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  1. Started playing Vigilantes. It's kind of like the original Jagged Alliance, with some decent turn based combat, and a Punisher type story. It's very much a small indie project, but I'm enjoying the strategy and setting.
  2. I typically have three different versions of olive oil, and use them differently depending on how much of the flavor I am looking to get out of the oil.
  3. I'm pretty well recovered from my Ironman. The sunburn is still bad, but I'm feeling good and should be up for some activity this weekend. It's funny, but about halfway through that race and well into the next day or two, I was thinking there is no way I would do another one of those. But now that I've had a few days to look at my time and think about my performance, I know I could do better and think I should try it again in a couple years. I don't have too much downtime though, as I'm doing the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon on June 9th. We jump off the boat and swim across the bay, then bike and run in San Francisco. I'm feeling good about it, it is a much shorter event. The craziest part is the swim, which is 1.5 miles and will be cold. I need to go get a training swim in the ocean before then, but I feel ready fitness wise.
  4. I don't think Trump knows anymore about Aleppo than Gary Johnson. I think Trump probably has a better advisor whispering in his ear, but the idea that any of these candidates are well-versed on every foreign hot spot is unlikely unless they already have a background in that. It was an embarrassing moment for Johnson, he admitted as much and said he needs to be better on foreign affairs moving forward, but his ability to answer a question on a talk show about Aleppo is really not an indicator of how effective he will be at keeping us out of foreign troubles. Is he going to be like LBJ and trust all the Ivy League advisors that came in with Kennedy when it comes to Vietnam? I can assume he won't be like Eisenhower, with a well-earned reluctance to use the full might of the military, but who knows? It's a moot point, he wasn't going to win, we know that. But it would be nice to see real challenges against the established institutions, instead of the way they tend to be dismissed.
  5. You sound like Jimmy Carter, GD. https://www.npr.org/2019/04/15/713495558/president-trump-called-former-president-jimmy-carter-to-talk-about-china
  6. That was good. Too bad they can't get that pacing down when they made the movie.
  7. Huh, Druidstone seems to check a lot of boxes for me.
  8. I assume you are talking about the writer of the article, because he seems to be finding 'political correctness' everywhere. As is pointed out with the historical references, this isn't a new trend. Every generation tends to be aghast at certain aspects of the previous. Sometimes it's justified, sometimes it isn't. Thankfully people tend to jump to the defense of those who deserve it, as we see with Mark Twain. But sometimes we lose an entire civilization worth of work, like when Diego de Landa burned the works of the Mayans. I just have a hard time getting worked up over the idea that The Cosby Show is harder to find now. It's a small thing. I think it's a rather big step from outrage to elimination, actually.
  9. I don't know about that, I've bought a few new games recently for $60. The enhanced editions just usually offer a bunch of extra online stuff that I don't care about. The thing is I know I will typically play a game for a month and then move on, so I don't want or care about new content that will come out months down the line, and I don't usually care about online modes. Unfortunately it seems a bunch of people do care about dumb booster packs, because it must be selling. It would be great if we got content instead of simple assets, but consumers are not driving the market that way. I do miss the actual physical collectors editions that used to come out for an extra $10. I got some neat swag that way.
  10. I remember people used to whine sooooo much about the subscription model for MMO's, but I was always feeling like I got a good value out of them. Now the new microtransaction world is soooo much murkier.
  11. The MMO is Kotor 3-7 or something like that, so just play that. Heck, it is free. Just ignore the other people. You can even get rid of companions now, I believe.
  12. Thank you for the suggestion, we will begin work on it immediately. Query: If we went with Starjammer instead, would you still buy it?
  13. Like some sort of season pass?
  14. I finished Ironman Santa Rosa. Bib #1570 if you want to see the results. It took 15 hours and 7 minutes. I started this whole triathlon thing because I wanted to see what my physical limits were, and I found them. It was humbling. The swim was fine. I got cold at one point, but I only had mild thoughts of quitting. The bike was hard after around mile 50. I just kept trying to get to the next 5-mile segment. It took me an hour longer than I hoped, and I was really uncomfortable by mile 112. I never want to sit on my bike again. I also burned badly, so that was bad planning. The run was pure misery. I walked a lot of the miles. Every once in awhile I'd find someone to jog and talk to, which helped. It was a 3 lap loop, and when I saw my wife after lap 2 I totally broke down crying. I walked for awhile with a blanket (since it was now nightime), ate some chicken broth, vomitted up the chicken broth, then just tried to stumble forward. Oddly enough, with 2 miles to go, I was able to start running and ditched the blanket. I finished on a nice jog, but it was still about a 6 hour marathon. That was so hard. At least I finished. It was not a sure thing.
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