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  1. The UN is a joke just as is every international organization. I would never trust them... It's just another excuse for the US to start a war... We al know the power of lobbies (I have witnessed it with my own eyes, they can overthrow anything). Remember the Swine flu pandemic? The WHO threw the whole world into panic so that the big pharmaceutical companies may make big profits. They are keeping low profiles now that the job is done... Same goes for the UN, half of its resolutions remains non effective (ie: the case of Israel) and representatives of some of the worst dictatorships get
  2. I can answer that: under Saddam, there wasn't as much religious fanaticism as there is today. No suicide bomb attacks and nothing similar to the Taliban's regime (there were a few similarities in the severe punishments but those were inflicted for disloyalty against Saddam and not Islam). Al Qaeda was not that much present in Iraq. Now, it has rooted itself and uses the American invasion as a justification to start a holy war and get new recruits. Expect Iraq to become another Afghanistan with its own version of the Talibans, once the Americans leave.
  3. Is that a summary of this thread's posts or is it your personal opinion?
  4. Hey, if you have the time, then make a research on your own... I couldn't find better sources in the given time. I was just looking for links, so I just read the titles and not the contents. Your quote made me laugh though... I shall be more careful when posting links in the future.
  5. Quit lying already, unless you were there. It's common knowledge, man... http://www.presstv.ir/detail.aspx?id=66208...ionid=351020602 http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?con...va&aid=9845 http://english.aljazeera.net/news/americas...4333715324.html The US has kept Russia constantly under pressure with its missile defense system that is being implemented in european countries like Poland, the Czech republic and Romania: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_miss..._Eastern_Europe The US just needed something new to test Russia's vigilance.
  6. Thank you, virumor. That's what I meant to say and I apologize if I wasn't clear. The US told Iraq "go on, attack Iran and we will back you up" but the US never held their word. Oddly enough, the exact same thing happened with Georgia in 2008. The US promised Georgia that it would help it protect its sovereignty but when the Russians invaded, the US immediately withdrew their promises. They wanted to cause prejudice to Russia but their plan backfired.
  7. If it wasn't for the US that incited Saddam to declare war against Iran, nothing would have happened. I never claimed it was a Happy place, but they were still better off compared to today's situation. As a matter of fact, there weren't even nearly as many people dying every day.
  8. In order to avoid misunderstandings, what I meant to say is that democracy is not the best political system for every country. Some countries have different cultures that do not work well with the concept of democracy as we, western people, understand it. Moreover, it would be presumptuous to claim that democracy is the best system in the world and that every country should apply its principles in their political systems. How arrogant is that? We are far from being superior to those countries so as to tell them what is right and wrong. Just take a look at modern western democracies, and you wi
  9. I am talking about the Tonkin Gulf Lie: according to the official Washington version of the facts, some vietnamese vessels torpedoed two american destroyers, the USS Maddox (DD-731) and the USS C. Turner Joy, which required immediate intervention by the US army. Half a century later, the National Security Agency declassified some archives that proved it was a lie and a pretext to start a war. http://www.fair.org/index.php?page=2261 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gulf_of_Tonkin_Incident It's funny that the US has caused more wars than any other country since WW2. Let me laugh about the h
  10. True, but that alone does not legitimize a war against them. It's their internal problems and one day or another the people will retaliate against the Government. It has always been like this since the dawn of time. The democratic process is slower in some countries compared to others, but it always takes place in the end, even without exterior intervention. As for NK being evil, had they been so, they wouldn't have stopped at that if they really wanted to wage a war on SK. When did they supposedly torpedo the boat again? Oh, in March... And nothing has happened in between... How weird...
  11. I wouldn't trust everything that we are being said... We have heard similar lies which were just a pretext to start a new war... Iraq, anyone? Vietnam? True, N.K. is a dictatorship. No, they are not the ultimate evil, nor can they truly threaten anyone. The US has caused more damage worldwide compared to N.K.
  12. Mmmm, not really. Erdogan's official visit didn't do much to improve our relations with Turkey IMHO. Most agreements that were signed were about energetic, cultural, fight against illegal immigration and touristic cooperation. The main issues were not dealt with and each party camped on its own position. The joint press conference of the 2 prime ministers was quite illustrative of this. I couldn't find any videos but feel free to make your own search (here's a link to a french article http://www.lesechos.fr/info/inter/afp_0025...-a-athenes.htm). Just a few points: -Greece asked Turkey
  13. I am just popping in to share a BBC news video about the Greek-Turkish relationship: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/8681835.stm I am not trying to do any propaganda but I am pleasantly surprised that, for once, we are not being accused of being paranoid with Turkey and should spend less on military equipment. Cheers.
