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  1. *bites her lip* I will not make political joke, I will not make political joke, I will not make political joke... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> C'mon Carrie, you have to tell us the joke now
  2. Yeah I know what you mean. Though of course the stuff that goes on during that time will probably be in the game as sentences on the loading screen. I thought that was comical in KotOR 1, enter a new area, "Revan and Malak came back from the Mandalorian War changed", "Lightsaber cyrstals not only affect the color, but other properties", "Turning the subtitles off can make for a more cinematic experience" rofl
  3. Agreed, it is important :D I kinda liked the LS ending of KotOR though, it was gratifying Being able to see the results on planets you've visited at the end of this game should make it more gratifying :D KotOR 3? Well, think of all the questions you'd have to answer.... LS/DS Male/Female Revan, LS/DS Male/Female Exile, and who knows what all else, talk about a devs nightmare. Maybe they'll mix it up and keep the exile as the NPC and let you input your Sith Lords character into it (w00t)
  4. from what I know they are different ppl but they do look really similar, both are very mysterious, and you can only have one of them in your party period!hmmm :D <{POST_SNAPBACK}> They're two different people., they'd have to be... (holds up Power of the Jedi sourcebook) Visas is a Miraluka. They have those bands over their eyes because they don't have eyes. At all. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Ah, but they DO have eyes. Vestigial milky white ones that don't work. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> You're colorblind! They're clearly not milky white, more of a shiny glossy white. Or maybe it's this white powder I've been sniffing the last hour (w00t)
  5. They do a good job of telling the events leading up to the KotOR 1. In many ways it could have a lot to do with the story. Maybe one of Freedon Nadd's artifacts is important in this game, or some Sith artifact and we have to search planets for it? Mentioned in the chronicles in some detail is Dxun and Onderon, described as having a group of people who live in the jungles that have tamed pretty big beasts. I expect to run into and mix it up with them
  6. Really? I thought Manaan was the best planet in the game. There were interesting things going on there, great scenery, and I loved the Selkath. (Though you're right, it does kinda seem like a copy off of Mon Calamari with the water and the way they talk). I also liked how everything you did had a consequence. Tell me you didn't like Tatooine. Walk around a desert with nothing to see, killing sand people (Can you say, "enter a random familiar planet to add to the game")
  7. Maybe she has a mechanical limb like that Bao Zaabrak guy. Though most likely the picture on the website is just for advertising purposes.
  8. LoL, talk about random, where'd that come from?
  9. No, he didn't. After Jacen's performance he even TOLD the entire Jedi Order that from then on they'd have to view the Force in a different way, no longer necesarily separating LS and DS. I suggest you read it again. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> He did say that, he also said he didn't fully agree with Vergere either. And don't say "I suggest you read it again", that turns a fun argument into an immature pot-shots and bickering
  10. I agree, I hated Bastilla telling me what to do <_< And being dark side was just silly anyway, having to say immature unintelligent "evil" things, not being able to do cool bad stuff. (Though I really enjoyed the line, "I won't have to, Zaalbar will do it for me.)
  11. Yeah, and Luke admitted in the final book that he was WRONG and Vergere's views on the Force were the correct one. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> That is incorrect. He specifically said he didn't fully agree with Vergere.
  12. Actually, it was. Vergere commented on the fact that he was. And what he accomplished has NEVER been done by a Force user before or after, atleast without them resulting in death. Jacen tapped in to the Force in a way that no one has ever been able to. Just because it wasn't some lame thing like allowing him to destroy an entire planet by blinking doesn't mean it wasn't an extraordinarily powerful feat in the Force. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I've read the books, and I think it's safe to say Vergere didn't know all the answers. In fact in the Unifying Force, Luke's final assessment of the Yuuzhan Vong/Force situation was separate from Vergere's, and he admitted to disagreeing.
  13. I don't think it was implied that Jacen was the most powerful! The Force pick him because he was the one with the right mindset to do that task. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> That's exactly what I meant. Though I suppose it could have been the other way around, he was of the right mindset because the force picked him
  14. I'm thinking Bill Clinton. Wait, how detailed will romances go in this game?
  15. If begging isn't good enough, I know some very talented and beautiful women...
  16. Umm, yeah. But do I have to point out what should been an OBVIOUS point about all those you mentioned? THEY'RE DEAD! Jacen Solo was able to become one with the Force and did not die in the process. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Well you're contradicting yourself... If you become one with the force, than the force literally controls your actions. If Jacen became one with the force and lived, it wasn't because he was special or anything, it's because the force WANTED him to live. Now if you want to change your argument to "The force likes Jacen more than the others", go ahead
  17. Kotor had much pretty much the same saving system on Xbox and PC. Autosave every 15 mins. and you can save whenever. You'd think The Sith Lords would keep the same system, but who knows?
  18. The Problem with Pazaak..... It wasn't a fair game, plain and simple. The fact that you ALWAYS had to go first in the game was a rather big disadvantage. If you think about it and follow the probability you know what I mean. You go over faster than they do, and they always can wait to see what you do before their move. Now obviously you can decrease the odds by having a good "Deck". That was another thing that upset me.... +/- 1 cards were like hard to find and expensive. In fact, a +/- 1 card is no better than a +/- 5 card. Your best bet was to just load up a bunch of +/- cards and hope that they were randomly chosen for your deck. Thus Pazaak = crap game. Hopefully if it's in this game they have improved it....
  19. Gotta go with the Jedi watchman. Lightsaber action and good force abilites, best of both worlds.
  20. Listen Ever Faith, Xboxers are idiots who should be drowned in huge vessels filled with cats' p1ss. I have decided to begin breeding cats especially for this purpose. :ph34r: <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I wouldn't call them idiots...just extremely lucky bastards who should count their blessings and send me their credit card numbers
  21. Yes, that would be are sooooooooooo sweet that I want to crap my pants. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Hehe, ok there has to be some cut-off point. If having more lightsabers blades was better you'd think everybody would have them. That's one of the things that upsets me with Episode II...Obi Wan throws his lightsaber to Anankin when he fights Dooku. If two lightsabers is better, why doesn't Anakin walk around with two lightsabers?! I thought that was kinda lame <_< Just Lucas putting in more stuff to make the movie look more "cool"
  22. I suppose if Obsidian wants to make some adjustments before they release the PC version in February they're entitled to
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