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  1. Eh, I had big issues with DA2, but I don't think that was a universally held belief, and they impressed most people with DA:I to right that ship.
  2. Why is this funny? It seems pretty tragic that somebody would waste 2 and a half years of their lives just so they could target the lgbt community. That's some pretty deep seeded bigotry.
  3. I enjoyed Cyberpunk quite a bit and I have a feeling I am not alone in that. I'd say it is safe to say CDPR will be fine for their next couple games.
  4. I'm going to let everyone in on a little secret. Education frameworks and standards are all cyclical. Every set amount of years someone comes up with some new theory for their doctoral thesis, and it is really just a new name for the same thing we did previously. None of it really matters in the long run. What matters is the kids show up, they learn how to do some work and hopefully they learn to use their brains, and then they graduate. It's pretty simple.
  5. I don't teach math, and I don't really like the math teachers on my campus, so I have no clue. Honestly though, there is no real easy answer for math levelling. The framework is not for High School, so when math gets serious, kids are still going to have some choice on what path they want to follow. At the middle school level, I work at a place where math is the big focus. None of the high level math kids do "only" the math class. They have weird math clubs, weekend stuff, competitions to get ahead. Actually a lot of this equity stuff started with No Child Left Behind and the Bush
  6. I am not sure the use of the word expert is warranted.
  7. Pfizer is going to be approved for 13 and up soon. I have no problem getting my 14 year old daughter vaccinated. She is a fully grown person for the most part. My wife and I had the pfizer vaccine and it was a breeze. I'm a little more nervous about my 10-year old son. He's still pretty small. But that is probably silly.
  8. My daughter requested spicy crab for her 14tg birthday, so we are at a place called the Boiling Crab. She ordered King Crab legs, my wife got snow crab legs, and I got shrimp. Trying to keep the cost down a bit.
  9. Michael B Jordan is pretty awesome in everything. I need to get on his workout regimen.
  10. Kavanaugh seems to be the new weak link for me on the Supreme Court. Thomas actually grew on me because of constistency. I don't always agree with him, but I get his agenda and it doesn't change with the political landscape.
  11. Avatar was fantastic as a family friendly version of Aliens. My kids could watch it and enjoy the blue elves and nature, and I could enjoy the space marine going aggro in a mech.
  12. I should clarify, it just didn't seem like it is very simple to engage in the refund process. I am glad to hear they solve the tickets in a timely manner, but it seems like you have to go from galaxy to a browser, and then submit a request through support. I've yet to ask for a refund, although I regret not doing it for Rome: Imperator in a timely manner. Steam is a bit more clear cut and simple in that regard.
  13. Conan Exiles has put some fantastic enemy camps around the Isle of Siptah. They used to be pretty cookie cutterish on the mainland, but these ones have their own sort of story to them. Also the loot seems a lot better. I'm level 40 now and it's a good challenge to go in with my Stygian sidekick and try and pillage their belongings. Also there is this awesome Stygian fortress near my base that I've only scratched the surface on. Plus this island is made with the horse in mind, so it is actually enjoyable galloping across the grassy plains near my home.
  14. Interesting. I started using Galaxy this last year and even bought a couple new games through them, instead of just classics, so I supposed I am part of the growth. Although the low refund rate is interesting, because it seems much harder to get a refund from them compared to Steam.
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