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  1. Thanks... I got stuck like this in the Catacombs last night and had to reload the area, nice to know it's fixed. I also ran into a super old bug where a companion was stuck in knockdown after combat ended. Not sure how that crept back in. It was fixed when I reloaded the save.
  2. Don't throw fair use in my face... your alteration is not sufficiently transformative to count as fair use. It's generally just polite to ask permission, or AT LEAST, link back to the artists whose work you used (and it's multiple, using a reverse image search). The Internet is not a free image source, as was already argued ad nauseam in an earlier thread. "Other people are doing it" is not an excuse. It would be one thing if you were doing this for yourself, but once you alter and redistribute publicly without permission or a source, it's a different matter. Don't be a **** and just link to t
  3. Is this your work? If not, did you get permission from the artists to alter and share these?
  4. We decided that rather than make a bunch of different wallpapers for different common resolutions, that we'd make high-res wallpapers for specific aspect ratios. That way we can account for the small percentage of people using very high resolutions, as well as every size underneath without any loss of quality or excess files. Just pick the wallpaper with the aspect ratio that matches yours and set it to stretch. Here's the corresponding aspect ratios: 2560x1440 = 16:9 (1920x1080, 1280x720, etc.) 2560x1600 = 16:10 (1920x1200, 1440x900, etc.) 2560x1920 = 4:3 (1440x1080, 1024x768, etc.)
  5. Nope! Didn't help. If I click on "View All Achievements" it just takes me to my profile. This isn't actually the first game I've had this issue with... had the same problem with South Park. Brandonnn I want to see the achievement icons I made. ;.;
  6. I'll probably be there, looking mildly ill and uncomfortable as I watch everyone else drink. Sounds like a party to me.
  7. There's not really any one stat that's most useful for options in dialogue. A high Intellect or Perception will sometimes unlock choices in dialogue, for instance, but the stat has to be pretty high (like 18 if I remember), so think carefully before dumping points into stats just for dialogue reasons. There are never situations were you can't progress with something because you're missing a stat, it just might unlock different outcomes. It's part of what makes the game replayable I think, playing through again with different stats. to answer questions, it's only ever the PC character that
  8. I've heard conflicting information as to whether or not this party was meant to be public. The Facebook and Eventbrite pages are public, but I've heard they'll still be turning away people at the door who aren't Obsidian employees or on a specific list of backers (I'm assuming the 5 backers at the 10,000 mark). I don't know any more information than that so hopefully someone else can clarify, since I'm out of the loop with what's going on at Obsidian now.
  9. Hey guys, I just got my Steam key and I'm pre-loading the game, I'm so excited, how's everyone else fe--
  10. I highly doubt it. Obsidian already has a launch party planned, and it doesn't involve sitting around chatting and playing games... in true Obsidian tradition, it involves booze.
  11. Couple of my favorite memories from Obsidian are the day the Kickstarter went up and the day the Kickstarter ended. All anyone did all day when the Kickstarter was up was refresh the page. When everyone went out for beers that night it was the happiest I'd seen people since the layoffs. The day the Kickstarter ended and we did that stream was super dramatic, because people from other teams (including me) really wanted to watch the countdown and celebrate, but other people thought we should have been working. Boo! Good times.
  12. So you are opposed to people cropping off your signature and posting it on this forum for people to use in their game. You posted these only for self-promotion and to get congratulated, not for people to actually use them. Gotcha. Also to say "look what I've got... but you can't use it, cause I put a giant watermark all over it and I disallow anyone from cropping it and posting here". Uhh ok? Have fun with it, I suppose? Congratulations, you've unlocked the definition of "art gallery". Generally when people share art, it's because they believe other people will enjoy seeing it.
  13. These are really amazing! You should do commissions, I think a lot of people here would take you up on it. As for people complaining about the watermark... it's super common, especially with places like Tumblr or imgur, for an artist's work to get spread around uncredited. Most people just do not take the time to source art properly. It's not at all unreasonable for an artist to watermark her work, on the off chance that at some point the artwork is separated from the source. It's also not unusual for people to try to pass artwork off as their own, or to try to make a profit off of artwork
  14. I can confirm what Matt said... a lot of devs read the forums. I can typically bring up a thread and someone's read it and can discuss it with me. I typically browse during a break or on my own free time, like now when I can't sleep. Especially after something happens, like we post an update or do a panel, I'm interested to see what people are saying. I sure wasn't expecting how this thread evolved. I used to be excited about the idea of interacting with the fans. Even if there's not a lot I can say, because it's very political being a dev with NDAs and all, I thought at least I could dis
  15. What does the ability look like when you do it? If you're seeing the clones fall down on the ground, they're not performing the ability correctly. When the clones appear on screen, you should press the directional input (WASD on PC, or the analog stick on a controller) in the direction the clone is facing... so for instance, if the clone pops in on the left and is moving right, you quickly press right. If you're unsure, it's usually the direction their pupils are facing. This causes them to slash in that direction.
  16. You did most of the summons, right? Are there some we haven't seen in trailers? Of the ones we've seen in trailers and preview footage, I worked on Mr. Slave, Mr. Kim, Mr. Hankey, and Professor Chaos. Mr. Slave was one of my first big assignments on the project, if you can picture that. Probably watched the "Stupid Spoiled Whore" episode about 50 times. Beyond that, can't confirm or deny anything~ just a few more days!
  17. You deserve a medal. A great adventure is waiting for you ahead~
  18. Personally, I'm pretty jazzed for the world to finally witness all the insane things I've animated for this project. You are not prepared. (*coughMrSlavecough*)
  19. I played as Mage on my last playthrough, and I'm normally not into magic classes, but Mage melts faces.
  20. Hey Obsidian fans! If you're in the Irvine, California area, there's going to be a special game signing event at the GameStop in the Irvine Spectrum! It's going to be Tuesday, March 4th at 6:30 PM. Come on down or spread the word!
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