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  1. Why am I the only one who didn't see the plot twist coming? That's pretty much one of the most memorable things the game has to offer (along with some beautiful landscapes and the multiple endings). I would really love to see a sequel but I wanted a more RPG feel to the combat system. Usually, I am pretty good at guessing how the plot will evolve (especially in movies).
  2. What's that supposed to mean? I retract my earlier statement. I was just checking if you meant that it was acceptable for Vol to mistype things (because of his limited brain capacity - sorry Vol, nothing personal) and that it wasn't for other people with normal brains.
  3. What's that supposed to mean? On the other hand though, I have the CAT POWER!
  4. Ha! Good one! Yeah, I guess I mistyped a few things. Is that so tragic? Vol does that all the time...
  5. I haven't played any of the most recent Bio games (ME 1 & 2, DA), but I do believe JE was one of the worst, on the same level as BG1. Despite what you people say, NWN1 was a very good game no matter how you see it (with its flaws, sure) but it allowed me to have fun for 5 years at least (OC, expansions, modules, online play). For its time, it offered many novelties despite the bad graphics. Kotor 1 was very nice too, Bio did a good job with the star wars universe (it hooked me even though I am not a star wars fan). JE was something like a Kotor clone with a different setting and diff
  6. Actually, I liked it but I would say it's one of the worst Bio games. The story was typical of Bio, the graphics were very nice, the setting was a welcomed breath of fresh air. Now, the game was obviously made for the consoles and shouldn't have been ported to the pc. The game was too much action oriented and the combat was just about mushing buttons/clicking the mouse. I didn't like how short was the game's length. Overall it was a nice and acceptable experience, but nothing as memorable as Kotor or BG. Oh and I didn't see the plot twist coming. I was really surprised!
  7. Actually, I am into Magic the Gathering at the moment and it's way more fun and easy to play than p&p d&d. I only play casual and stay away from competitive so I don't have to spend thousands of bucks.
  8. Just a question: what's the difference between TSLRP and TSLRCM when it comes to KotorII's ending? I do remember that TSLRP was supposed to feature some new animations and stuff, besides making the ending a bit more coherent. What does TSLRCM do exactly on that matter?
  9. If they just asked kindly... But then again, there are benefits to piracy...
  10. Thanks for the installation instructions! Yeah, it's good news that we can now play a complete KOTOR2. One more question though: I had read somewhere that the Genoharadan-quest was being done in a separate mod that will be released sometime in 2010. Is that true? Maybe I should wait a bit if this is the case.
  11. But is it complete or should I wait a bit? I am in no hurry anyway, just checking the progress.
  12. I have tried looking on the web to check if any progress was made: - TSLRP hasn't been updated, as usual. I think I should give up on this one. I really wonder why TG hasn't made public the codes so that anyone may continue their work. - TSLRCM was the other big project but I can't find any downloadable version nor any information. Most links lead me to a blank page with the words "not found". Has there been any work done on it since last autumn?
  13. Good, they only use a SecuROM-less CD-check and a CD-key. Unless you want the DLC stuff.. (obviously) then it's the whole sign onto Biowares "community" site, type in the correct pass codes, and then when you run the game you get the log in options and it downloads it all.. but then you don't have to dl some other software ala steam or games for windows live doohickey to handle it. It's all purely internet browser. I am absolutely fine with that. I just hate having to install extra programs just to play a game.
  14. DRM is exactly the reason I have stopped buying pc games, and playing games in general. They are already expensive enough, I don't need to install additional programs that will spy on me and mess up my pc. I could have bought Mass effect, I didn't because of the limited activations (the activation management tool hasn't convinced me) and Securom. I could have bought L4D and Empire Total War but they make me install Steam. I want to play my games just like before: install (I accept if I am asked to insert a security code) and play. Basta! No online activation, no installing third
  16. Ramza, political parties receiving money from lobbyists has nothing what-so-ever to do with this ruling, or the case. It was not even part of the discussion. There ARE limits on how much money any group can donate to any campaign and requirements for candidates to disclose where they get donations from. This ruling is all about a private group called Citizens United that made a movie, using their own money, distributed with their own money, not done in coordination with any one else, politician or otherwise. The movie painted Hillary Clinton in an unfavorble way and called on voters to no
  17. Those that support this court decision underestimate the power of lobbies on national policies, be it in the US, in Europe or anywhere else in the world. There should be limits as to how much a political party can receive funds from a private company or an individual person for the electoral campaign or anything else. The main problem with today's politicians is that most of the time they represent corporate interests rather than the interests of the people that voted for them. I have witnessed the power of lobbies with my own eyes when I worked some time ago for the European Commission.
  18. http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20100121/pl_nm/..._court_politics
  19. I admire your patience for playing p&p. I ended up selling all my books, tiles and miniatures as it was more of a chore playing d&d. At least 1 and a half hour to create characters and endless calculations and numbers that became too hard to track. I just gave up even though the concept was fun...
  20. That was pretty fun actually! I managed to get through the end with 1 wound, but I played as a low-profile dragon (I destroyed the altar for example, and stayed in my lair waiting for a mate to come - she never did actually)
  21. SO, it's a matter of time before they release a gold edition which will include the expansion and all the dlcs...
  22. I guess I will just wait for the gold edition then...
  23. My local store is selling Dragon Age for 42 euros. Shall I buy it now or wait for an updated version that would be including all the downloadable add-ons and maybe an eventual expansion? I don't have time to play it right now and I have a couple of unfinished games installed on my pc (Witcher, Nwn2 Soz).
  24. Remember BioWare's downloadable Neverwinter Nights premium modules? Kingmaker, Shadowguard, Witch's Wake, Pirates of the Sword Coast, etc.? A few days ago I somewhat accidentally noticed that all of their pages on BioWare's website, as well as their web store, have been removed. I inquired about this over at BioWare and learned that the premium modules were removed from BioWare's website at Atari's instruction. What's more, BioWare can no longer sell them nor advertise them. Through further inquiries we've learned that this has happened at the end of August and that BioWare had almost
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