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  1. Oh anyone who has to resort to name calling in a discussion about what fictional character is the most powerful needs to take a trip back to reality to gain some perspective.
  2. Let's take it step by step. I have read some sites stating it is anakin who slays windu from behind, have you seen the movie? Not sure how you have such inside info, if you wouldn't mind sharing your source I'd seriously like to read it just for kicks! To revan and palpatine, palpatine masterminded an entire civil war to bring the republic behind him through trickery and deceit. Revan took control of a flailing republic army and crushed the mandalorian army to the point it will likely never see its former glory days again through strategic brilliance. He crushed the republic in battle after battle through strategic brilliance all the while leaving its infrastructure intact because he saw another enemy in the distance. Revan turned hundreds if not thousands of jedi to the darkside to serve him and used those who would not turn as a tool to lure the mandalorians to their final doom and the doom of those jedi and republic elements which did not support him as strongly as he desired in one crippling blow. Revan's resume is atleast as great as palpatines in both accomplishments and the arts of deception and manipulation as well as assumed power not to mention his own inherent power without any help from darkside artifacts or other sith helps such as malachor v. Revan also has the distinction of of turning doing all of his battles at a time when the jedi were much stronger than the weak order palpatine faced. He didn't cripple the republic all by himself, MALAK did quite a bit, you dumbass. Learn your KOTOR. Hell, it wasn't even Revan's doing to beign with, since he had the power of the star forge behind him, making an endless amount of ships. I could ****ing cripple the republic if you gave me a ship generating machine that never stopped. Palpatine master minded an entire civil war within the republic, and played it off completely like he was the good guy and that he "cared". When he was actually in control of both armies. He single handedly destroyed the jedi council, through deception and stealing one of their own for his cause. He embarasses the "greatest" master the council has (Yoda), and blasts the next greatest one (Mace Windu) out of a window with his lightning. He also kills dozens of more jedi with his use of lightning and saber skills. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I suggest you not call me a dumbass again. The only dumbass i see around here is you for spoiling Mace Windu's death by reading movie spoilers all over the net like an impatient dog with a piece of meat in front of it's nose. And remember this, If Revan and Palpatine had a fistfight, Revan would win. If they had a saber fight, Revan would win. Force fight, Revan would win. Revan would kick the living crap out of Palpatine one on one, AND Revan DID crush the goddamn republic, AND the stupid mandalorians on Malachor V. And Revan wasn't a two faced f*cker, who played it both ways. Revan kills way more Jedi than Palpatine does. At least Revan can kill his apprentice, unlike "Palpy" who sadly gets thrown to his well-deserved DEATH! <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  3. To bad its bugged <_< <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Enlightenment is fine. Two of the three force powers it activates are bugged. Or did I miss something?
  4. I don't remember how and didn't have time to look switching between machines at work and not wanting to lose all that I typed.
  5. You obviously haven't played KotOR2 yet so this is going to be spoiler info, don't read if you don't want to be spoiled: Palpatine corrupted 2 jedi under the noses of the jedi council. Revan instituted a plan so large it saw the corruption or death of thousands of jedi. Revan destroyed the mandalorians at Malachor V by learning to use the darkside power there (which he also used to convert jedi quickly to the darkside). Even after Revan's departure into the unknown regions his plans were so carefully laid and thought out his influence continued as the plans he began nearly saw the end of the jedi order. Where once jedi numbered in the thousands they were nearly wiped out through death or conversion in Revan's time as Dark Lord of the Sith and after (even if you played him as turning back to the light his plans continued nearly saw the end of the jedi order). If you played with him reclaiming the mantle of Dark Lord the sith only began falling apart when it became apparent Revan would not be returning as all had hoped after his final departure. Revan also discovered the star forge and used it to nearly bring an end to the republic, it was only the power of Bastilla's battle meditation which she could use even better than trained jedi masters that allowed them to board his ship and it was only the betrayal from afar of his apprentice that led to his capture. It was Revan who not only had the will to resist Malachor V and become its master, using it to draw the Mandalorian's into a place to be destroyed but also having the ingenuity and forsight to use it as the tool by which he would also rid himself of his least loyal subjects within the republic and jedi order in the same killing blow. It was revan who sent the spirit of dark lord ajunta paul into the abyss to claim his sword. It was Revan who not only became Dark Lord having studied the same teachings as those of previous Dark Lords but also reclaimed it after having lost it to betrayal. Not an exhaustive list but it is sufficient to show Revan was atleast as great as Palpatine.
