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  1. JA2 1.13 is a huge improvement and doesnt really change the game, so I think you should use it. Just stability and quality of life fixes. I am on my 3rd playthrough of Underrail, and this time it is going much better. My first crossbow guy got stuck in some vents and was overmatched. My 2nd pistoleer petered out in Core City. But now I am a psionic master and I think I might actually get through the game.
  2. Oh, she would never vote blue either. I did mean to go back to the video game topic, or rather the unions for video game workers topic. Tech workers haven't had a lot of impetus to unionize because tech companies have traditionally paid well and provided sweet perks, and there was a limited hiring pool. Joining a startup and helping build it from the ground up is a high risk-high reward prospect. But now we have a much larger pool of trained tech workers and Tech Giants that rule the world. So yeah, unions are probably inevitable.
  3. This morning I caught a football player on the news talking about how he is 'evaluating' the vaccine. https://www.sfgate.com/49ers/article/Nick-Bosa-still-hasn-t-decided-on-whether-he-s-16350480.php So here is a guy who listens to his coach about how to play football, listens to his trainers about how to stay in shape, and listens to his agents about signing contracts. But a pandemic hits and suddenly he is Mr. Science, and he needs to evaluate instead of listening to the experts.
  4. Do teacher's unions support democrats because democrats support education? Or is it vice versa? My wife is a public school teacher and was a registered Republican through her 20's. But eventually it seemed like voting Republican was a vote against her livelihood, so she has been a little less keen to vote red in her 40's. The Republican party doesn't seem to be in a hurry to change that. As for the liberal bent of most educators, I know I've gone over this before, but you have a group of people that spent 5 years in college to take a job that is high on intrinsic rewards and low on monetary ones. Of course they are going to be idealistic and less conservative than the average person.
  5. Damn, I should have put money down on this.
  6. I just read an article about Sunisa Lee being the new favorite, so I imagine she is not crushed that she has a shot at gold.
  7. Just combine them. I'll get your drift.
  8. As a mandated reporter and someone who deals with children affected by domestic violence on a somewhat regular basis, I would say there is a definite distinction. Not to take away from the disturbing images of police violence, protests, and general public mayhem, but what happens within a family unit behind closed doors is always going to hit a nerve with me. Honestly though, I don't even think anyone posted the 9-minute clip of George Floyd dying in the political thread. We were able to to have a full conversation on the matter without the video, just like we are having a discussion on domestic violence right now. It isn't 4chan (or whatever is the current hub of gross videos) and we don't need to see every violent clip to have a reasonable discussion.
  9. I would have reported a domestic violence video there as well. I mean, we can discuss domestic violence without posting footage, if you would like. I just don't think that is going to go very long, as I would hope we would all be firmly in the 'oppose it' camp. I pretty much tune out the anti-American tripe that Comrade posts. It is perfectly fair to say that domestic violence is not limited to one geographic region or racial group, but he has a schtick that is pretty played out at this point.
  10. It was a disturbing video no matter how you look at it. Domestic abuse is a difficult topic to discuss. Posting videos of it on a video game forum would seem to be very out of bounds.
  11. That Ghostbusters looks pretty dang fun. I'm excited for it. Of course, I didn't react with some weird abhorrence to the 2016 film. It was a pretty standard comedy that didn't really fit the tone of the originals. It was just goofy and filled with gags, and the story was forgettable. I'd say it is pretty easy to forget it as part of the Ghostbusters universe.
  12. I guess I should have said SG1. I never finished Atlantis and Universe looked boring.
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