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  1. Is this how it actually works in-game or just a typo? I would have expected the duration modifier for a hit to be 1.0 rather than 0.5. This example on the other hand seems to imply a duration modifier of 1.0 for a hit and of 0.67 for a graze (as well as a 0.67 damage modifier for a graze).
  2. Durance's sidequest made it clear that they at least don't know everything and can be fooled (even if involuntarily).
  3. If the Abydon's Hammer trick works then using the Druid's Nature's Bounty (+5 Might) rather than Frenzy should just get you to 28 Might.
  4. I don't remember where I read that (possibly the wiki or here on the forums), but I think only the Watcher will have the option to steal the ring.
  5. I feel the reason for that lies directly in its Kickstarter pitch: trying to be a spiritual successor to all the IE games. The problem that in insight should have been obvious was that the IE games were a widely varied bunch. People don't remember Planescape Torment for its combat, nor do they remember Icewind Dale for its companions or choices and consequences opportunities. Let's be realistic, a game with "the central hero, memorable companions and the epic exploration of Baldur’s Gate, [...] the fun, intense combat and dungeon diving of Icewind Dale, and [...] the emotional writing and mature thematic exploration of Planescape: Torment", with each element at the same level of quality as they were in their respective inspiration, was never going to happen. As a result of trying to chase too many different games Pillars of Eternity ended up somewhere in the middle of all of them, with no single aspect able to really fill the "this is what the game is going to be remembered for" role. The best way I could sum up how I feel PoE compares to the IE games would be that it's stronger than any of them in their respective weak points but weaker than any of them in their respective strong points.
  6. Thaos may also be deliberately not targeting the Glanfathans. One of his goal is stopping the progress of animancy and the Glanfathans could be his allies of circumstances here. He might be planning to instigate a war between them and an heavily weakened Free Palatine in the years to come, delivering a final blow to the latter.
  7. Unless I'm missing something, you list -5 DR bypass from Vulnerable Attack in your damage bonuses but you don't actually have Vulnerable Attack in your list of talent.
  8. FO:NV also had the advantage of having a toolset that was already well-known by the existing community. This allowed for a massive amount of accurate information to be readily available to anyone.
  9. The nazi analogy isn't applicable here anyway. No one ordered the Cold Morn massacre, and the mob had no chain of command that could put the blame solely at the top.
  10. That's because you're trying to do a 1:1 switch. You're correct that no other class is going to cover the Priest's role in a team better than a Priest, but different classes can do different parts of a Priest's role while bringing something else on the table. For example a Paladin and Chanter duo may be able to cover the same needs in a team as a Priest and Fighter duo. Try shaking up your party composition more and see if you can find something else that works like you want it to work.
  11. Interesting that Sawyer isn't working on Tyranny. That would open up a World of Darkness rpg pitched by Paradox to Obsidian. That seems rather unlikely, at least for now. We know Obsidian is currently working on the Armored Warfare MMO, the Pathfinder Adventure game, their new RPG Tyranny, the Lords of the Eastern Reach tabletop game, and the last few patches for PoE and its expansions. While the last two look close to being wrapped up, that still leaves a lot of work for a company the size of Obsidian to take on another RPG at the same time.
  12. While it's likely that there will be a PoE 2 at some point, there has been no official annoucement yet. In fact, Obsidian has just announced that they were working on a brand new RPG unrelated to PoE. So the answer to all your questions is: no one knows, and that probably includes Obsidian themselves.
  13. Porting to Unity 5 is so much work that it only makes sense commercially if they plan to sell this enhanced edition to a market that doesn't already own the game. That would mean either a port to consoles like W2 or D:OS did, or forcing people who already own the regular edition to pay again for the enhanced edition - neither of which are likely to happen.
  14. If memory serves it was an idea discussed at some point in development and maybe in a Kickstarter update. It was ultimately dropped because making any new spiritshift form would require a disproportionate amount of work, notably on the graphic/animation side, for a single class feature.
  15. I think scaling was always planned to some extent, but PoE didn't really support abilities changing with level until it was implemented in patch 2.0. I remember Sawyer talking about this.
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