  6. What matters is raw power not the ability to enhance your powers with artifacts and temples and other things of similar nature. If Kun can enhance his power with various objects it is only reasonable to assume that any other sith lord could do the same. One does not assume the mantle of dark lord of the sith by being a fool so it is also reasonable to assume anyone who has assumed that mantle is well aware not only of the types of things kun did/could do (or any other sith lord) and how to do it themselves or how to prepare themselves before going in and facing them. It is foolishness to assume for instance kun would kick revans butt because revan wouldn't take into account kun has made himself more powerful than he would otherwise be through various artifacts and enhancements and would simply face him. Revan is painted as the ultimate tactical genius (something kun I don't think ever was) and so it would dawn on him that he would have to prepare for such a fight lest he be overwhelmed by sheer brute force. You must also remember revan appears to have some some of the same things kun did such as using certain planets in wicked ways (not just to give himself brute force power) and was able to resist the draw of certain places that most jedi / force users could not. All of that said it should be assumed if Revan is counted as an official sith lord in by lucas then he should be considered one of the strongest ever. At the end of the game as well the exile is told by a certain someone that he/she is the greatest student they had ever trained so it can be assumed the exile is stronger than revan.
  7. I would have to say he painted himself that way but who knows.
  8. Well I got to defense of 51 as a guardian/weapon master but I think I could get higher with some tuning, I wasn't really trying. I got 45 before any buffs of any kind and could have gone higher as a consular/sithlord and they get a weaker version of the prestige sense which ups defense every as you level, I did not have the more defensively minded items either. I think with valor and items specifically meant for defense I could hit defense 60 as a weaponmaster or jedimaster.
  9. Lead him to the darkside and he dons tattoos.
  10. You can only make a game so hard when the main character is a jedi, potential jedi, you go with the leader of the mandalorians who in his own right should be one of the greatest warriors in the game world, you have a crime boss, and a prototype assassin droid as party members. Even the only lowliest party members would be above average in any normal party. With all that in mind even if the only high profile member was your jedi character just him alone would make it so you can only have so much difficulty before you tarnish the reputation of jedi as the greatest warriors in the galaxy when required. The reason kotor was harder is because you fought far more force users who used force powers more prominently, the non force fights were easy save the star forge because of sheer volume, and because the weapons and armor were not quite as good. Combine that with a raise level cap which is the same as not having one for our purposes because of how high it is and it is easy to see why the game is easier. Still there are some times I died from over confidence. The areas which could use improvement are toning down of weapon power, a level cap, more force users (story doesn't permit), and better usage of the force versus people who do use the force. The only one that would work game wide is the toning down of equipment. One that would work but is not feasible because of the level cap removal would be to weaken force powers, doing so would make alot of powers worthless at higher levels so you would basically be a non-force user with a lightsaber instead of a normal weapon. In short you play a jedi, what did you expect?
  11. Not to burst anyones bubble but the comparison of jedis of kotor being as children playing with toys compared to the old masters was in regard to lightsaber technique not the force in general. It is easy to take that out of context.
  12. I found all of the jedi "masters" easy as a darkside consular/sithlord. The game was so easy period as a sith lord, especially once you get force crush even the bosses are cake since they can't even move through the spam.
  13. +31 defense is an obvious typo, it is not a round number and obviously an extremely overpowered item considering you can get 40 defense with just a jedi master robe easily. Your defense would be 68 with that robe and there is no way something like that would be in game. There are other typos throughout that guide for instance the code to access the vault on onderon has one number that is incorrectly listed.
  14. I will stay up late at night feeling bad about this review because I never read wired all the time so it was disappointing.
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