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  1. Yup, exactly what I'm stuck doing. But thankfully I've got party members now, which means I can just swap chars and continue as normal. So it isn't -quite- that annoying.
  2. Yes I found that post, no help there. Think I'm sunk!
  3. Sorry if this is the wrong area, but I've gone through as many forums as I can possibly find trying to get a solution to this problem. What happens is when I go into combat, whether using a ranged or a melee weapon, once the creature is dead. At the point where I am, its the robots just after the start. I can't move, my W S D A keys don't respond, I can't move my character from the spot I stopped fighting in. I reinstalled, downloaded the updates. Everything it happens every time I go into combat. On the first two mobs I can break this by going and openning the door, but on the next pair.. I'm stuck. I can't move just look around, rotate the screen but I can't move of the square I'm on. I can save then load again, this fixes the bug but otherwise I'm stuck. Please help me! I just got KOTOR 2, had KOTOR on the xbox and loved it.
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