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  1. I don't think it's fair to completely categorize all producers of games as "corrupt". Profit intrinsically is innocent. Devs have to balance, put out as much quality content as they can on their budget. They, we, everyone can tell quality when we see it. Art is subjective, but I do have to agree with mainstream going down this wide road of producing whatever sells the most. A new game should be fairly intuitive (not so complex as to have no flow), a player should "feel" progress subjectively (also flow related), and the game should be distinctly artistic enough to hold people's attention. But to say that all artists are corrupt is false. We as a gamer base just show support with what games we believe in. I am leary to join mainstream games though, preferring independent studios, which is why this kickstart idea really appeals to me, the epitome of independent. Good luck PoE! I know I will be contributing/playing.
  2. Groo the Wanderer! FTW lol
  3. Right. There's something to be said about a company relying too much on F2P, like some kind of cut rate concession stand (pun intended). Companies have to go up against such a large capitol base; players often compare games, are spoiled with immediate bug fixes. I have no idea what it takes to balance a budget of enough staff to hotfix and put out new content. We all know what it is to play a game that has soul though. Many F2P games feel like they just have no soul anymore. I will be looking into participating with this PoE kickstart next pay...really neat idea. I can feel the artistic soul in this game already. Sorry to be corny lol, I'm just tired of McMmo's...
  4. Yeah, it's extra coin but people report the world immersion is amazing. I'm hoping to/planning on picking up the LG 34UM65, 1080p version of 34inch ultra wide. PoE looks extremely promising, I'm no programmer but I wonder if the devs have considered this format. Is it feasible?
  5. Sounds interesting. Via Skype or something?
  6. ^^^This, lol !!! Those old books were so magical themselves: PHB thieves picking a gem out of the fiery brzaer holding Demon statue's eye :D. Started a lifelong addiction to fantasy gaming. Try Pathfinder, I know I've been itching to. I just found another group locally, 3.5 version, best revision so far, though I haven't seen 5.0 yet...
  7. F2P from what I have seen (being a casual gamer) is for games that couldn't retain their sub base. WoT is F2P, actually with a cash cow central shop where you can as some say "pay to win" but I would say, "pay to compete" considering that a large part of the gamer community does not have the time to grind to stay competitive. That being said, central (dev owned) shops where you can buy buffs is an awesome thing for both casual gamers AND the devs/producers of the game, imo. Wildstar (though it tanked for many other reasons) had a great idea where the casual could buy in game currency with real money AND the hardcore kid with nothing but time on his hands could sell in game currency in exchange for paid sub fees I think. Great idea, too bad the game tanked with poor optimization and bugs. I don't see anything wrong with "pay to compete" so long as it's not so op that it's pay to win. Lastly, F2P doesn't seem fair to devs who maintain an mmo (though Blizzard has been accused of treating subs as welfare checks ) so long as they remain committed to maintaining it and listening to player base once in a while.
  8. With the advent of new ultra wide monitors in 21:9 aspect ratio. will PoE support 21:9? Lot of manufacturers committing to investing in this Q2 onward this year (LG, Acer, Dell, HP, AOC).
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