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  1. Yes! I had the same problem and that solved it, I would have never had thought to inspect the mosaic. Thanks.
  2. Just as I described on the title, I was messing around with the character creation and decided that I will start again at another time so I pressed the x button that gets you back on the menu and the game crashed. A message appeared and said that a log file has been created and that I should send it to the developers, so why not . Attached you can find the needed info. 2018-05-09_232446.zip
  3. You can also go back to gender selection if you select single class or multi class and then press back twice really fast. I don't know if that is intended but I thought I should mention that. I also did not realize you could press the the x button.
  4. Ok I have the output log. I exited the game when the battle started. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/50160934/output_log.txt
  5. Here are the Saves https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/50160934/379500dfccbb4c68bee5ecb01852c3ed%2016418739%20DurgansBattery.savegame https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/50160934/379500dfccbb4c68bee5ecb01852c3ed%2016419601%20DurgansBattery.savegame The slightly bigger and more recent is the one when the Ogres have become hostile. The other is right before I see them having the conversation with each other.
  6. Hello preferably before and after what? The Ogre encounter? You mean after I've killed them?
  7. Hello, I think I've encountered a bug at the Durgan's Battery area. Before going to that area I've completed the Orge Matron quest by making a truce with Beregan. At Durgan's Battery I meet some Ogres discussing about a corpse or something and when they see me one Ogre says behind you while the other says Beregan spoke of this one let him be. But then they turned hostile and attacked me. I don't know if it is a bug or If I did something that triggered it. Also another strange thing happened (I am not sure if it's connected) but there is a group of elk, around 8, at the south east of the map which also attacked me when they saw me which is weird since never before have I been attacked by an elk. Have I accidentally triggered a hostile variable or something?
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