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  1. My guess is he got a decent payout when they sold. Like many of us, I imagine the idea of striking out on our own with financial security was tempting. I wish him luck.
  2. The problem I see with the typical Bush criticism is: 1. The President isn't working in a vacuum. He has a full branch of people that are helping him lead. You get the impression that most of his big decisions were made with a lot of input and involvement of his full cabinet. LBJ had the same issue with Vietnam, and it is a shame how that affects his legacy. 2. It's a hard job. I didn't vote for him twice, but I don't fault his intentions or work ethic. Trump, on the other hand, seems to be playing a game and dismissing most anybody that isn't a yes man. That is bad.
  3. I love Dumas. I am also a huge fan of The Dubliners by James Joyce, but that is because I read it when I was all angsty in college, and I think you need to be a bit miserable to really dig his work.
  4. China has changed quite a bit in the last couple decades as they've become a major player in the world economy, so it's not like they aren't susceptible to pressure from the West. The fact they haven't driven tanks over Hong Kong protesters already is a pretty clear sign that it isn't the same country as it was during Tiananmen Square. So yeah, it'd be nice to see the NBA and Blizzard stop kowtowing to them and recognize that the money may not be worth the damage their brand may be taking.
  5. Is Howard Stern going to be Ventura's running mate?
  6. With the game pass, I seem to be playing a new game every time I sit down. I don't think it's a good habit. So far, Void Bastards was my favorite of the bunch.
  7. I mean, I prefer Steam too, but it cost a buck to subscribe to the Xbox Gaming Pass for PC and get the game with that, so pretty hard to argue with that kind of value.
  8. Goliath Season 3 - This is such a good show. It was basically a season about water contract disputes, with Dennis Quaid playing the part of the evil Nestle-like water baron, and it was fascinating the whole way through.
  9. I like the use of the word 'petty' in one sentence, and then the example of the word in the next sentence. That was well constructed, poster.
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