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  1. I would say a game like Stardew Valley would be more fitting for your tastes as you described them.
  2. Did you expect a gaming magazine-level civilized interview here? This is the Codex, and therefore the interview was designed to attempt to answer the most common questions on that forum without appearing biased. And believe me when I say that the interviewer (Infinitron) is one of the most outspoken Obsidian supporters over there. Gaming magazine interviews are all boring lifeless crap. Nobody really wants answers to questions that were asked by 10 other magazines/news people.
  3. That would be a wrong approach and would only annoy people that don't want such challenge. Best way would be to let everyone finish the quest but with different results based on how long it took. For example if your quest was to save someone, and you do it with no resting you also fight a higher ranking guy that has a cool weapon you can loot of his body. If rest even once he left the area by that time. Then preserving resources and risking going further without resting let you get something for it. And if you rest 1-2 times you can save the girl and get a full reward (that includes a magic item from a quest giver). And if you rest 3+ times the girl dies, you get a lesser reward (same XP but only some gold or a lesser magic item) for returning the body and a guilty party to face punishment. Probably not the game he was talking about but for a example of super successful game that challenges players... Dark Souls series.
  4. Pillars definitely falls into AA games based on its budget and production values.
  5. Did you play Age of Decadence, Serpent in the Staglands and Underrail? Because if you didn't, you didn't play the best RPGs in 2015.
  6. As I said earlier, there are achievement for finishing the game on PotD. LImited supply is part of that difficulty. Someone finishing PotD with access to 10 supply will have way easier time than someone doing it with 2 supply. But it's not difficult. There's literally no element of difficult associated with this mechanic. This is because the game must be designed in such a way that you ALWAYS have the option of going back the way you came to buy more supplies. There simply cannot be any difficulty associated with this mechanic because of this. The game is never allowed to put you in a "now what?" situation, because once you're reduced to 1 health, you can no longer continue and are forced to go get more supplies. People keep talking about supplies being a difficulty feature, but it's not, it's an anti-difficulty feature. Its existence has necessitated that the game be less difficult in order to accomodate it. Even in places where they seem to have tried to impose that "trapped in a dungeon" feeling, like going through the pool to the drake level and having to fight your way out, you can tell that they've erred severely on the side of caution and give you just a few rooms of trash mobs to clear in order to get to the master stairs. There's no difficulty associated with supplies, just a bit of meaningless OOC punishment when you take too much damage and have to waste time leaving the area to buy more supplies. They're infinite at the source, it's not like you can deplete it. There's quite a lot of content in this game that can't realistically be completed without those pointless, tedious return-for-supplies trips, so anyone saying that you just need to get better at the game is simply full of **** and trying to feel superior. No player never gets in that situation where you need to rest and have no more supplies. And when you do, there's no challenge, there's no obstacle to overcome, it's just a waste of five minutes as you effortlessly backtrack and sit through a few loading screens before you're allowed to continue again. Nobody has presented any argument against this that holds any water. It's all just "I don't mind the tedium" or "I'm so good that I don't have that problem, lern 2 play scrubtard." Going back takes real life time. I never do that unless I have no other option. Character on 1 HP don't force the group to rest or go back. Give them a ranged weapon and keep them in the back. Once a few of them are on 1 HP and you cannot defeat anymore enemies, than it is time to go back or rest.
  7. As I said earlier, there are achievement for finishing the game on PotD. LImited supply is part of that difficulty. Someone finishing PotD with access to 10 supply will have way easier time than someone doing it with 2 supply.
  8. None of those are good solutions. Best solution I seen so far was in D&D Online, each dungeon had a specific number of spots to rest and you could rest there once. Outside of those dungeons you could only rest in Inns or Taverns. If both players and game makers know in advance how many rests they get they can accommodate their play style. Then on easier difficulty you put in less enemies between rests and more for higher difficulty. Players have to play better on higher difficulty to reach the rest spots. It is also much easier to balance dungeons this way as you can control the number of encounters in dungeons (or any other area where it is not super easy to go back to Inn). Dungeons could have time sensitive quests to prevent players just going out all the time or have enemies repopulate the dungeons if players leave.
  9. Did you read anything here? It is not about liking it, it is about bad pathfinding forcing you to micro manage your troops and get extra disengagement attacks on them as a result. One solution is to have flawless pathfinding, another is to not have engagement system as it is now. IE games had bad pathfinding but not a mechanic like engagement to punish you for trying to play the game with that pathfinding. I am playing PST at the moment and pathfinding is terrible. I micro manage it by telling all my 4 members to run behind the enemy. Then when 2 of them run behind I pause and tell them all to attack the target they now kind of surrounded. If I tried that in PoE the ones running behind would both get hit just for me trying to somehow work around bad pathfinding.
  10. So don't push the button? Only if pushing the button turns off any achievements for you.
  11. Yes, and any micro movement cause enemy to do disengagement attack. Another reason to not play PoE without IEMod and turn off engagement system. With pathfinding working well at least I could consider not using the mod but in current state no chance. PoE is a parts of bad designs that are even worse as a whole.
