I voted for option #2 because I would prefer that the money be spent on other things.
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