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  1. Woooohhhhh!!! This is getting interesting! I wanna join the argument too, but we don't need to insult each other! What do you have against french people? I live in Paris and I admit that life sucks here... I can't wait to get away from this place... It is also true that there aren't many people who play videogames here, just some morons that buy Kotor both for pc and x-box (I can't understand why they would spend money for the same game <_< ) - Hey don't look at me! I am not french and I only have the pc version... B) mmmm, Alexia, did you mean to say "pasta" or "basta"?
  2. Mind your own business, Volourn! I just think that the avatar was outrageous, that's all... Anyway, I am getting tired of all this... I am going back to BG2's world (damn you Irenicus! I will get you someday).
  3. Erm when did I say I was italian? I am Sicilian there's a big difference there. Oh no! Don't tell me that Sicilians are independists! Kinda reminds me of the people of Corsica who claim they aren't french...
  4. Anyway, you don't give us a very good image of Italian girls...
  5. At least, I am glad you changed your avatar pic, since the other one was really vulgar... And don't complain about people criticizing you for your avatar since you started all this mess... you knew that it would "shock" people... And I guess we don't have the same definition of "fun"... I never expected a girl to use such pics... Anyway, let's forget this whole matter as it is solved. Cheers.
  6. I never understood how they made Yoda move in the first movies... It's a complete mystery to me since he is no muppet (in the muppet show, they always hide their legs-guess why... )
  7. Actually, I really think that Anakin was the first Jedi of his family as his mother would have some of these "things" (something like DNA but that shows that one can use the force- it is said in episode I but I can't recall the name) within her... Moreover, it is said that a huge gathering of those things was what managed to give birth to Anakin: so he is really unique... There is only one thing that troubles me in the movies: they say that he is the one who will bring balance. From I already know, I can only see the chaos he has brought... so what about it?
  8. I don't remember having the ability to regenerate my body... Anyway, maybe Alexia is just a shemale... Making implants is really easy nowadays... PS: sorry for being nasty
  9. From what I remember, Anakin Skywalker had no Jedi ancestors.... actually, he didn't have a father as they say (in the movies) he was born just like that, from nothing... Actually, if you ask for my opinion, I find that story to be a complete blasphemy since they want to compare Anakin with Jesus... :angry: you stupid george lucas...!
  10. Kinda reminds of "Kill Bill" in some way...
  11. It doesn't change the fact that you DO look (or sound, if you prefer) suspiciously male-ish... LOL
  12. Hey sojiro seta! What are you doing here? I thought you had become a wanderer after kenshin kicked your butt (in volume 16 I think)... I have all the volumes of the Rurouni Kenshin manga, so I know the story pretty well... believe me sanosuke sagara was way lot cooler than sojiro.
  13. I do remember that the Lunar series (great RPG) on playstation 1 had such a feature... After killing the main boss, you were able to wander a little bit just to check out what happens to all the characters, including those who were in your party (you get to see people planning to get married, having a baby, wanting to improve their skills, have some new adventures or simply become richer...). I have to say that such a feature is rather cool and I would welcome it in Kotor2. The problem is that unlike the Lunar series, your choices affect the whole storyline and those around you, so I guess
  14. PLEASE!!! I would like to see Bastila as a joinable NPC in Kotor2. pretty please?...
  15. I will agree on that! Where are the forum moderators? This pic is a real offense to these great boards... Please try to keep them clean. Cheers.
  16. I just saw your pic in the "way-off topic" boards, and all I can say is that this looks suspicious. I really doubt a good-looking woman would be playing video-games while she could be doing far more interesting things... Moreover, on the forum you have created, all the boards have mostly subjects that would interest mostly guys.... http://s6.invisionfree.com/Mental/index.php?act=idx And when I click on your avatar (in your own forums, not these) for personal info, I can say there are some rather suspicious pics... Cheers.
  17. Hey Alexia, nice avatar! I just hope you aren't another one of those silly teenagers using hot avatar pictures...
  18. I will just say this: The hooded guy has a nasty look and wields a red-colored lightsaber: if we follow the movies' philosophy, he is a bad guy, therefore a Sith (lord?). On the other hand, the middle-aged woman has a purer look and wields a blue-colored lightsaber, therefore we can assume she is amongst the good guys. The whole idea of creating that switching picture is to make a contrast between two characters who rather seem to be important in the game.
  19. I just have a question here since I have never played Kotor (Yes, my uncle bought me the game for christmas but didn't know that my pc doesn't meet the minimum requirements, so I can't play it for now ). From what I have read, I have understood that you can't choose your character's name in Kotor1. No matter if the main character is male or female, he/she will still be named Revan. But there's one thing that troubles me. I went to Bioware's Kotor Website and read each character's biography. When I read Darth Malak's, it is said that he turned to the dark side along with another Jedi (who
  20. I bet Atari is asking them to make BG3... or Interplay asking them to make Fallout3... Anyway Interplay is the most stupid company I have never seen, it appears that they have even lost the rights to the BG DA series... lol
  21. Has anyone scanned this article? It would be great if we couls see it through some sort of link... I just wanna compare it with EGM's article on Kotor2. Cheers. [EDIT] Since there are copyright issues involved. I would really be grateful if you could pm me if you have such scans. Thanks in advance.
  22. What was your outcome? According to the test, I am a Demi-God role-playing stereotype... The funnier thing is that the decription given matches exactly to the type of person I am in real life!
  23. I think that Craftsman was the one who started the thread. From what I remember, it had 7 links leading to all 7 pages from the EGM's article on Kotor2. However, I can't find it anymore. Can you help me, please?
  24. I found this on the Bioware boards: Grok, of Atari Public relations, has spoken on the Atari forums about the D&D games in development. Thank you for taking my rather obvious bait! I expect to have an official announcement about the first title out in the next week or two. However, this is a console game and very unlike Temple, NWN, BG, etc. That said, it is absolutely fantastic -- so if you own a PS2 or Xbox you'll want ot keep an eye out for this one. We'll also be announcing a new D&D title in May. Solid developer but not a RPG. More details to come then. D&a
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