  12. Yes. Difficulty modes have their achievements. Limited supply is part of difficulty.
  13. In original release I got two prisoners and both escaped within days even with my security being high :D
  14. I disagree. It offers an incentive to conserve your resources, precisely because you don't want to backtrack just to get new supplies. If you find yourself going back to town just to get more camping supplies, you're doing it wrong. Most wilderness areas or dungeon levels have at least one camping supply that you can find as loot, and if that is not enough then that's a sign that the area is currently too difficult for you, and that you might be better off exploring another part of the game world first and come back later, or play at a lower difficulty level. No, it doesn't. You can't conserve your health resource. You can't heal health. Once you take health damage, the one and only way to restore it is by resting. It's kind of silly and ridiculous that everyone's just assuming that I'm some newbie who needs to get good. I play on PotD. I beat the game just fine. I'm not struggling with the game's difficulty. The supply mechanic has nothing to do with difficulty whatsoever. Unless you're trying to tell me that you don't take damage when you play, and that everyone should be held to that standard, then you have no point. You, and all but one other poster, seem to have intentionally misinterpreted my point in order to essentially tell me I'm bad. The supply mechanic means every bit of the content has to be designed in accordance with it. You can't have a dungeon that traps you, because then your game is over the moment you run out of health and supplies -- which, with a mere two rests (you have to go all the way down to 'normal' to get more than two, so please don't tell me that's the solution), would be inevitable in content of any real length. There's no element of difficulty in this mechanic. You lose health from combat, by design -- in fact, this game is rather brutal in this regard, with a lot of enemies and abilities that will deal so much damage that rest is an absolute necessity after a certain amount of time. Nobody overcomes this "challenge" to such a degree that they no longer need to rest. You just don't seem to mind that you have to periodically go and buy supplies. What's actually gained by this? The game is entirely beatable, so it's not some kind of difficulty check. If and when you run out of supplies, you have to simply backtrack and get more. Enemies don't respawn, dungeons don't trap you, you're never actually prevented from doing it. The challenge is expressly absent because this mechanic necessitates that you must always be able to do that. If anything, this mechanic removes difficulty and challenge by merit of its very existence. It's pointless tedium. It's a meaningless thing to keep track of, a nuisance that serves no purpose and isn't even realistic. Take less damage or keep your low health character in the back with a ranged weapon until you can rest. The supply mechanic makes it so you get a different experience because of these situations.
  15. How so? It's not like there aren't classes that don't use per-rest spells but can keep up with the vancian casters. Ciphers are right up there with Wizards/Priests/Druids and Paladins/Chanters I think are pretty close, and the rest are keeping up waaay better than in BG, IWD, or NWN games. Beserkers, Barbarians and some paladins as well as Archer subclass kept very well in BG games. In NWN games, fighters killed enemies faster than wizards and some multiclass combinations just owned everything. My barbarian/bard/Red Dragon Disciple in NWN2 killed stuff before wizard got to do much. Wizard in the end just buffed the barbarian and let him kill things more efficiently. As for balancing in PoE, grazing system is the biggest problem for that. Spells should not graze.. ever. Because even if for few seconds most of these spells debuff or frack up things too much.
  16. Per rest systems are good and metagaming is part of PnP and computer games. Complainers just don't care about challenge. And knowing what is coming (after you loaded a save game or meet same enemy again) and countering with right spells ability is just part of the gameplay. Complaining about that is like complaining that Xcom sectoid has mind control and you know that. Just like in Xcom the roll to succeed for these abilities is still random. You the player just manage percentages to succeed in your plan.
  17. Because even on hard even with just two spellcasters you rarely needed to use any other spells but your encounter spells. It made the game stupid. I only rested when fighters were out of Health or fatigue kicked in. Later I started using other higher levels spells for kicks, not because I needed to win fights.
  18. I care for neither of those. I want to play without disengagement and without game not allowing me to freely change weapons and quickslot items during combat. It is an artificial limit that was not needed and IE games and it is not needed in PoE. Like in D&D in PoE you should be allowed to use items from your backpack as well as your belt slots. As for disengagement, well enough topics are about that. I am just happy a mod for this exists. I played my first playthrough without any mods and I am 100% sure I will enjoy it more by turning off these two bad design decisions.
  19. I would be interested as well, I will not even bother buying the whole expansion until I am sure I can play it with IEMod.
  20. This is so very true. The permanent loss/temporary gain trade-off in a base mechanic is usually bad design, as it strongly incentivises hoarding. Most players are reluctant to use even ready-made consumables for this reason; instead they struggle through with renewables, saving those sweet scrolls and potions for the boss battle that never comes. If you have material use for a core mechanic -- alchemy, spells etc. -- then those materials have to be renewable too. The Witchers do this nicely -- alchemy is fairly crucial, but herbs regrow and monsters respawn so you can always get more materials. Conversely, the non-renewable materials (from non-respawning monsters) can be used to create mutagens which produce permanent gains. Incidentally, this is one case where respawning monsters makes sense. There are better ways to solve this. You make the game more difficult and consumables more meaningful and people will use them. For example I will use my BG1EE run with SCS mod installed. In base BG1EE I rarely use any consumable outside healing potions and a wand here or there. With SCS installed I used all those sweet OP potions, wands and even extra spell scrolls to overcome much tougher challenges.
  21. Talk for yourself. Action icons in BGEE are a godsend and for PoE 3.0 even more because PoE combat is a cluster****.
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