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  1. I am level 4 and lost Durance. Really got my rear kicked so I am wondering if I should level more before doing it or what?
  2. So I have owned the game for a couple of days or so and clocked 14.4 hours already according to steam and I must say I am loving this game. I didn't think I would like this kind of game but it is absolutely addicting and I find myself enthralled in the lore and story of it all. I literally had to make myself stop playing yesterday. I look forward to many playthroughs on Pillars of Eternity and I hope to find other games similar to it also.
  3. Ok so what about stats for healers? If I build a character around party support/healing what stats should I look for. Also ty for the help.
  4. Sorry I am new and was wondering if anyone can give me some generalized insight on stats/attributes I should look for on gear for different classes? I am new to this kind of game and although I do try and read all of the descriptions it is a lot to take in at once lol. For instance my player character is a Fighter and it is my intention to lead the charge with him so what kind of attributes and stuff should I look for on his gear? Also should I focus mostly on athletics when he levels up?
  5. Like...why does Durance start with so many spells? I just met him and it is driving me nuts going through his spell selection in combat. He seems to be a little more complicated then Aloth the wizard. lol. Going to have to get used to him I guess.
  6. No, you can play at your own pace. Skip a quest and go back to it later which in some cases is a good idea. Thank you . This forum is A LOT more helpful then steam forums for questions lol.
  7. Although I wouldn't touch any game's multiplayer with a ten foot pole, I'm still curious as to how you think it could *ruin* the game rather than benefit from it? I agree with you, mind but I'd still like to know. Well, with story driven content, from MY personal experience in games where you can make moral and or dialogue choices that effect the outcome multiplayer usually does 1 of 2 things to these types of *choices* you can make in games..... 1. Forces you to receive an outcome that did not match your character by being "outvoted" on that outcome by your team mates. (A LOT of mmos
  8. I may end up needing to up the difficulty we shall see. The only thing I do not like is that I wished it had a party based multiplayer system lol, but at the same time that would probably ruin the game. I can socialize on the forums
  9. Yeah, I thought I would do a playthrough on easy to get my bearings and then I would have some basic knowledge of the game and be able to focus more on perfecting everything.
  10. My player character is a Fighter. I had to get some rest last night but I plan on playing a ton today.
  11. I have only done the first quest so far but I like the pace so far. I am playing with tips as I have never played a game like this before. However the reading does not bother me, it makes the experience even more rewarding. I love a good story.
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