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  1. Atton because he would be the easiest to control and influence.
  2. Ah yes, but what does good brighten when there is no darkness to shine through? One cannot exist without the other. Each owes its existence to the other.
  3. She simply understands the truth; that true strength is not to gain power but to lose it. It takes more strength to kill those you love rather than kill those you hate. She loves the Exile in a way one loves a leader or figurehead. The Exile was the only Jedi Knight to ever voluntarily give up the Force, which makes him immaculate in his serenity, be it good or evil. Kreia is perhaps the wisest of all Force users in that she has served both the Jedi and the Sith, and is rightly stronger because of it. The point is that the Jedi cannot truly help others because they do not suffer like others. The Jedi Order is the most hypocritical, manipulative group in the galaxy, and Kreia despises it for that. Lastly, Kreia understands the subtleties of the Force. She rightly teaches that all actions, no matter what they are or what they serve, have dynamic consequences that keep the universe in motion. Without such things, everything would cease. Without conflict, a person cannot grow and learn, and will therefore stagnate and weaken. In the end, we all know that Kreia was right. 4,000 years later, the Jedi Order fell to Palpatine because it had believed the Sith extinct, and were therefore weak. The true Sith lies within every sentient being in the galaxy, and cannot ever be destroyed. And accepting that is true strength.
  4. Unfortunately, yes, you have to find the things, the only buildable lightsaber in the game is your own.
  5. Wow, enough of these stupid polls. ... Obi-Wan.
  6. Christ I can't wait for this thing! Laigrek Keeper! Kreia with her hood down! This just keep getting crazier and crazier by the minute!
  7. No crap, it would be Sion. Yoda is WAY more powerful except for the fact that... SION CAN'T DIE!!! So, yeah, he can't lose if he can't die.
  8. I think we could do with an excellent Exar Kun game. AFter all, everyone knows that he's the coolest Sith Lord EVER. I can see it now, it could kind of be like that Revenge of the Sith game except not crappy.
  9. Yeah, but there's this other thing that annoys in K2, which concerns the Exile. He's supposed to my character - the one I'm to identify with - yet I don't get to know half of his background or what he's thinking. For example, what has his motive to return to the republic? I don't know and I'm never told. That makes it pretty hard to associate with the character right from the beginning. And then when I'm just getting into the character, I crash on Dxun and talk about the landing, but it isn't until my own character leaves, that I learned from Kreia (talking to Atton) that the Exile - me - was on Dxun during the Mandalorian Wars. Very annoying! Obsidian really botched the job on the main character identification for the player. That needs - no, *must* - be remedied for the next game. At least they had an excuse in K1, because Revan lost his memories... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I think that was kind of the whole point. Instead of things being a mystery to your character, they were a mystery to you. This is a tried and true RPG convention turned on its head and is the kind of thing that Chris Avellone is known for. It is alos an interesting way to interface with the story and was somewhat refreshing with all of the Jade Empires and Neverwinter Nights around these days.
  10. Just get enough enough influence with him (almost impossible unless you're Light Side) and he'll become a Guardian.
  11. Where the hell is Exar Kun? Talk about the coolest Sith Lord EVER.
  12. It's actually not that surprising that Darth Nihilius' name is never mentioned in the game. His name come the Latin word "nihil", which means nothing, so it makes a lot of sense. In addition, The Sith Lords places huge literary importance on names. Think about it for a second: 1. You are nameless. You are simply "the Exile". 2. Atton Rand isn't Atton's real name; he concealed it. 3. The Handmaiden doesn't reveal her name to you for the longest time. 4. The Disciple is named only once or twice throughout the entire game. 5. Kreia was called Darth Traya during her time ruling the Sith (which implies "betrayal"). 6. Darth Nihilus is nothing in essence, which is why his name is so unimportant. 7. Darth Sion's name comes from the word "scion", which implies that he was to suceed Darth Traya; unfit or no. The changing or hiding of a name typically implies the changing or hiding of identity or purpose in the literary world. When approached like this, the characters are thrown into a whole new light. 1. The Exile doesn't know his true destiny until his final confrontation with Kreia. 2. Atton Rand is afraid and ashamed of what he had "done" in the past and wants it to lie forgotten. 3. The Handmaiden places importance to Atris' "plans" over herself until the Exile relieves her of that burden by either training her as a Jedi Knight, facing her to confront her sisters, or both. 4. The Disciple's purpose is to preserve the Jedi Order in the eyes of the greater galaxy. His self is secondary. 5. Kreia betrayed the Jedi Order and, like most Sith, adopted a new name in tune with what the Trayus Academy had revealed to her. 6. Darth Nihilus is nothing except that which he consumes. Like the Exile, he is a black hole in the Force and life itself. He is the true definition of "nothing". 7. Darth Sion's name is important because it lays out his path for him. It predicts what he will become. Hope this helps explain the convention of names (or lack thereof) regarding Darth Nihilus and in The Sith Lords at large.
  13. A ton of the romance options and paths were cut from the game like so many other things. The TSL Restoration Project will hopefully work some of this out. I can't wait to seduce Mira as a Dark Sider .
  14. HK-47 in a heartbeat. One of the best original Star Wars characters ever. What could be better than a homicidal C-3PO? Nothing, clearly. And besides, he's wicked with rifles .
  15. Personally, I wouldn't entrust Planescape to anyone but Obsidian. I'm counting on your literary talents, Mr. Avellone! It was his work on Planescape: Torment that inspired me to become a writer (no kidding), and The Sith Lords was the same deal: masterful. But yes, a remake with 3.5 edition rules and the Neverwinter Nights 2 eninge? Oh my god, hang on; I think I just wet myself . In addition, if Neverwinter Nights 2 does really well (like the first one), then a remake of Torment would do way better than the first one, as you could stamp the box with a recognition that it's developed by the NWN2 developer.
  16. Woah, Visas actually blinded you through the Force or something. It's amazing how much makes more sense with the cut content. 1. Kreia's blindness, Visas teaching you Force Sight, and the Exile's path being unclear to himself are all wrapped up in this original duel with Visas. 2. Half of your conversations with HK-47 actually amount to something with the HK Factory. 3. Kreia forcing your companions into secret pacts to defend you and the fact that you and they have differant forms of confrontations on Malachor V. There are many more as well. I'm so eager to play this bad boy. Keep it up, I'm sure Obsidian applauds your work (under Lucas Arts' radar of course.)
  17. Or maybe the puny Xbox hardware wouldn't be able to handle more than a few heads in the game .
  18. "If you are to truly understand then you will need the contrast, not adherance to a single ideal." -Darth Traya. Obviously, gray is the way to go.
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