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  1. How dare they steal my picture for their game. Also, Roger Maddox is clearly Lionel Richie.
  2. Huh, didn't realize Robert DeNiro was in the game as well. I am not sure what the trademark rules are here. As someone with no artistic ability, it doesnt really bother me.
  3. Huh. I feel like I'm just going to spend the whole time stressing about finding my kid and not be able to enjoy the gameplay.
  4. Everything you both are saying is correct. But we also pay a bunch of money in taxes every year. How many people are getting more in stimulus money than they have to pay the IRS every year? I doubt anybody is actually pulling in a profit here. If taxation is theft, then an IRS payment is at least a partial return of stolen money.
  5. I don't understand the people who think stimulus checks are just printed money. It isn't, it is money that we already were forced to give to the government. They are giving 'some' of it back. Do you think consumer prices are increasing because people have too much cash? That seems to be your theory based on the link you posted.
  6. I don't think a lot of your favorite shows are targeted as young as you might think. Ice Age is very much in toddler territory. My kids enjoyed it the most in that 2-5 age range. A movie like Ponyo, on the other hand, didn't really work for them until they were a bit older.
  7. There was a joke about Bismarck in the funny things thread, but it made me recall the books that convinced me to become a history teacher. These were the formative titles for me in college:
  8. You guys aren't really anywhere near the target age range of Ice Age, so maybe cut it a bit of slack. My kids found it delightful.
  9. A Pirate's Tale sounds fantastic. We lost Heath Ledger too early.
  10. Are there Twister haters? That movie is on cable pretty regularly, and is always a fun watch.
  11. I gotta be honest, I thought that was an overdramatic take on most stuff. The only serious issue there was a potential strike.
  12. Tom Hardy looks exhausted by his symbiote and I love it.
  13. Certainly not me. I still expect them to fall back to earth a bit. It's a long season. But it has been a fun ride so far.
  14. Running is strange. As a runner, I feel like over the course of any month I spend two weeks feeling out of shape, 2 weeks feeling injured, and a few days feeling amazing and fast. But those few days are really good! My wife and I spent the weekend in San Francisco for our 18th anniversary. I had the best spaghetti and meatballs ever in North Beach. Sunday morning I woke up and ran to the Golden Gate Bridge, and it was beautiful. There were a ton of people out running, cycling, and swimming in the bay. I came into running pretty late. I didn't start until I was about 35. In High Schoo
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