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  1. Dunno but also found it odd that a third party reported on it before an 'official' announcement
  2. Yep - confirmed that new NPC is Meneha the barbarian! http://www.gamasutra.com/view/pressreleases/259460/SECOND_PILLARS_OF_ETERNITY_EXPANSION_TO_RELEASE_THISWINTER.php
  3. Hey so I haven't updated the game in a while and I see GOG is now a mess! Thanks guys! So in very simple steps, how do I update from 2.0 to 2.03?
  4. I don't mind the kill mechanic. I think a small tweak to include all kills (by spell or creature summon or soul bound weapon) by whoever is wielding it should count. I'm not about to enter melee with a wizard.
  5. Also, patch 2.01 seems to have broken some things in the game and weird graphical glitches so stay on 2.00 until a new patch (presumably 2.02) addresses these other problems. If you have the expansion, The White March, it included a two new companions, one of which is a rogue.
  6. Basically the lines make up a sentence so if you order it on how you read / say as a complete sentence then that's the combination to use. That's what I did anyway.
  7. Hey thanks for the tips! I couldn't find anything in the Prayer against X range that stopped / limited people being stunned. I found one for paralysis but being stunned was the main pain, but now I know - cheers!
  8. Ha! Thanks guys. Can't believe it's that simple. I'll try to get it done later on.
  9. In the bottom right corner of foundry map (bottom of Durgans Battery) I didn't detect a trap on a locked chest and accidentally set off *missing string 392* which did a bit of damage to Kana! On another note, how do I take screenshots so I can share this with you guys?
  10. I get a slightly different version of this. Occasionally when using an item that spawns a summon or summon a creature through my chanter, the summon will get paralysed or stunned in combat but then combat ends and the summon stays on the screen. I can't remember the name of one in particular but the guy in copperlane market who sells the gem for $15,000 that summons the warrior / fighter, he got 'stuck' on a certain point of the map so each time I travelled he was basically in the same spot or x/y location but repeatedly played the death animation and looked like he was just constantly twitching (even during dialog! Thanks for nothing when I'm taking on Thaos, mate!). Didn't intefer with anything but after a few map transitions I thought, is this guy ever gunna leave? This all happened pre 2.0 (was on 1.06 with latest hotfix) but has also happened again outside Durgans Battery when I summoned a phantom. EDIT: forgot to mention I can't interact with the summon or force attack it or anything, the selection circle just disappears entirely.
  11. Hello, noticed this one while playing today (windows 7, latest 2.0 patch). Not sure if relevant but was standing just inside ice cave where Alpine Dragon is at the time. I had a couple stacks of the dragon meat consumable in my inventory and recently discovered that instead of using quick slots, you can drag a consumable from the inventory direct to the person (equivalent of BG paper doll) and they consume it. However, if I separate one piece from the stack, I can then endlessly click & drag it to each party member and it's never consumed but all the effects still apply. If it's in a stack of two or more then it is properly consumed. I tried other consumables and they work as intended so it's likely isolated to just dragon meat. Try it out (until it's patched out)!
  12. If the file was erased through a bug or similar then that is not cool. Can you use console commands to take you out of the hole / move to a different map? Aside from that though, people can just load the pre-end game save or start a new game, simples. Even after the warning and all the rest I'm not sure why people think the expansion was going to suddenly change that predicament about being stuck underground after jumping into the hole. If anyone couldn't properly grasp the gravity of the situation (pun unintended) then that sounds like you're describing a user error and not something wrong with the actual game.
  13. You can't exit it once you enter. There should've been a lore friendly warning (as opposed to a massive pop up box) however the game does create a 'PRE-END GAME' save just before the jump so you should have that which would save a lot of re-doing everything. EDIT: can't
  14. Not even an update to backers, nothing mentioned in any gaming websites, no GOG or Steam page.. It is still happening, yeah?
  15. Does suck that basically we funded the game that saved the studio yet they won't communicate with us. There are Twitter updates, Instagram photos and Something Awful forum posts but nothing in the official forums. Fool me once..
  16. Would seem a bit silly that the only people willing to join up and form a party with you all happen to be from the same town lol
  17. One thing to note is that most XP is gained through completing quests. Fighting monsters, enemies, creatures, etc. only gives you very limited XP.
  18. Why didn't they just make it so you can choose any class to soulbind it to? Sounds very limiting. Probably because each Soulbound weapon has a number of special abilities that unlocks with use over time. It would be extremely annoying to bind your two-handed sword to a Wizard only to find out later that its abilities weren't at all suited to a spellcaster but very useful for a front-line fighter. While I agree with you that it would be the logical or 'best use' scenario, shouldn't it be our (the players) choice? Josh & co. billed the game as having 'tank Wizards' (paraphrase) if we so desire to build them that way.
  19. Ny understanding is the expansion as a whole will add two levels, not two levels per an expansion part.
  20. Maybe the talent should increase the slots of your spell book instead of number of spells you can cast between rests / encounters?
  21. I thought these new NPCs were carry overs from the original game design so it would make sense to include them as some (a lot?) of the work is already done for them. Looking forward to meeting them.
  22. Lol @Luckmann I've only got one tablet (an iPad for work & uni) but @Osvir might be on to something, I'll have a look.
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