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  1. Yep: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/65500-shoe-wont-load-at-the-last-mission/ http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/65371-unable-to-get-the-shoe-chinpokomon/
  2. Concerning the old TOTJ tpbs, most of them have been out of print for some time, so your best bet to get them is ebay or other places that sell used comics. The Freedonn Nadd Uprising TPB is in particular really hard to find, as it had a short print and only collected two issues. There are plans to release the entire series in a two volume omnibus, like Dark Horse is currently doing with the X-Wing series. And in two months the first KOTOR tpb is shipping out, collecting 0-6). So, to be a completist: TOTJ series: - Tales of the Jedi (1-5)(collected as TOTJ The Collection, or
  3. Well, it takes some time to ship fuel from Sleytheron to Telos. It hasn't arrived yet when the Sith attack.
  4. Kreia said that both Korriban and Malachor V were outposts in the fringes of the True Sith Empire, that were later abandoned (will try to look for the exact quote later). Korriban was a part of the old Sith Empire, so it can be infered that the Sith race are the true Sith. If that is the case, Revan had more contact with a member of the True Sith via his interaction with the ghost of Ajunta Pall. As said above, acording to the first TOTJ series, Nadd wasn't a Dark Lord, and he fled his master (which was later revealed in the Essential Chronology to have been Naga Sadow after being reaw
  5. Open up swkotor.ini in your KoToR folder and go under [Game Options] and add EnableCheats=1 and when in game press ` . Check gamefaqs for more info. For Kotor II is the same, but the entry box will be invisible.
  6. Wait, wait, wait. What was that about the third Vulkar Base level? Does that have anything to do with sneaking into the Vulkar Base and posing and lab technians, stealing spice for one of the Vulkars, and getting a garage access card without brute force? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yep. There is an unfinished level left, at least in the PC version, that you can access via the warp cheat, in which you can find one spice-addict that will give you his card in exchange of spice, try to steal a mechanic card to get access to the elevator & sabotage the heating to deactivate the securi
  7. Ah, the X-box doesn't have those parts either, the difference between the two versions is that Obsidian or LA deleted the modules that allowed access to those unfinished parts via some modified saves in the X-Box case. If you copy the modules into your modules foder you can access those two unfinished areas via the warp cheat for example. Just to see what may have been. Kind of like the third Vulkar Base level in KOTOR I.
  8. If you are talking about the deleted Droid Planet & HK Factory, someone on the Holowan Laboratories posted the modules. They work. http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=144302
  9. Wait, so the Sith that appear in KOTOR I & II
  10. I am going to assume its a descendant of him. Would be the second one, after Bodo Baas in Dark Empire.
  11. The timing of when they find the Starmaps is a little problematic. After they defeat Mandalore, they set course to the Unknown regions, IIRC, to "follow the remnants" of the Mandalorian fleet, but in truth to find the Starforge. That would imply that they found the Starmaps during the Mandalorian War. So, if HK-47 helped Revan found a Starmap on Tatooine, that would mean he was created before the end of the War. Nuke, dialogue it is open to interpretation. After all, the memories of a faulty droid repaired by an amnesiac Sith lord aren't the best source of info. This remin
  12. HK-47 fourth memory ------------------------------------------------------ Revan: So tell me about this last owner, then. HK-47: Correction: That would be my first owner, master. The first I can remember. I had completed an assassination in Mandalorian Space
  13. Yes, I though of that, but they should have spent a couple of years down on Kashyyk for that to work. Think I will load up KOTOR later today or tomorrow and copy the exact dialogue with HK-47 and the pad.
  14. He is refering that, during KOTOR I, there were two alusions to a new Mandalore existing after the Mandalorian Wars. One was the last memory of HK-47, of being defeated by Mandalore, and as HK was supposed to have been build after the Mandalorian Wars, it is a new one. Second ones are the datapads on Kashyyk. The Mandalorians that are using the cloaking devices and attacking unarmed opponents have datapads saying Mandalore ordered them to test these weapons.
  15. That was just a pretender, and not a true Mandalore. I will wait until playing the game to see if there is a huge contradiction or something workable around. I never put much faith onto what official sites said, specially Lucasarts of lately. The Battlefront site, for example.
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