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  1. Vote with your money. If you don't like these trends, then don't buy the games - for yourselves or relatives. Or... Be patient. Can you wait until next year when the GOTY version is released? Otherwise, don't complain.
  2. i got an e-mail on June 2nd that stated that my swag (ie: game disk) is supposed to arrive in a 2 week period starting tomorrow.
  3. i was going to post something witty, but i just don't care anymore. I suppose I should d/l the patch and give it another shot....
  4. I got tired of dieing. I generally like to play a game on easy the first time through to (1) experience the story without having to micro-manage fights, and (2) see if I like the game. Games that I have liked I have gone through on multiple types of characters on various difficulty settings. Life is too short for bad books, movies or games. When you are in or near the starting zone, it should be difficult if not impossible for your character to die (regardless of what class you are playing). Nope, not this game. Having to do a full rest (sleep) after every fight. Bad design. Developers should be really concerned when people don't finish their games. If for no other reason than it affects the value of their brand.
  5. easy means it's easy for your party to die. you pretty much have to fully rest between fights, and even then: Good luck! if the enemy moves a little bit, then you toons will get confused and just stand there. If you like watching your party die, then this is a great game!
  6. I have come to the conclusion that "PC VS consoles" is, what I call, a "hot button topic" in that everyone who talks about it has strong opinions and tend to get really upset. Another flame-worthy topic is females' clothing. Bring that topic up and watch the flaming start! In the end OE is an company that produces entertainment which in this case just happens to be PC games. If they decide that they want to sit on their product instead of trying to maximize their revenue, then that is their decision. If I was an investor I would want them to be as successful as possible, and for as long as possible. As a gamer I want the same so that we can get bug fixes*, expansion packs, new versions and so on and so forth. By the way, there's a little game called Diablo II that is coming out on PC and the consoles (X360, X-One, PS3 & PS4), which is a sequel. I have a license to Diablo and have played the trial version on the X360, and they are both very good. * was it ToEE or London's Gate that the company went under immediately after release?
  7. Sometimes I love debates like this. So the TL;DR version is: Random loot is bad, and loot placed manually is bad. lol Maybe we can use bad words at them.
  8. Forgive me as I don't know all the gory details about the differences in registers, stacks, threads and all that other stuff that goes on under the hood. But isn't the most significant difference between PC & consoles the control scheme? One has keyboard & mouse vs a controller. I have one of those dongles that lets me use an Xbox 360 controller on my computer. Using all four shoulder buttons I can easily have 20 different keybinds. Plus the d-pad and 2 analogue sticks. In WoW - excluding movement keys - I typically use about 10-12 keys. I hope they considered consoles when they started building the foundation of the game. It would be a shame to spend all this time, effort & money and only develop a product that can be used by a small percentage of the available audience. By the way, I consider myself to be platform agnostic, I have a pc, X360, PS3 & expect that I will be getting a PS4 shortly.
  9. Didn't Gandalf find Glamdring (or Foehammer) at nearly the beginning of the story in a barrowight's den without really having to fight for it? And he used it for the rest of the story. It's okay to have powerful items drop that are right for your level. If you get a super lucky role and get a +N sword at level 6 that you can use until level 9 or 10, then that's okay. The better arguement about uber-powerful weapons (etc) is that changing your gear and the graphics is part of what makes an game fun. I've played a few games where your toon had one signature weapon that would get upgraded at various points in the game. I always thought they had a very tight budget and couldn't afford the art assets. The upgraded weapons should at least be shiny!
  10. In WoW, I don't have the helmet nor cloak displayed on any of my toons. Unless the helmet is transmogrified to a circlet or something.
  11. I've played games where there is no significant difference between difficulty levels (Looking at you Champions of Norrath). On Normal, it takes 1.5 arrows to kill a goblin. You finish the game and start one on Hard: you have way better gear and the enemies have their health boosted. Guess what? It takes 1.5 arrows to kill the goblin. Guess what happens when you start a Difficult game? Yes, 1.5 arrows. If I was going to build difficulty levels I would build them so that each difficulty level provides a different experience for the player. LIke so: Auto-play+ - Designed for players who have physical disabilities. The game would have mini-games to determine what the player's abilities are (ie: drive a car/horse around a figure 8 track). The game would adjust itself to get to a level where the player could (hopefully) find his interaction meaningful. The character only dies if it is part of the story. Easy - You have to work to die. Every hit is a crit. Casters run forward, warriors dance around at the back until it's their turn. Normal - what the game is typically balanced around. Hard - Enemies have bigger health pools to offset the better weapons. But now they show some signs of intelligence. Casters stay back, warriors run to the front. Difficult - Again enemies have bigger health pools. Enemies are smart and they use tactics. Not only do casters stay back,warriors run to the front and now healers heal the warriors and may even rez the dead. Extreme - Again even bigger health pools. Strong AI aand tactics. Cow Level: By now the game has learnt alot about the player (who has played it through 2-3 times) so it can adjust itself to seriously challenge the player. BTW: to state the obvious: if this had online capabilities, each level could only play with/against others at the same level.
  12. I've been away for a while, and am quite happy to read this update. Seems like the game is coming together nicely. So to the devs: Good Work!
  13. If you look at Warcraft, the developers have incorporated the functionality of a number of mods/add-ons over the years.
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