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  1. Maybe a weird question, but are cloaks and capes equipped to characters meant to be graphically represented? When I equip these items they do not appear on the character models at all. Same question for pets, I got the dog from the inn at the first town in my inventory, and I read somewhere that pets follow you around but I see nothing. I'm on Linux (*buntu 14.04), through steam.
  2. Here's hoping for PoE2 then! I really like when a game sort of self-perpetuates, even after the devs move on. Oh well.
  3. Any idea if there are any more expansions planned? I know WM2 isn't here yet, and there's already talk about PoE2, so I'm concerned that the PoE1 content will dry up Is there anything else planned after the White March is done? Or will be see a campaign editor released where players can create their own campaign content?
  4. Most likely the hard drive is the bottleneck. Are you sure your motherboard can't use SSD? The connector is the same isn't it? I thought the OS and SSD's own firmware handled all the SSD specific stuff.
  5. I'd like to know too if it adds anything to the original campaign. Wasn't planning on buying till WM2 came out, given I'm not halfway through the main campaign yet.
  6. It seems like a graphical/rendering issue to me. I have had a similar issue in a different game where it always thought the pointer was down and to the left of where it actually rendered on screen. No idea how to fix it, but maybe this will help point in the right direction. (I had to wait several patches and a major driver update in my case - this was Planetary Annihilation btw, which now works fine - but I can't say for sure whether it was a bug in the game or a driver issue). Edit - question for the OP: are you using a "gaming mouse" that has you install software? If so, is this
  7. I'd like a sort of hybrid, where you can import your save into the sequel and it has some effect. Maybe only in small ways. Would be cool if you could encounter your old character in some way. Maybe it's set decades later and your old character has succumbed to madness.
  8. I would't mind multiplayer where one player hosts. That would be nice. Same as how Icewind Dale MP worked (direct connection). With that said, I wouldn't play it enough to be too concerned about it.
  9. Well if you're aumaua you can just use some pics from Avatar
  10. PotD trial of iron. Come back and share your salty tears of defeat. They sustain us.
  11. There is a section in the journal where you can leave notes. This is actually better as you wouldn't be able to see your map notes unless you actually travelled there.... And how would you remember to do that without a note.....
  12. I'd want more con if you're gonna be 2H. I'm not particularly deep in the numbers yet though so my assumptions might be off.
  13. I guess the only real way to dig any deeper here is to analyse that core dump - and that's starting to get outside of my sphere of competence Apparently, the core dump will mean there is now a core file sitting in your pillars directory, and you can use gdb to debug it. The first answer here looks like a pretty good outline of how to run it, do a stack trace, and then review individual tasks in the output. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5115613/core-dump-file-analysis I have no idea what the output will look like or if it will be intelligible at all. I'll also point out that
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