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  1. I'd say that is for the best. Trying to impersonate one of the previous actors just sounds cheesy.
  2. Yeah, it's garbage. Shilling should be in, so that's dumb. I mean he may not be a sympathetic character, and his temper tantrum is childish, but his career is what it is. Bonds and Clemens are two of the best players to play the game. They were also the best steroid users during the age of steroid use. It is dumb that they aren't in. The BBWAA is such a bizarre, out of touch organization. This doesn't help baseball. It hurts it.
  3. Always fun to see people against government handouts AND against a livable wage.
  4. Growing your own fruits and veggies also requires quite a bit of organization at harvest time. We have 3 lemon trees, but trying to get my daughter, who seems to live off lemon juice, to harvest and juice them is a monumental task. So a good chunk of them just sit and go to waste. At least we have gotten good at handing off the persimmons to people, and we do eat the apples and pears as they get ripe. Our vegetable garden is a joke. I might get a couple meals out of them during harvest time, but it is just tomatoes and and squash. There isn't enough of them to really feed the family of 5.
  5. Fruits and veggies have been way more expensive in the pandemic, for sure.
  6. Might be giving the guy too much credit though. Could he repeat such a thing? Did he really have control over it once it started to spread? Symbols are a notoriously fickle thing.
  7. The OK sign has always been a bit sketchy though. I still remember getting punched in the arm in middle school whenever I was gullible enough to look down at it.
  8. Yes, everything can be changed over time. There is no shortage of replacement options though. Humans are creative and etymology is fascinating!
  9. Some of you folks seem rigidly attached to certain symbols, words, and gestures. Things change over time, relax, it has been like that through all of human history and we are still here. Also, I am interested to see how DP's campaign to influence the poop emoji will go. I like the confidence!
  10. Huh? Grommie was super active on the US prostests. It seems a bit anticlimactic, given most of the hardcore Russian nationalist have disappeared from this forum.
  11. So did anyone else think a 43 year old Tom Brady would join a new team and take them to a superbowl? That sounds pretty insane.
  12. WandaVision is very good. I have no idea where it is going to go, but so far the first 3 episodes are great. I watched it with my daughter and it flew by way too fast.
  13. Man, I don't even teach Gov & Econ.
  14. I bought a mix and a decent bottle of Vodka to make some Moscow Mules for tonight. No copper cup, but still a tasty break from my typical IPA's. Digital learning and instacarting has definitely driven me to more drinking than usual. At least I ran 7 miles before getting drunk.
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