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  1. Does anyone know if there's a mod for streamlining the level-up experience? As it is, it's a whole lot of clicking each time you respec. I would love to be able to distribute all points and skills in one go, more or less, instead of having to do 2 skill points > Next > 1-2 abilities > Next > 0-1 weapon proficiency > Next > Repeat 20+ times.
  2. I'm very much aware that Reputation gain is not only how you meant it but how your character is perceived by those with whom you talk. If not, you'd be able to have a complete psychopath PC with maxed out Benevolent because their intent was pure (in their eyes) But I do feel that it being couched as "disposition" does lend itself to be more influenced by how you meant it than it currently is. But withing reason. E.g. if someone asks if their new sword is well crafted, you would be Honest and say "no, you've been duped", but it may also be seen as cruel etc by the disappointed owner. Bu
  3. My ongoing peeve with Reputation gain (i.e. the pre-defined meaning and intention of conversation options) vs what I actually intended the option to mean. Currently, in PoE(2), the reputation system is, as in most (all?) other games, static. You choose Conversation Option A, and it has already been given a meaning by the writers/devs, no matter what meaning you and your PC may put in it. Example: In BoW, I convinced Neriscyrlas to find respite and release herself to the Void. My PC (paladin, dimplomatic, good) took this direction with the best intentions, since there's no option to r
  4. Hello I just reinstalled PoE2, after a hiatus, to complete the rest of the DLC, but I'm having issued with the save games. Specifically, getting them from the Steam Cloud and having the correct directories made by Steam. Previously, there was a single save game directory ~/.local/share/PillarsOfEternityII/SavedGames/ Now ,this directory isn't created until I launch the game. Now I have a total three (listed in the order they appear in my file manager): ~/.local/share/Pillars of Eternity II/SavedGames/ #1 - Cloud saves are downloaded here. PoE2 does not appear to re
  5. When talking to Ruasare, the wahaki ranga, about the Crookspur slavers, I get the sense that there ought to be at least one more dialogue option for accepting/ending the conversation. As it stands, even if the Watcher initates the conversation about Crookspur ("I also seek vengeance against the slavers"), the only way to end the conversation (i.e. accept to help her, or just say you'll do it anyway) is "This isn't my fight. Allow me to consider." This seems strange to me. My Watcher came to the wakahi to help (or get help) with the slavers. So, it very much is my fight. And I'd vager i
  6. I will, like most others here, preface this by saying I love Obsidian's games, I love the love that Obsidian pours into their projects, and I have the utmost respect for the devs/writers/artists/everyone pouring their passion and effort into making these works of art. But, however much I love the games Obsidian makes, I do have principles, and I tend to stick by them. In this cases it boils down these three, simple reasons: I will not support Epic Games' exclusivity bullsh1t; I will not support Microsoft's bid to break Steam/Valve in order to lock down PC gaming; I will not support Tence
  7. Superb! :D I've sent you a PM with a link to download my latest save game Fingers crossed! :D
  8. Any way that doesn't require Windows? :D Isn't there a Deadfire equivalent to IE Mod for PoE1? Or is Unity Console it?
  9. I'm not able to purchase Devil of Caroc Breastplate. I.e. it's not available from the vendor. I was sure I spared mr. Harmke, but I'm unable to find anything related to this choice in my gamecomplete.savegame file. I may have killed him, it may have bugged out on me, idk. Is there any way to add it to the merchant? Either via game config files (e.g. setting `killedHarmke=False`), or via console commands (without disable achievements)?
  10. I had a suspicion that something along those lines was afoot But my mind kept niggling that it could be something really cool, either for its own quest, or something to do with Tekehu og the Shadow, which is under Nekataka. I'll add this to the Wiki entry, and, ofc, suggest un-flagging it with the next patch or something, if possible. And superthanks for the reply, now I can stop mind about that scroll <3
  11. Inside the Watershapers Guild, in Nekataka, there's a shelf containing The Four Forms of Watershaping. It says, upon inspection, that it's a Quest item, but I can't for the life of me figure out what quest it belongs to or what purpose it serves. Does anyone know?
