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  1. Oh, he's alive. Revan was too cunning and too powerful to die so quickly, whatever he ended up having to face.
  2. Niman all the way. Not is it the utmost of balance but it is also the path to the Jar Kai Form, which means dual sabers.
  3. I really liked the characters. They were all very well written (probobly have my man Chris Av to thank for that). It was interesting how each character was written to appear as a stereotype and than reveal later that they are everything but.
  4. I think that the Manaan one is actually quite pretty.
  5. Coolest is the cheese grater by far, but the shoe strings are the deadliest and most versitile. You could strangle the noob with it, clog his eyes, suffocate him with it by shoving it up his nostrels or just plain bitch slap him in the face with it. Give me shoe strings or give me death!
  6. I think the short answer is no. I definitely remember some of us wondering whether Nihilus would be less of a wuss after the restoration, and someone (Dashus?) told us that they were only restoring the cut stuff, not rescaling the difficulty levels and so. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> No, I'm pretty sure that no actual set gameplay elements are being altered except those that would directly conflict with the restored content. And Nihilus is actually supposed to be pathetic when fighting against you because: 1. You are a void in the Force, just like he is. 2. He is extremely weak because there were no Force sensitives on Telos to replentish his energies with, thanks to Traya.
  7. As to the layout, it is highly probable that all of those Sith capital ships has the same layout. Considering how experienced Carth was, it is highly probable that he had participated in one if not several boarding actions by the time of the destruction of the Endar Spire.
  8. The Exile is desinted to bring about the rebirth of the Jedi Order?!? That's the first I hear of it... Revan (if LS) and Bastila seem to be just as likely candidates. The Exile could be instrumental in bringing a new order about, but we don't even know how many other masters are still in hiding (Nomi is probably one), and an exiled jedi who is a wound in the force doesn't seem to make for the best of founders. That force wound has to be resolved first, before that is likely to happen. On what basis? Revan may have been powerful in his time, but he still didn't see Malak's betrayal, wasn't able to resist the masters reprogramming his mind, couldn't resist the dark side, etc... People really need to consider the New Jedi Order novels or at least read up on Luke's later life before they pass judgment on his abilities - he became far stronger than Anakin/Vader or Revan ever did. And before people say they hate the EU and don't accept it, bear in mind that KotOR is EU also. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> To your first point, content that was cut from The Sith Lords included the Exile telling either I believe the Handmaiden or Visas that they would have to rebuild the Jedi Order now that Atris was dead. The Exile's Wikipedia page clearly states that he indirectly gave birth to the version of the Order that lasted from this time up till Revenge of the Sith. To your second, I DO consider Luke's abilities in the EU and still believe that Revan was more powerful. Tradiitonally, the farther you go back in the Star Wars timeline, the more powerful the Force users and the purer the lightsaber techniques are. Judging from a time differance like you did is even greater proof that Revan was more powerful than Luke.
  9. At least it actually fits with Sion's plotline <_<.
  10. This should be absolutely no competition whatsoever. Luke is focused on simply because he was destined, just like the Exile was, to bring about the rebirth of the Jedi Order. In a duel, Revan wouldwin simply because he is one of the most powerful Force users who ever lived. If Luke is a powerhouse, then Revan is a blazing sun.
