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  1. So i found the Fix for this issue if its not your main character, where the debuff stays, just go to the inn and hire a new recruit but instead of hiring a new one, just diss miss your ranger and re add him to the group takes seconds and the debuff goes away. thought i was going to be screwed and have to hire a new companion.
  2. Where is Durstan, i have the piece's but i do not remember seeing anyone named Durstan.
  3. By all means feel free to link to the creator, because i never bothered to see where they came from, i literally just typed the character names into Google image search saw an image i liked for the character and then copied it right from Google search, never went to the origin pages and really can not be bothered re look them up. But you are more than welcome to post who made the originals if you feel it is needed. Really not trying to pass them off as my own work, and if anything Google is to blame for making images so easy to just grab and crop
  4. No, and No. But this falls under fair use. What is the character of the use? Is trade actually or potentially diverted from the copyright owner to me? * Nonprofit How much of the work will you use? * Small amount What effect would this use have on the market for the original or for permissions if the use were widespread? * None Also there is a pretty good chance almost any portrait pack that people are using for this game are likely recycled pictures found using Google. None of it impacts the originals.
  5. I decided i was going to name my Monk: Korra so i wanted a proper portrait ect so i went through and found a few based on the Avatar series and cropped them for some simple portraits that fit my theme for my party of 6. Thought i would share them if anyone else wanted them. Copy them and rename them "male_human_r_lg" for the large one and "male_human_r_sm" for the small one. change the letter R to what ever letters are not being used in the folder just make sure the large and small version of the same picture share the same letter, do the same for female just replace male with femal
  6. i dont think he stopped playing because the game itself was broken i think he stopped because of RL issues or got sidetracked and forgot about the game. i dont have a save at the point tho.
  7. i have the same issue, it doesnt happen all the time but once it starts happening its a pain in the arse, only thing you can do is save and restart the game and hope it stops or, quicksave/quickload after every battle which is annoying.
  8. they offer either defensive or offensive bonuses to diffrent situations, or enhance the force power/regen
  9. i finished the planet of dantooine on the light side but now when every i try to go back there i get a black screen when leaving the Ebonhawk i can pause the game and use all the main menu function but i cant see anything. ive check all my saved games (all 52 of them) after completing the planet and none of them let me travel back. so i cant go back for one of the main quest missions. is my only option replaying dantooine and hoping it doesnt bug again? or is there a fix for the black screen issues? the first time ive had this black screen bug was in another game but i was a Sith in that g
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