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  1. Right-wingers are terrified of any opinion that they disagree with. That's why they're always so desperate to silence opposing voices, whether by insults like "feminazi" or just by going straight to rape and death threats. Basically they're scared that people will find the opinions persuasive. e.g. someone says that "The Limerick" was in really poor taste; Obsidian think about this, agree, and decide to remove it from the game. How to avoid this? Shout down the people you disagree with before anyone can find them persuasive. The right wing has always been pro-censorship, pro-blind-obedience, anti any dissenting voice, and #gamergaters etc. are just another manifestation of this. Wow Really? I am the only conservative among my immediate friends, and they all thought that the poem itself was NOT offensive and icequeen had severe psychological issues. We all believe that the poem shouldn't be changed. Other than myself one of my friends was a backer and he also felt "betrayed" that josh sawyer and obsidian caved so easily and sacrificed the integrity of their artistic freedom for more money. Do NOT fall into the trap of lumping one entire group in one category due to the behavior of so called leaders.
  2. huh.... I didn't notice until now, but... why is the wolf form tail so long and ratty looking?
  3. the SJZ put his twitter account under protection mode when predictably he couldn't handle all the people "fighting back." This person may have deleted the twitter posts in an effort to continue to spread misinformation. If however you want proof that such a discussion or a tweet took place, all you need to do is look at Josh Sawyer's twitter post that has the person linked to.
  4. Honestly, Obsidian only did what was good for future business unfortunately. Or did they? Step 1: Use Nostalgia to save the company, milk money out of those interested and Fans. Step 2: Step 2 Deliver on most things they promised with compromises made along the way Step 3: Sell the Game Step 4: Deal with controversy in the worst way possible and backstab a good portion of their backers because the backers already paid for the game and some already paid for the expansion and thus no longer matter. Step 5: Make more money as a result of appeasing a total nutcase that does not actually represent the demographic HE (not she, I refuse to recognize that person as a real TG when comparing that !@#$ to TG acquaintances I've made over the years) purportedly claims to be a part of. Step 6: Fire some the developer that got involved in the controversy because he happened to be the one to receive the demand initially since the company as a whole wants to improve PR with the betrayed backers. Step 7: Profit some more at the expense of the people that contributed and believed in the company on the first place. Step 8: Become as hated as Ubisoft, EA(before they began changing business practices in critical areas), Zynga Step 9: continue to make poor decisions that shaft the repeat customers Step 10: Close doors and fire everyone when no one supports Obsidian on their next potentially company saving venture.
  5. It is sad really, but because they gave into the pressure of one arguably mentally ill person that is unlike any TG I know in real life or through other places I frequent, Obsidian have probably HURT their own sales potential more so than the big bugs they launched the game with.
  6. It would still be bad. But there is a mod up at nexus that makes it last whole combat. After level 4/5 it reduces your stats tho, since they are set in stone and end up worse than your gear. Then what is the point of giving Druids shapeshifting power if it isn't going to be useful in all stages of the game...
  7. Any hope for Druid Shapeshift form ever being modified by intelligence? the extremely short timer on druid shapeshift form saddens me immensely.
  8. Amauma look like Ogres to me... And uh I guess the Orlans are like furry halflings without tails? But you do realize that if they did make a Xaurip companion, it would have to be a chanter named "Not Deekin" or perhaps "Nikeed" to avoid getting sued by bioware.
  9. Security reduces the number of attacks you receive and how much money bandits steal from you while you are out. Apparently the enemies you fight generally come from the Endless Paths, which gives them direct access to your courtyard or your main hall through the dungeons. Remember in the first floor of the dungeon, you can climb up the ladder to enter your courtyard via the storm cellar doors. Or you can leave through your dungeons which has direct steps to your main hall.
  10. I am having trouble coming up with a ball of race/class/stats that would fulfill a leadership role in the party with high mental stats for those conversations. Does anyone have any suggestions? I am currently 30 hours in with a ranger, but decided to stop due to gamebreaking bugs floating around.
