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  1. Heh. I wasn't aware that Jerec was a Miraluka. I played Dark Forces II AGES ago.
  2. KOTOR should never, EVER be translated from its game format. It would ruin its personality and character permanently. The Dark Lord
  3. Kreia is an interesting character. She isn't inclined to good or evil, but her attitude and personality can easily lead one down the dark path. I found her to be a welcome dose of logic, but thought her extremely odd for a Jedi. Once I later found out she is , this made a whole lot more sense. Above all, she wants you to survive, and she only does what she thinks is best for you and your power. I always take her with me, either to be berated for my kindness, rediculed for my bluntness, or praised for my cunning. The Dark Lord
  4. Bao-Dur is extremely underdeveloped in terms of character compared to the others. So unfortunate because his arm is extremely cool and he has a great personality. The Dark Lord
  5. Indeed Hades. All this game needs is a patch, and they can make KOTOR III that much better when their team expands and they can settle in more. The Dark Lord
  6. Disciple, Atton, Mira, Handmaiden, and Vissus, as far as I know. And Kreia is , so that probobly wouldn't happen. The Dark Lord
  7. KOTOR is a pretty personal experience, and I don't think a movie could depict this very well. The Dark Lord
  8. A true Dark Jedi is cunning and manipulating in his ways. See how you can best turn a situation to evil or your advantage with the least amount of trouble or bloodshed. A true Sith would rather turn his foes against themselves and twist others to his will rather than killing them himself or having to bargain with them. The Dark Lord
  9. 1. A new graphics engine. The Aurora engine's greatness is long past. 2. A better plot and more involved romances. 3. More classes and Skills. 4. More balanced combat, namely increasing the power of ranged weapons. 5. The Exile should return as the PC, perhaps starting at level 20 or something. 6. Don't let Bioware develop KOTOR III . The Dark Lord
  10. You would be correct. Lightsaber Finesse effects only your To Hit roll, not your damage output. The Dark Lord
  11. My only complaint are the game's graphical issues. The graphics aren't too hot, and I'm fine with that, but it's absolutely inexcusable for The Sith Lords to have such a poor framerate. I understand the Aurora(?) engine the game uses is outdated by about three years, but couldn't they have optimized the framerate a little more? Here's to the PC version! The Dark Lord
  12. Normally, your Strength modifier would be applied to your To Hit roll for melee attacks. If you learn Lightsaber Finesse, your To Hit Roll uses your Dexterity modifier in place of your Strength one. Actually kinda neat. The Dark Lord
  13. I had problems killing the Sun Twins with Atton on Nar Shadda, but nothing else really. The Sith Lords
  14. Yes, Intelligence is useful, as Skills now mean something. Get about 12-14 at best. The Dark Lord
  15. The Exile, by far. Revan was cool, but the Exile is such a complex and interesting character. He isn't a Jedi, but he hasn't falen to the Dark Side. I believe a silver lightsaber ingame signifies well this neutrality. He is hostile towards the Jedi Order, but he isn't a Sith. So intriguing. He is a great character, and even though Revan could wipe the floor with him in battle, Revan is either good or evil, through and through, making for a rather two-dimensional character. The Exile is great because his very rebellious nature is so unlike that of the Jedi Knights, and he wasn't afraid to disobey his masters to do hat he thought was right. The Dark Lord
  16. Hello, I myself am new here, so welcome to the forums. And yes, Black Isle/Obsidian are the best RPG developers out there, not Bioware. Planescape: Torment will prove this if anyone has doubts. And from every standpoint except from a technical one, The Sith Lords IS far and away superior to its predecessor. The Dark Lord
  17. Influence isn't broken. It is difficult to gain, and often you must choose between Influence and your Alignment. This isn't like KOTOR where you couldn't make mistakes with regards to character interaction and Alignment decisions. This was to be expected from a game developed by some of the geniuses behind Planescape: Torment. The Dark Lord
  18. Most of them don't do a terrible amount, and you can get by easily without them. But they are nice to have, and you should have around six to seven at the end of the game. The Dark Lord
  19. There is no level cap in The Sith Lords, but you'll only be around levels 25-30 when you finish the game. The Dark Lord
  20. Sentinels, unlike the original KOTOR, are probobly the best class now. They strike a balance between Skills, Force Powers, and combat ability that is essential in The Sith Lords. I would play as one if I were you before trying Consulor or Guardian. The Dark Lord
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