  12. Thanks! Strange to keep this gated behind linking your Steam account. (I know, I can get them via a Blessing of Berath (Well-traveled Supplier), but still.) The download link didn't translate correctly through the quotation (at least for me), but I found the link from the original post through search (for reference for anyone who might find their way here with the same question): https://www.dropbox.com/s/3koid0jz7id32us/Scavhunt_items.zip?dl=0
  13. Doing a fresh run of PoE2, and I'm looking at the Scavenger hunt codes and the requirement to link my Steam account to my Obsidian account. What exactly does this connection entail? I cant seem to find any information about what it "does", what it's purpose is (except to get the codes), or how it will affect my Steam and Obsidian accounts. Suffice to say, I'm wary of running around connecting accounts at a lark, especially when the consequences aren't really spelled out. Anyone got somewhere I can get some more info on this? ____________________________________ Edit: It seems
  14. I started a completely fresh game after The Forgotten Sanctum launched. The game crash at random. Some times it crashes on the same action (e.g. transition from one floor/area to another) a couple of times, then it stop crashing there (e.,g. in Oathbinder's Sanctum). Had one just now, where it crashed while talking to a NPC (Abocco, bounty manager in The Wild Mare). If any logs are needed, please tell me where I can find them on Linux. The directions in the How to report a bug thread didn't really tell me much. I have telemetry enabled, so hopefully you'll get some info about it via t
  15. Regarding the quest Salt in the Wound, it's marked as Finished when the brawl is finished. The final entry in the Journal is simply "I could find a way to break up the scene, or at least get the fight over with." I would suggest that it would perhaps be more natural to have the Journal update upon completing the brawl with a note about the outcome, and then follow it with something along the lines of: "I should go back and talk to Nera [about reward/what happened/somesuch]" Then after speaking with Nera (and perhaps also Ezzali?) the task is marked as Complete. This way it A) provi
  16. +1 for Linux I've enjoyed Pillars and Tyranny immensely on Linux, and would really like for Obsidian to continue their support of Linux as a viable platform for gaming <3
  17. Yes! Thank you, thank you, thank you! As someone with severe restartitis, this is something that I've been longing for. - "Dang, that hair didn't look/feel quite afterall. Oh, well, only one hours played this time. Restart, for the third time."
  18. Would be very interested in the numbers for Linux and OSX, not just "PC - Windows". Even if they don't make a huge bar on the chart, It'd be fun to have them just for comparison. _________ And to flesh out my answer for the Survey: I wait for the complete game to be released before playing it, be it bite-size DLC or expansions, as I can't be arsed to go back to an old playthrough to continue my adventure. Also, bug fixes. For illustration, I just a mere month ago started my first serious PoE play. If a game has multiple DLCs, I generally go with buying the inevitable Comp
  19. I did another re-download on my Linux install, and the problem is still there. And seing as it is also present on my completely fresh OSX install (fresh OS install and PoE install), my completely uneducated guess is that the problem must lie with the latest patch or something. I've had no trouble with graphical glitches and bugs previously, on either OSX or Linux. (Except for the black Fog of War sometimes disappearing, revealing the map, but still having the 'soft' FoW. Though this was remedied either by a save --> load, or transition to new area)
  20. I too have this problem, running a fresh install of Kubuntu 17.10. Durgan's Battery is pink, inside and out. Stalwarth is pink on smoke, and everything below where the houses are (i.e. down towards fishery). Maps are all pink. I have tried two different installs of Steam, in case that was my problem. First, Steam Flatpak. This is a fresh download/install of PoE as well. Second, Steam.deb. Here I copied my old (17.04 install) [~/.steam/steam/steamapps/common/Pillars of Eternity] folder into the new install. This was working yesterday. I'm currently installing it on my Macbook
  21. Just wanted to suggest something I feel is missing from most RPGs today, and something I know was discussed (post launch at least) with PoE1: one-handed swords as only weapon. No shield, no off-hand, and certainly no two-handed log of a weapon My reasoning is that if you look at most fantasy books (and movies), many of the characters opt for a one- to one-and-a-half (bastard?) handed swords, instead of wielding a huge lumbering claymore. This would be a master swordsman, who strikes with speed and precision, relies on parries and dodge (to some degree), though not neccessarily the "ninja"
  22. Hogfather have the right if it. Devs, take notice. It would be great to be able to wear a cloak even as just a cosmetic item. From a RP point of view, everyone knows that it is somewhat obligatory for every serious fantasy adventurer to wear a cloak. How will the dragons take you seriously if you show up to slay them without your trusty cloak equiped?
  23. I like the way you roll, supporting your favorite games like that! The big differences between the editions are outside the game; soundtrack files, wallpapers etc. Within the game the backers and pre-orders get only a few items, only one having other than purely cosmetic properties (the ring). So, not really missing much by buying the basic edition if you already have the extras in GOG. My guess is that you can't get the backer stuff in a newly bought game since backers had to pick where they redeem their backer code (GOG or Steam) and could only pick one. =) Ah, much what
  24. I´m not sure if this have already been addressed in the thread, but since I´m too lazy to read through all eleven pages I´m just gonna ask: I´m somewhat of a multi-buyer when it comes to games. For instance, I have three separate purchases of the Witcher 2 (Steam, GOG, retail), Mass Effect 2 (Origin, XB360, Steam) etc. It is my way of "donating" to games I enjoy. Whatever floats my noodle (usually camel milk). I am very likely to continue this with PoE. I have it on GOG atm (backer). But I´ll probably buy it once I see it one a Steam sale. If (when...) I buy it (again), can I make that ed
  25. Bump for dev attention. Didn´t know there was visible cloaks untill I googled it now. Thought "Oh, well, since I can´t see them they probably just serve a stat-adding purpose like necklaces and rings. Strange, but--" Playing on a late 2014 Retina Macbook Pro. Please, please, please fix Now that I know that it´s not there, but are supposed to be there, my brain will start twisting in on itself.
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