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  1. hah, forget the question about the framerate... im a derp. I somehow had the laptop in low power mode which throttled the hell outa the gpu/cpu =P
  2. thanks for the info guys. I'm assuming the option to turn on rep change indicators is just in the regular menu somewhere? Good to know theres no game breaking glitches but I am a bit concerned about how many regular bugs and broken things are in the game. I guess a lot of skills/abilities and just general mechanics are messed up. Seems odd they're already putting out an expansion when the core games still messed up, but this is Obsidian =P oh, is the manual included in steam up to date? The one i found googling seems quite out of date As far as the rep goes i guess i'll do either Kind wayfareres or the Shieldbearers. Probably leaning more towards the shieldbearers. What does the passionate disposition translate to in game? Acting like an emo teen or something? It boils down to Diplomatic/honest vs Benevolent/Passionate. I like Benevloant but dont want to have to act like a rash emotional child all the time. On the flip side i can see how having to be honest all the time can get me in trouble =P Elzarath mentions 2.01 broke some stuff, particlarly graphically. I just started it briefly to look at my stats and character creation but for some reason im getting really low framerates. I'm not really sure why, my specs more than meet the recommended requirement i7-4720HQ 970 GTXM 16gb of ram im getting like 30 fps or less, usually 20ish something. with character creation screens dipping into the teens. I googled it and it seems a lot of people have this problem even on higher end machines but i never saw an answer as to what was going on. Most posts were from back earlier in the year though. Anyone know what the deal is with that? Strange that this game would run so poorly when much more graphically intensive games run way better *edit* forgot to mention its windows 10.. not sure if that matters
  3. Thanks guys, i'll look at those threads mentioned. I will be just playing on normal and will use the max party the game lets me recruit of the in game characters. The stats Vorad posted are definitely not something i'd do. Like i said im not concerned with min/maxing this. I just want something functional for a normal first time playthrough as a sword and board tanky pally, leaning towards aoe heals and the like. And thank you for pointing out strange mercy only works on kills. If im not pumping up my attack much it would probably be better to go with the shieldbearers. Thanks for the explanation on the rep system. Follow up question: do you know when you get gains/losses? Is there any indicator after the convesation/action choice? Blea gonna have to think about that one. Honesty would maybe be a problem sometimes, but i dont want to have to be an emotional outbursting emo bleeding heart all the time either =P Just eyeballing the stats and fiddling around i was thinking something like this MIG 11 Con 12 Dex 10 Per 10 int 14 res 18 Is that decent or should i maybe not put RES so high at the start and put a few more points in CON or MIG? Maybe a smatter in DEX or something? Is DEX worth anything to a pally? I'm also wondering if this is like KOTOR and some other games where it takes more points to raise your stats once they get higher ... i.e. i would have to spend like 2 or 3 points to get it to 19 once in game. @Ymarksar ... i didn't use the term Carebear that was someone else. But its a general gaming term as far as i know that means coddling or making things easier. Usually in the MMO world
  4. Hey guys, was about to start playing this game for the first time. THink im going to roll a paladin. Im a bit concerned about all the bugs i hear about in this game but i'm going to give it a shot anyway =P Couple questions though. Im not concerned bout max/mining but i would like to make a competent character. I'm quite confused about stats. I thought RES/PER were the stats to go for but it seems like they recently changed PER right? I think it no longer gives any defelection bonus at all, but is more accuracy oriented, is that right? that being the case.. what stats should i focus on? I was thinking a lot of points in RES, with the majority of the rest being distributed into INT/CON with some into MIG and a tiny bit in DEX maybe? Or is DEX junk for pallys? Should i put a few into PER still as well? Just wondering which stats are the strongest since things seem to be changing ALso i guess what order you pick is important for Paladins and Priests? I'm leaning towards either The Shieldbearers of St. Elcga or The Kind Wayfarers. It seems to boil down to going Diplomatic/honest vs Benevolent/Passionate. I like the benevolent passionate one but am not really sure what qualifies as passionate. Would i have to make rash emotional decisions a lot? Also a bit unsure on diplomatic. I'm assuming honest is self explanatory... dont lie a bunch. And Benevolent probably means being giving and generous. But can anyone clarify passionate and diplomatic in gameplay terms? I dont want to have to act like a hormonal teenager if i go the Ben/Pass route =P I'm also looking for clarification on how the whole system works. Im assuming its based off my conversation decisions in game right? It seems they get different bonus's too Kind Wayfarers get Strange Mercy - When the paladin defeats an opponent, nearby allies gain Endurance. The Sword and the Shepherd - The paladin's Flames of Devotion restores Endurance to nearby allies. Shieldbearers get Shielding Flames - The paladin's Flames of Devotion grants a temporary Deflection bonus to nearby allies. Shielding Touch - Whenever the paladin uses Lay on Hands on an ally, the ally gains a Deflection Bonus. Seems shieldbearers are more defense oriented, but strange mercy sounds REALLY usefull.. isn't endurance basically health in this game? which of those bonus sets would be the best bet. I actually was planning on being pretty def oriented, but strange mercy sounds really really good
