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  1. What profanity was there in my original post?
  2. I just hope the NPCs are better written. I don't know why but there is something annoying with Beth's NPCs. It's just as if they were begging us to beat the crap out of them. Poorly written, shallow, unmemorable and unlikeable. There's not a single one that I like. And I am not the only one feeling that way...
  3. Ok, I used the same strategy against another mongolian army that knocked at my door and it worked perfectly, even better. I am also assassinating their leaders little by little but they are still pushing back the Egyptian armies. I have to destroy them before they take over too many settlements and become too strong. Oh, and the Jihad against Constantinople failed. Now, I am getting some reprieve to focus on the Mongols. I still wonder how I am gonna meet the victory conditions. I have the impression we (all the factions) have arrived at standstill. There isn't any real progress being made
  4. Hell yeah! I finally beat the crap out of them! It was a long and tedious battle but I really enjoyed it. I first took down all the soldiers using the battering ram with my horsed archers and archers on my walls. As I started routing the soldiers that were coming up my walls with ladders and towers, I noticed a second battering ram coming up my way. I started panicking and ordered all my archers to shoot at it. I actually didn't manage to bring it down and it even broke my gate. Fortunately for me, many of my spearmen had survived the first wave and I had them ready just behind the gate. A big
  5. The problem is that I didn't plan things carefully. I kept being attacked by Hungary on the West and Turkey/Egypt on the East (actually they didn't attack my outer cities but focused on Constantinople) and had to spend all my efforts on those 2 fronts. When I got notified about the Mongols' first apparition, the message said they had appeared near Bagdad. So, I was hoping they would first destroy the Turks and part of the Egyptian empire before they actually made it to my territory. Then, I would seize the opportunity to grab as many cities as I could since these 3 factions would be left weake
  6. Man, it was an absolute disaster. I lost 1500 men and just killed 700 enemies. They took the city and slayed the survivors. The battle lasted almost half an hour. I can't understand why I can torch up battle towers (I managed to take one down) and not this damn battering ram. I targeted with all my archers the soldiers running the ram but then they were just replaced by other ones. I had no choice than to send my cavalry to kill them but for some reason the gate didn't close after they re-entered the castle. I have an earlier save so I will be trying until I win.
  7. I am playing as the Byzantines and I am currently facing both the Mongols and a Jihad against my capital. So far, I have managed to drive back 3 armies of Turks and Egyptians but the Mongols just have started attacking me as well. I have a castle under siege and have a lot of archer, mounted archer and spearmen units in it. I think I can manage to drive back the Mongolian army but the key to winning this battle is bringing down the battering ram. Then, I can lay waste to them with my archers. So far, I have been unsuccessful in doing so. I have clicked on the "flame arrow" icon and made al
  8. Wow! Thanks a lot aries! It's amazing you found so many threads out there. I googled "dreamfall troubleshooting" and found nothing useful. I am now gonna read these threads to see what's wrong with my pc. Thanks again!
  9. I haven't played a JRPG since the end of the Playstation 1 era (10 years ago in other words). I am trying to update my drivers. Otherwise, I will have to wait until I get a new pc. I am in no hurry anyway since I have plenty of other games to play. I am playing vanilla Total War Medieval II at the moment and I am having a blast.
  10. Is it maybe because I have 20 Firefox windows with multiple tabs each open at the same time? Man, I really need to take the time to look at these but I just don't have the patience... OS: Windows Xp SP2
  11. Intel core 2 Duo processor T5500, 1.66 Ghz 2 GB RAM Nvidia Geforce Go 7400 GPU The dvd doesn't seem corrupt. The game installed just fine and I get the first screen (with the options to start a new game, load a game, etc) just fine as well. When I start up a new game, I hear the voice of some male character and then end up with that weird screen. If you click on the picture, you can see an eye on the upper part (must be some in-game icon). I can click on some things I can't see and get a response from the character but I can't see anything at all. And yes, I have played the first par
  12. I have tried to tweak the video options and set everything to the minimum but I still get this weird screen when I start the game. Do you know what's wrong with it? It's weird that my pc does this because it has managed to run more demanding games like NWN2, F3 and The Witcher. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  13. On the occasion of this article http://deadpcgames.blogspot.com/ I have decided to necro this thread. However, I guess we shouldn't be expecting any updates on these module. It was an ambitious project and I salute Sawyer for his efforts. Nice try!
  14. The problem is that cats are claustrophobic by nature. Putting them in such a small space + spraying them with water (which they hate) is not really the best idea. Dogs usually can live with it (actually they don't even react this way) but it's very different for cats. It's not just an unpleasant experience, they must really feel like they are drowning or something like that. EDIT: Sorry, I just noticed that I linked the wrong address for the first video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Woaa0KZ6iRM...feature=related
  15. Funny and sad at the same time... How much lazier can humans become? http://www.wind.com.gr/pages.fds?langID=1&pageid=1960 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQT2T6ygnRc I really want to beat the crap out of the owners who laugh in the second video. PS: I was restraining myself from laughing (I had mixed feelings) when looking at the first video for the first time and my aunt was passing by behind me and happened to watch the video as well. She shouted "Oh my God, that's horrible! And they even put nazi music along with the torture sequence!" (I have crappy speakers on my lap
  16. Well, contrary to any other game, BG2's battles never felt tedious (to me, at least).
  17. It's true that BG2's npcs weren't as developed as today's npcs but they were something new at the time and they were rather well done. Actually, Bio's characters have starter getting winnier and bitchier ever since, the whole thing has been escalating. The BG storyline was really epic. Ever since NWN, Bio games were all about fetch quests, gathering items, getting alliances, etc. Rather boring, uninspired and unmemorable. Of all the IE games, BG2 had the less grind. Almost each battle had a purpose or a meaning. Moreover, there was strategy involved as I always making my characters chang
  18. It's funny that not so long ago, he was writing "long live NWN!". Anyway, thanks for sharing your experiences, guys! I guess I might give it a try but I am going to wait for the gold edition (or something similar) so as to getter a more complete experience. To tell the truth, I don't have too many expectations. The game seems to have nice visuals and flashy graphics and voiced dialogs but all those things do not make it necessarily a good game. Actually, the problem with Bio game is that they have a lot of combat and that they are not very memorable in the end. For some reason, every part
  19. Excellent! I am adding that in my sig!
  20. I definitely like party based combat and I hate grinding, but almost every game has this feature so I can live with it. My main issue is that DA had some kind of MMORPG feel to it (I dunno, maybe because of the interface) in the same way Drakensang did. In fact, I found Drakensang to be horrendous and totally unplayable because of the way you moved around the screen and the combat interface. From screenshots and videos, I see many similarities between the way DA and Drakensang play, except DA's story is definitely more fleshed out.
  21. So, how is the game? Do you think someone like me (someone who rates BG2 as the best rpg ever made) will appreciate it? What prevents me from buying it is that I am kinda sick and tired of Bio's storytelling and tedious combat. I have heard DA is somewhat similar to ME: cinematics, plenty of dialogs and cut-scenes, heavy on combat, etc. Mass effect hasn't convinced me as a game (I think of it more as an interactive movie than a game) and that's what worries me about DA. The last Bio game I ever played was Jade Empire and I had already noticed back then the new direction Bio games started t
  22. I agree too. It's a shame a team with so much potential just wastes its efforts on mediocre projects. Bring on the old-school rpgs!
  23. Bye bye Obsidian, I really liked what you used to do but you are not making anything that might interest me for a while now... It was nice playing your games. Cheers.
  24. And here's a parody: Hilarious!
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