  14. Just a small clarification on my last post, the lawyer in question earned 800 000 euros and not 800 million euros per year. I wonder how I managed to make such a big mistake. I guess I was listening at the tv news while typing... I took a look at Eurostats' numbers and they say indeed that the minimum wages in Greece in January 2010 were 862 euros. The only logical explanation is that this may the salary without including taxes. I have searched on multiple Greek sources and all say that the minimum salary was 739 euros in 2009 (not including taxes). The problem with Eurostat is that they f
  15. Sorry but I disagree with these numbers: - The best salary you could hope for, after 20 years of work, was 1500 euros (not including taxes). At best, if you were a judge or a director, you could have hoped for 2000 euros. The average salary (whether you start working or are in the middle of your career) is between 900 and 1200 euros (not including taxes again). I made some research and the minimum wage was 750 euros just before the austerity measures. Now, reduce this by 20-50 % and you can see how low the wages are. Considering that the cost of life in Greece is similar (if not more expe
  16. Hahahaha! I never suspected that Pangalos was involved. I personally confirm that this guy is nuts but should not be taken seriously. He got fired a few years later by the way as he had absolutely no sense of diplomacy and was doing more harm than good to our country. Now, assuming that he really did behave that way, it was not Greece's official position to prevent Finland from joining the EU. I don't know why the hell he would do such a thing but bear in mind he is diabetic and this may influence his behavior. What I fail to understand is why they nominated him as vice-president of the new so
  17. Ooops, yeah I mean "live" and not "leave". That's what you get for posting at 1 a.m. According to official calculations, the basic salary will be 380 euros with the new austerity measures (it was 600 euros before). What the hell did I spend 6 years studying? I don't have any other choice than to emigrate... Moreover, they don't tackle the main problem: the rich guys are still avoiding paying their taxes. They could also halve our defense expenditure, now that would make a difference.
  18. Are you referring to this? http://online.wsj.com/article/SB1000142405...0905495614.html I had no idea the situation was so tense in Turkey. Anyway, I just wish we could disband our armies and leave peacefully... sigh...
  19. Yes, we do have some rabid communists but the anarchists are a different group. They don't claim anything at all. By just reading their messages on the walls, all they want is kill cops and destroy the Government (no matter if it's liberal or socialist).
  20. The average Greek person of my parents' and grandparents' generations is very ignorant and easy to manipulate. Many have not studied beyond middle school and have not a clue about politics. One striking example I once read in the newspaper is that 55% of the Greeks refuse to believe Darwin's theory of evolution (as a comparison it was somewhere like 80% in Turkey and even higher in some other countries). The previous Governments did a good job at hiding the real state of our economy and kept promising things in order to get elected. The average joe just wanted a job to survive and couldn't und
  21. As for that, let me say that everyone is in shock here. The victims were 2 women and 1 man, all three in their 30s. One of the women was also pregnant and the other two were parents as well. It was those anarchists that struck again. They have no ideology nor any respect of human life. Everyone condemns what just happened and according to testimonies, the other protesters are too scared to stop them. Some of them tried in vain but the anarchists drew their knives. Let me also say that the Greek population would have accepted the measures but they can't accept the fact that the politicians
  22. You guys do have a point. I am however afraid that FYROM won't get satisfied with just getting the symbols. More claims will probably follow. I mentioned the example of the restitution of ancient relics but there are other things as well. I am however not that much specialized enough in the bilateral relationships to give you a detailed report about those things. I am pleased to see that you guys can make the difference between the slavic macedonia and the greek macedonia but I am not sure this is the case for other people. When I was in high school (french one), I do remember my his
  23. Look, you're polite, and informative, but one can tell by the tone of your posts that you're also incredibly biased. Maybe I am a foreigner, but maybe that's what it takes to look at the situation objectively. I don't think I am particularly biased. I am mainly explaining the Greek Government's official position and I am well placed to know what is at stake. Personally, I couldn't care less about what happens to FYROM, but I do believe Greece's arguments are reasonable enough. If Greece was facing some western European country, I am sure it would adopt a more flexible stance. Howeve
  24. Why tenuous? Since when is the protection of a country's cultural heritage tenuous? As I have already said, I don't expect foreigners to sympathize with our cause as they cannot understand the issues at stake and do not feel concerned by these issues. No offense meant, but what can an Australian understand to Balkan politics and intricacies? In any case, I just wanted to clarify yet another stereotype about the mean Greeks that won't allow the "macedonians" to name their country as they will.
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