  5. decided to just go with the female pally. Is there anyone here that can lighten the skin tone, change the hair color to white/silver and eyes to grey/lightblue on one of the default pics for me? Its the female_dwarf_a_lg.png and female_dwarf_a_sm.png file. Its close enough if the colors get changed around. heres some pics of the the character for color reference good face closup http://www.zerochan.net/1136823 hair down http://vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/suikoden/images/8/8d/Chris02.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20100408165823 hair down closeup http://s593.photobucket.com/user/TheBabeList/media/Babes%20A-H/chris06.jpg.html couple in her armor http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/suikoden/images/3/37/S3_Chris_Lightfellow.png/revision/latest?cb=20140709163528 http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/suikoden/images/d/de/Suikoden_Chris.png/revision/latest?cb=20121231033932 She has white/slightly silverish hair, a lighter skintone than the portrait pic, and silverish/light blueish-purple eyes id do it myself but the computer that had photoshop died and i dont feel like digging through wharez sites for another copy. I guess i could try a free image program if no one can do this for me... i hear GIMP is ok. Can you mess with layers and hues and junk in that?
  6. So i love the old isometric RPG's of the 90's and heard this was the game to play if your a fan of those. I was going to wait for it to be about 50% off or so but i said screw it when it was on sale for about 35% the other day. Im going to try to play it pretty fresh without any real guides but there are a couple things i wanted to check on. 1) This is the most important question: Since its a relatively new game I wanted to double check if there are any major bugs or glitches i should watch out for. Sadly this day and age games are damn near broken for the first several months after release. I dont want to spend a bunch of points in a broken skill, or encounter some glitch that makes progression/quests unfinishable. 2) is there an online manual or anything i can read? Id like to familiarize myself with the stats, controls and gameplay mechanics before i delve into it 3) How does the rep system work? I hear its important for Paladins and priests but how do you know your sticking to i? I.E. How do you know what response would be Stoic, or Diplomatic or something? Does it tell you when your picking it or do you just have to guess? 4) Im probably going to use the regular in game party members but i hear you can make custom party members. Is it a good idea to just make a few custom guys early to fill in your party until you can recruit the real members? Im probably going to play a paladin/tank. I glanced at the party members and didn't notice a rogue so i'll probably need one of those for locks. Can i always dump them later? 5) Any general advice or warnings or tips are apreciated. Thanks guys
  7. Hey guys. I love old isometric style RPG's from the 90s and was told this was the game to play. I was going to wait for it to be on sale around half off or so but i said screw it when it was on sale the other day at about 30% off and picked it up. Im going to go ahead and give it a play but dont really see a decent portrait for the character i want to make. Im shooting for Pesmerga from Suikoden if anyone knows who that is. Basically a dark looking knight (but hes not actually evil). Heres a quick refrence image http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/suikoden/images/c/c8/Pesmerga_SII.gif/revision/latest?cb=20080707124351 I flipped through all 27 pages of this thread and there were some cool images but no real dark knight pics. Unfortunately there isn't much fanart of the guy and those i can find are too cartoony looking. I want a pic that fits the realistic fantasy art of the game. Just trying to google 'dark knight' gives me just a million pics of bat man, lol =P So anyone know of a good pic that would work? closest thing i saw in this thread was one posted a page or so back by Eywa but its just a close up face pic. I wanted face/full pic. Worse comes to worse i guess i can just tint the color of one of the armored default pics but those are meh and i dont have photoshop or anything on my laptop If i cant find anything to work i guess my backup will be modeled after Chris Lightfellow http://www.zerochan.net/1136823#full http://vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/suikoden/images/8/8d/Chris02.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20100408165823 though i didn't really want to play a female, there is a default female pic that works pretty well, though i think its more blonde than white haired
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