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  1. Would you say there are some very fine people there? No, but there's a really great boobies thread over there. Oh, linkage please?
  2. Does it need to atone? I really enjoyed PoE. This new game looks very exciting though, so if it DID need to atone, I'm sure it would be capable of it.
  3. Wouldnt it mean a LOT more animation work etc for the just to do a 3rd person cam? I'm fine with just 1st person, but if a lot of people want 3rd person, I hope for their sake they put it in the game.
  4. Because the company making the game is awesome and they deserve my money ASAP... That's why.
  5. Ohhh me gusta!! @thracian Yup, I can't play shooters with a controler/gamepad. I will play this on PC with mouse/keyboard.
  6. I don't really like timers in conversations either, I'd rather have time to think about my options over 'realism' in a videogame like this. Pretty fun mechanic with those flaws, especially if they are optional. You could do a 'normal' run and if you've finished the game once you could add all the crazy stuff you'd like (that's what I'd like to try anyway, I know there's gonna be people who'd do all that stuff from the get go )
  7. Ohh I can't wait to see what the awesome community can find out!! I was so amazed at all the codes people found so quickly for Deadfire! :D
  8. Yeh, I agree that there shouldn't be a VATS or replacement, but maybe a special power up or something that induces a very brief slow-mo effect might work out? Anyway, I don't need it and I don't mind if it's not in the game.
  9. I think it sounds great and that trailer made me smile from ear to ear. I can hardly wait to get my grubby hands on this and will tell everyone in my circle of friends and family to GET THIS GAME ASAP, haha! :D
  10. How do / did you prepare for potd mode if any prep was done at all? Did you first finish the game (a few times) on other modes? Did you watch others try it? I don't think i want to try it in the first game because of the many many filler fights, but I do want to try it in PoE2.
  11. This sure is a big one, thanks for your continued support! :D
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