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  1. I don't know anything about the geography, but clearly you have the logical option of letting them have the sodding name. So yes, it is always both party's fault that a compromise can't be reached. Not really, because allowing them to be called just plain "Macedonia" would practically mean we give up on our history, identity and culture. The Greek Macedonians regions are not well known and that works at our disadvantage. If FYROM uses the name Macedonia as it pleases, there will be a risk of confusion with the ancient Greek Macedonia on an international level and in the public opinions.
  2. Once again, let me enlighten you on this matter. I will explain the problem by using a hypothetical situation. It may not be realistic but it's just an example to show the problem. Let's suppose Belgium decided to split up in two separate countries: Flanders and Wallonia. Now, that wouldn't pose any problem to its neighbours, right? However, what would happen if Flanders decided to name itself Holland? Holland is already a region of the Netherlands. Don't you think the Netherlands would object? The same would happen if Wales decided to become independent and name itself Britain. Greece has 3 r
  3. No worries, I don't work there anymore.
  4. This is incorrect. States can and do create money through their central banks (& mints for the physical representation of money). Central banks are parts of the state and aren't private (the U.S. is a bit of an exception in this regard, where the Federal Reserve is semi-private). Greek case is different, though, see below. Well, the issue here is that Greece is part of the Eurozone. By joining the Euro, states agree to give up control over their monetary policy, including their right to create money and transfer this part of their sovereignty to the European Central Bank. As a res
  5. Wooops, I reread my post and it seems I forgot to finish one of my sentences: -The media show Greeks as being rich and lazy. Wrong, there is indeed a "rich" social class (famous doctors, lawyers, businessmen, etc) but they do not represent what happens in the middle and lower classes. These people live luxuriously and in a very provocative manner. These are mainly the ones that do not pay their taxes. They keep living as they used to as the crisis hasn't affected them that much and the new measures obviously don't aim them directly. Nothing is done to control them and punish them. I do bel
  6. Stop making stuff up. I am specialized in EU matters and never heard or read anything of the sort. Why would Greece even do that in the first place? Those two countries do not even have any litigation between them...
  7. I keep reading stereotypes and I am sincerely getting fed up with all the disinformation. The Greek problem is a very complex one and cannot be resumed in 2 or 3 sentences. Here are a few things you should know: -The media say the legal retirement age in Greece is at 53 years of age. This is wrong, it is 60 years of age just like in most European countries at the moment. There are a few exceptions for special categories of people such as women with 3 or more kids, but I agree those privileges should be abolished. -True, there are way too many civil servants and their numbers should be
  8. I think humanity is well prepared for the undead. Is it? They could come anytime...
  9. Or preparing for a zombie invasion...
  10. Sure, it might be worth trying another system but this is a Pathfinder thread. Since Pathfinder is heavily based on d&d, I am sure the aforementioned problems will still be present in the game. I was, at first, excited with p&p and then Pathfinder but, after a sessions, I came to realize the whole thing was more tedious than enjoyable. I really regret buying all the d&d materials and books. They are still in mint condition so I might be able to sell them someday.
  11. My main problem with p&p is keeping track of all the modifiers. I don't trust my players (they often give me the wrong numbers either voluntarily or by miscalculation) and prefer to do the calculations myself. The thing is that it's too time consuming... For example, during a battle, a barbarian decides to rage and receives one or two spell boosts in addition to that. He may also drink a potion or use a magic item. Apply this to multiple characters at the same time and you will understand it's a nightmare keeping track of all the numbers (especially when boosts last for a certain numbe
  12. Not really. It's quite the contrary if you ask me (and I have lived in Belgium for a couple of years). Actually, there's absolutely nothing to like in this country: the weather is horrible, the architecture is "cold", Wallonia is dirty, lots of criminality, excessive bureaucracy, ineffective administration and I could go on like that forever...
  13. OMG!!! :blink: What kind of rifle is that thing? There's no way we will see someone carrying such a thing, here in Europe...
  14. http://www.infographicworld.com/how-americ...see-europe.html
  15. Was the bear suit a reference to pedobear? I know that Muhammad had married through force a 10 year old girl, so that would make sense
  16. I would have certainly bought this if it was released as a NWN2 expansion and I am sure I wouldn't be the only one. Maybe Feargus should think about it...
  17. From http://www.formspring.me/JESawyer The end.
  18. ramza


    Do you guys still play this game? It might be worth joining you for some lols! By the way, when you say that 2 different pcs cannot use the same steam account, can I still install the game on a different pc and activate it with a different account?
  19. ramza


    Mmm, I guess it's not worth the 20 euros then. I have already played the game and completed all levels, but I was playing at a friend's. I didn't get the chance to try the multiplayer options.
  20. ramza


    I have found the game at my local shop for 20 euros. Is it worth buying now that L4D 2 has been released. Will I find other people to play with online? Another question is about how steam works. Are there limited activations in the sense that I cannot install the same game on more than 1 pc?
  21. I have found DA for 30 euros at my local shop. Is it worth buying it now or should I wait for a gold edition with the expansion and all the add-ons?
  22. Its just not one person. It is the the Islamic clerics that support him. It is the Iranian citizens who support him. It is the "elected" officials and military that supports him. I like to see all of them removed from any sort of power, not death but made powerless. Let the Iranians who oppose his side take the reigns of power, to instill a proper democracy and freedoms for all of Iran. That is the side I will be cheering for. You know, with your logic, we could have thought exactly the same thing when the US was governed by G.W. Bush. Attacking a country that didn't pose any real
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