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  1. I have now created a new profile on Windows for my father to use. I wonder why I hadn't thought of that earlier... Silly me... I like your idea Walsingham, but he's the one who bought my pc, so I am using it to his own terms (that's what he says, at least).
  2. IT WORKED! I AM SAVED! Actually, I was changing the file before shutting down Firefox. As a result, it always saved the already opened session. I changed the file after shutting it down and everything went back to normal. Thanks for the advice anyway! I used the Session Manager add-on instead.
  3. Hello everyone, So, I am having some big problem and need to find a solution but I am getting desperate about my situation. Whenever my father comes to my place, he messes around with my computer and keeps making me lose precious data. Unfortunately, I don't have another pc around, so it's the only one he can use. I have told him so many times not to mess with my tabs and windows, but (due to both indifference and lack of more advanced computer knowledge), he keeps closing my windows and tabs after he is done browsing. As a consequence, every time he comes over, I lose everything and hav
  4. Oh, I didn't want to mess with the spirit-meter stuff because so many people told me negative stuff about it, I simply disabled it using the console. I just pretended the hunger came in occasionally.
  5. I have started playing SoZ and am already in the middle of Act I. The game is really inferior to MotB, and even the OC. I know it's not about the story or the dialogue, but more about the exploration and the micro-economical management, but I feel I already feel I am not going to like this expansion. I like the fact that you can change party members during dialogue so as to make the most of each skill, but I really dislike the overland map. It reminds me too much of Final Fantasy and I prefer the old-school exploration system.
  6. I know, RP-wise, it's wrong to have both characters, but on the other hand, I assure I didn't get a single problem from having them both in my party. IMO, an optimal party has 6 members and this is what I got with the cheat I used.
  7. It's a moon elf actually... DAMN YOU, you found it! By the way, I forgot to post a pic of my party... Who's gonna bash me, now? Way to go mr. cheater... Well, I wanted to get the most dialogue lines in a single playthrough. I am using a mod that raises the difficulty and I am playing on the game's highest difficulty rank, so that balances my "cheating".
  8. DAMN YOU, you found it! By the way, I forgot to post a pic of my party... Who's gonna bash me, now?
  9. Suck the bone, to the marrow! You know, that was not her most annoying line... but I ain't telling you which one it was...
  10. The combat was really hard at the beginning until I managed to find more party members. As I was leveling up, the easier it got. I don't have problems with combat as long as it's not pure hack & slashing as it was in nwn1 and nwn2 oc. Even though I was using my spells quite a lot in nwn2 oc, in Motb I had to rely on spells to get me out of specific combat situations. There's some strategic thinking to be had. Don't have high expectations, but it's still an improvement over previous games. The expansion's strong features are its story, setting and companions. I think there should be few
  11. Suck the bone... to the marrow! No, spare me this please!!! I had to endure her voice for at least 45 mins while doing the stupid puzzle in the stupid labyrinth. No more, no mooooooore!!! *runs away*
  12. There aren't any spoilers, don't worry.
  13. What can I say? Wow, just WOW! It was awesome playing this expansion! It's the game I have been waiting since BG2! There's no comparison to the OC and it's regrettable Obz doesn't make more games of the same kind (I still haven't tried Kotor 2, so it may be worth my time). I especially liked how they made use of the FR setting while using more exotic locations, companions and themes (such as spirits). I tried all 3 endings and I was quite surprised at how interesting the evil one turned out. 5/5, keep up the good job, Obz! I tried a bit of SoZ and it's obvious it was made by a different
  14. The people at the Codex are far more reasonable than what you guys think.
  15. Kidnapped by Minsc, probably...
  16. I uninstalled the game a few days ago. I had fun for 2-3 weeks but it's not the type of game that will leave you any memory of it. In most cases, in Fallout 3's gameworld, I kept having a sense of deja-vu wherever I traveled. I am playing MOTB at the moment and THIS is the game I have been wanting to play for so long (too long actually). I consider it to be on the same level as BG2. What you get is a memorable gaming experience and you will want to revisit the game after a while. Too bad TBH was canned, I am sure Josh would have made some excellent job. Good rpgs have been so hard to
  17. Shall I lower it to 3, then?
  18. Talking about an overrated game...
  19. Don't buy the game, it would be a waste of money and all that you would achieve is encourage crappy devs like Beth to keep on making mediocre games. Rent it or borrow it from a friend just like I did...
  20. Fallout3 has had very crashes on my pc. The graphics are really subpar for a game of its age. The physics are ok, I guess... So, after playing for 2 weeks, I have grown bored of the game. Explore, kill, loot, sell, repeat. The quests are totally uninteresting and the NPCs are really unlikable (which is why I can't prevent myself from killing them all). I am unimpressed overall and I find my initial rating of 3.5/5 to be the most appropriate. It's fun at first but then it wears out...
  21. I refuse to believe that poor excuse. It's obvious they willingly kept some part of the game out of the main product.
  22. What makes you think it was supposed to be in the final product? Perhaps the small fact that it's ready on release day? I remember when they started doing DLC. My worries back then was that they'd just cut out 20% of the actual game and sell it for more profit later. Luckily that hasn't often been true.. until now. Modern Warfare 2 is doing it and Dragon Age sounds a bit suspicious too. Why make something extra when people aren't expecting more than 8-10 hours from their games anyhow? Just cut out a level here or there and sell the game for full price anyhow. Then sell the recently cut
  23. What makes you think it was supposed to be in the final product? Oh common! Don't tell me you are THAT much gullible! It's obvious what they have in mind. The worst thing is that I am afraid this will become a trend in the future. Byebye Pc gaming for me... Bioware was a decent company but got worse over time from any point of view: recycled games, plots and characters, offensive DRM schemes (even though EA was the one behind it, Bio was still an accomplice) and now they marketing policy...
  24. What the heck is this DLC on day-one business? Who are they kidding? If something was supposed to be included in the final product, I find it shameful to remove it and sell it as a separate product. I think I will begin to hate Bioware and boycott Dragon age as well. They are not the company I used to like, they have turned out too greedy.
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