  11. It's time I spoke up. I am addressing you and you alone Grey Jedi Knight. Please, take this personally, as it is likely all I am going to say on the matter. Many (if not all of your posts) blantantly parade the fact that you are a Christian of some sort. There is nothing wrong with being Christian. Though I am an atheist myself, I understand and respect many values and ideas that are held by you and yours. If you are a Christian, devout or no, it does not matter to me. But there IS something wrong with how you have been expressing your Christian beliefs and dismissing the opinions of others. This, by forum as well as social guidelines, is absolutely unacceptable. Imagine a Muslim or Buddhist jumping into the middle of your religious service or prayer and pressing his or her beliefs upon you while dismissing your's? Clearly, you must logically admit that you would not accept this. By doing so, however, you would be indulging in hypocracy. Christianity, especially Catholicism I believe, stresses the social and intellectual aspects of the faith as well as the spiritual. By entering into these forums and smothering our viable opinions with your sweeping, fundamentalist rambling, you are breaking the precepts of your own faith on a basic level as well as upsetting those members of this forum who have conflicted with you. This is also absolutely unacceptable. In addition, there are the social guidelines that are laid out by internet forums in general. These include, first and foremost, staying on topic. Despite this simple directive, however, you have singularly again and again intentionally strayed from the topic at hand and launched into some sort of vaguely religious tyrade or parade. This, like the other issues in hand, is unacceptable, and I would rethink my online social strategies if I were you, lest you chide and anger more people than you already have. Another point I would like to bring up is your unbelievable ignorance regarding your fellow forumers and their opinions. This forum, like all others, is a social community, and, as such, its members and their words are to be respected as your own. Yet you either cannot seem to understand or refuse to practice this common social courtesy. This is unacceptable. Demanding that a certain forumer remove an image from his or her signature (I will not name names) simply out of your personal feelings or tastes regarding that image, is absolutely outrageous. Unless the image or contents therein are in violation of the community's basic guidelines and rules, its removal is at the complete disgretion of its poster. When it all comes down to it, you seem to hold three basic principles in mind with regards to this forum community: 1. The Obsidian Entertainment forums are designed to cater completely to you. 2. The other members of this community don't matter. 3. The opinions of other members of this community don't matter. It is these three issues that have caused this problem. The ball is in your court now, Grey Jedi Knight. As I see it, you have three options with regards to these three poor views held on your part: 1. Leave this community for good to excorcise this issue. 2. Stay here and continue to anger this community while demeaning yourself and your religion. 3. Conform to the simple and proper rules that this community demands equally of all of its members. As I said before, this is all I have to say on this matter for the time being. Don't make me say more, Grey Jedi Knight.
  12. I believe that there's already sizable post about these same things and far more somewhere else.
  13. Atton can be an equally good Jedi or Sith in my opinion because his intricate understanding of pain and misery gives him the power to empathize with those he tries to save, which is intrumental to the Exile's new Jedi Order because the old one was too arrogant to suffer like those it cared for. It also allows him to become an excellent Sith because understanding pain is important to the incresement of a Dark Jedi's knowlege and ability.
  14. Unfortunately, you're too late I believe. Which is really a shame because there's a lightsaber in Vogga's stash .
  15. Actually, that's only half true. Kreia didn't want to destroy the Force, Darth Traya did. Kreia was simply the guise that Darth Traya took on while she was teaching the Exile, as Traya is ever the mistress of deciet and betrayal. Kreia admits herself indirectly that Kreia is stronger than Darth Traya because Traya serves only the Darkside, whereas Kreia understands that neither good nor evil holds all of the answers. Kreia understands that the true answers come from within one's self, while Darth Traya doesn't.
  16. There is a female Sith officer on the Ravager who makes the noise of a dying droid when you kill her :D.
  17. Another question then: sorry if this has already been mentioned, but is the mod going to restore the possibly of
  18. I have something of a spoiler question. How does the endgame section, specifictly Trayus Academy play out? I noticed the "Trayus Prison" tooltip the first time through. Was your party supposed to be held and tortured against you? Like I vaguely Atton being tortured by Sion until he agreed to kill you or something.
  19. Did it ever occur to you that your arrogant religious prattling might offend others as well? If you don't want such images displayed in signatures then stop your stupid fundamentalist ranting or leave the forums.
  20. God I hated the Disciple. I haven't played a female character more than once because of his lameness compared to the coolness of the Handmaiden.
  21. It depends what kind of power you're going for. For raw damage, nothing beats a Consular/Sith Lord. All you have to do is have high Wisdom and spam Storm. Since there isn't a cap on Storm damage in The Sith Lords like there was in the first game, you can do just obscene amounts of damage.
  22. The only factual differance between Dark Jedi and Sith is that Sith are members of the organized Sith order, while Dark Jedi aren't necessarily. So for example, a Sith is always a Dark Jedi while a Dark Jedi isn't necessarily a Sith.
  23. There is no religion or higher power in Star Wars, there is only the Force and those who are strong enough to use it.
  24. If someone is strong enough then they deserve it. Because he has committed such horrors in the past he understands what pain and suffering is all about, which is really the fundamental basis of the Jedi and the Sith: the Jedi prevent suffering while the Sith use it.
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