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  1. Does Miracle Max exist in this world? Just rewatched the Princess Bride a couple days ago so I couldn't resist the reference. I half-wonder if one of the bigger f*** you's Durance could level against Magran would be to be the architect of Eothas' revival. Also, after watching that video, I imagine Durance taking the place of Miracle Max and being infinitely more ornery and sassy towards the Watcher.
  2. I'm not sure you are wrong. I think it's more like biased narrator's are involved. If you have both Kana and Durance, one of the banters they have is Kana mentioning this and Durance challenging Rauatai's involvement. Given its effects on Durance's soul, I'm assuming it's not a purely mortal weapon. Furthermore, I doubt even Durance fully understands what's actually involved with the process. I'm sure there will be further revelations in the future, regarding whether Eothas is truly dead or "mostly dead"/nature of "gods"/etc. The beauty of PoE is that there is still so much to be explored still/there isn't really an "ultimate truth" just shades of truth as determined by the speakers.
  3. Actually, I didn't have Survival at all, the town crier mentioned the kid cutting off his fingers, but I still encountered the father, with no mention of finger removal. I just assumed it was a bait and switch type thing, with me feeling bad because of the crier, but it turning out it was actually another kid. May have been a bug, though. Interestingly, I was also attacked by assassins in Brackenbury, who killed Serel (I couldn't stop them fast enough/didn't realize they were going to attack her.) I don't think they're meant to attack her, I actually reloaded so that I could intercept the assassins before they killed Serel. I think she's just not in their 'faction' so the AI decides she's valid target. But I disagree with the main post. What you do does matter to all of the people you interacted with in the course of the game. You actually do shape the fate of the nation with many of your choices, it just isn't as blatant or didn't turn out exactly the way you wanted it to. Not always, I've gotten ambushed before and they didn't go after non-combatants. When I was confused by that, I checked Serel's stance and it looked like she was actually aggressive towards the enemy. So somehow, her character is actually your "ally" and would attempt to fight the enemy, hence why she's targeted. Perhaps it's a bug, I like to think that she likes me after I got her out of prostitution. Additionally, what's something to look into if/when you play again is to follow up with characters after you've assisted them. It's not in the journal or required by the request but it does spark some unique dialogue. Whether it's following up with the three related victims following the "Last Act" quest or finding people you helped leave a given area (e.g. Eorn in Dyrwood), it's the smaller touches which make the game feel a bit more organic.
  4. I was wondering if, at least for the main character, the nightmares caused you to not actually recover via rest like everyone else. At least story-wise, it would explain why you keep seeing the pillars (as opposed to the normal campfire) and why everyone else seems to think you look tired. That could have allowed for your companions to potentially help you out, depending on how far along you were with them in regards to their quests and helping them work through their personal motivations (stuff like Grieving Mother playing the bells in your mind, Kana telling you a tale/singing you back to sleep, Durance being an **** and mostly just insulting you into action, Eder throwing a bucket of water before your campfire supplies are used up and allowing you to try again, etc.)
  5. I'm not sure how to bring it up in dialogue (since I was playing as a cipher myself), but I believe you can talk to Grieving Mother to assist you with reading that piece to complete the quest. Alternatively, (haven't heard this one done before) after you reach twin elms, you will learn that the city has been reopened and can "potentially" ask Kuran, the orlan cipher who gives you the Final Act quest, for assistance. He's still located in Hadret House and you can have a lovely conversation regarding where he was during the slaughter.
  6. I'm not sure about Woedica, I just assumed that it had to do with my Slave Background. With regards to Wael, not sure if honesty would have helped given the deity's portofolio. Additionally, it is not simply fulfilling Wael's quest by returning the scroll, but actually following through with its request and "losing" it. On a related tangent, I'm curious if your response to Iovara, with regards to the revelation she imparts upon you, plays a role in Wael's appearance. My character talked about the question being the important part with Hirevias basically high-fiving me (I don't quite recall the full conversation, I'll edit the post when I replay that area).
  7. Eh, I just tend not to pick those options for role-playing purposes. I think part of the problem is attempting to explain the entire world and all of its lore while also taking into account that, in theory, your character should already know large portions of what you're asking about in-game. Perhaps sequels/expansions will allow more openness as the relative success of PoE means they can spend a bit more time working on more branching dialogue as well as the fact they don't have to worry about ensuring all the basic lore is covered as well. They've set the stage, now they can start delving deeper into the world.
  8. It does make things rather interesting with Grieving Mother, probably due to a better understanding of your own mind. Additionally, (if you don't like bringing her along), there are several points in the game which require/have a better resolution with a cipher around.
  9. I just assumed the gods were less "good/evil/chaotic/lawful alignment" and a bit more "disposition" aligned. They embody their celebrated "dispositions" (to a point of course, they are still deities and act as beings worshiped by thousands would when snubbed). Hence why Hylea, as a deity more inclined towards beneficial actions, would try to fix all the hollow-born children whereas another more "rational" deity, like Berath, would find that rather naive.
  10. Per encounter? or Per rest? any idea? Pretty op though From what I recall it's per encounter. There are several other items in the game that grant the same ability (e.g. ring of wonder). Quite useful if you need a caster or a key character to stick around. Doesn't help if there is an area effect in place (character can knock out shortly after reviving), though status effects/damage over time are removed I believe.
  11. Did you manage to have the conversation upon waking up, when the circles (representing the other 11) on his staff are fading?
  12. Another neat little thing is if you pick up a certain large character to work at your stronghold, he'll take note of improvements and even certain individuals you hire to defend it.
  13. Picked up quite an amount of ramen and pasta. Really carbo loading to minimize time spent eating. Also brewed sweet tea to keep me going during the day.
  14. 10! I'll be up anyways finishing up all my work due for tomorrow, so will try to keep the count.
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