  11. Technically it is still more rewarding to kill monsters/people because you can loot their bodies.
  12. I personally suck at this combat system because I was so used to pre buffing and resting before every difficult fight ala neverwinter nights 1. Right now, I have resorted to using eder, pallegina, and durance as a meatshield with EVERYONE ELSE using guns of some description to overcome DR with alot of accuracy buffs from auras and the chanter buffs. Every time I case a fireball, the fireball doesn't really deal enough damage to spend the time trying to position Aloth accordingly. Lightning bolt though does feel powerful. Priestly spells wise, I am not sure when to use any of Durances spells other than the heals because 32 hours in, I still don't know what certain monster types are strong or weak against other than the obvious ones (Red Drakes/Dragons are resistant to fire) also, I have no idea what it means by "Of" for enchants...
  13. I am beginning to think, that if Obsidian is going to make all the SJWs happy, they pretty much have to replace all weapons with whiffle bats, all spells with tennis balls, and all sad stories with good endings. Then they have to of course change the game such that the main villain is some old fat white guy in a business suit with an elephant as his patron symbol and make it so no one dies somehow... except for white people that are heterosexual. There, all fixed. "Justice" for everyone that matters.
  14. Somewhere in the game files, there is a txt file made by josh sawyer himself. Look for it and enlighten yourself my son
  15. I I agree that it should never have been approved and it is very offensive in the context of violent attacks on transgender women. I complained about this on the steam forums and got torn apart with transphobic abuse. Is this the kind of community you are catering to? How is this offensive in the context of violent attacks on transgender women? The man clearly killed himself and did no physical harm to his sleeping partner that night. You just made the assumption that they had intercourse, you also made the assumption that the man felt shame because he slept with a GBT person. I can however make the assumption that the man was drunk off his ass and ended up in a bed with another man because he was drunk and didn't care where he slept. Or I can make the assumption that the person he slept with was actually trans, but killed himself for shame because the trans person was bigger than him so he felt less like a man... I could literally go on and on and on with this you know.
  16. additionally, this could seriously be considered pro trans... I mean, that man could have literally killed himself because not only did he sleep with a guy that looked like a girl, but that person could have been "bigger" than him. The harm to his ego must have been massive if nothing else.
  17. I don't get it. How is this anti trans? I see 2 interpretations when I read it myself. 1. The man was drunk off his ass and went to bed with another man drunk off his ass. He woke up and realized when he did last night and couldn't live with himself because of a large possible pool of reasons. 2. The man was drunk off his ass and went to bed with another man that did identify as female or what have you. The man woke up, couldn't live with himself when he realized what he did and offed himself because of a large possible pool of reasons. In either case of thinking this through, this poem was clearly done at the MAN's expense, not the potentially homosexual or trans purrson.
  18. Please increase the price of the common room at the black hound in to 12 copper. I realize that the quest reward essentially give syou a free place to rest, but in the early game I was obsessively going there after every battle because I had no incentive to use camping supplies since they were actually limited and technically cost 75 cp a pop...
  19. Purrhaps bashing would require or do damage to a player's fatigue?
  20. I second this opinion Other than some critical bugs (such at the one in Raedric's hold that causes a crash without fail), this game is the game I've been yearning to play since the original Neverwinter Nights. Thank you and I look forward to the documentary. the Little mini documentary posted on paradox was very touching and really puts things into perspective. The risk was not only with the backers, but with the company itself.
  21. I am having a lot of trouble figuring out what exactly is going on in combat. I would like it if zooming in was enabled so I could get a closer look and handle thing from there. The auto attacking bug is also a little annoying.
  22. Give in to your feline desires of eating... bacon. It smells good, succulent, sweet. Just imagine the fat dripping off of that slice of crispy, wholesome, pork......
  23. If you happen to get a key that doesn't work, just send in a support ticket. We will more than likely be overloaded with support tickets, but we will get to them as fast as we can. Just wondering, but what do you game devs/community moderators/support specialists do to prepare physical and emotionally for "lauch day" of any significant description?
  24. You guys should also suggest recommended PC specs for using streaming software. I am using a humble gaming laptop from 5 years ago, that cannot stream
  25. For those of you browsing the forums at work using Company computers, you had best watch out if your company employs a network administrator to manage the company's network, servers, and internet. I currently work at a mail room associate for my company and my supervisor is also the network administrator. I overheard her talking to the big boss on what she has learned about the employees using some sort of industry software that allows her to literally spy on the browsing history off all employees using the network, even if they delete their browsing history. So, if I were you, I would not risk losing your probably much better job than my own to boredom.
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