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  1. This seems like a strange reaction. I was just explaining why I am ready for another person to be in office. Never called him Satan or anything like that. He got 4 years and that seems like enough.
  2. Have you looked at the growing disparity of wealth in the US? There is no reason to be happy that the middle class is stagnant while the rich get richer. Is that selfish?
  3. Each union negotiates cola increases, but there are a number of variables. Our last full COLA bump was about 8 years ago. It is difficult to keep up with tge increase where we live.
  4. You brought it up as a reason to be happy with the Trump presidency. I simply explained why it hasn't benefited me.
  5. This isn't cancer. We are choosing politicians here. Why would I choose a politician who is not representing my best interests?
  6. Not to sound flippant, but I am not sure why that should concern me. As a teacher, it would be great if the huge shortage of teachers led to higher salaries for the experienced ones out there, but it doesn't work that way. We make relatively the same regardless. The strong economy means houses are being bought up by wealthy investors and then rented out for a profit. That adversely effects me. It means more traffic. All the while my healthcare costs have risen and my taxes have stayed the same. So yeah, I am not benefiting from the strong economy.
  7. Everybody keeps talking about the economy like that means something, but I've seen no growth in my salary, and my costs continue to rise. Is the middle class benefiting from the economic boom?
  8. Again, something being bad with one president does not excuse the other. The Ukraine stuff that led to the impeachment doesn't ring a bell? It is ridiculous that we have a President in twitter spats with teenage girls. 4 years is enough of that. Not sure who is hysteric here. The term is coming to an end and I'd prefer to see some new train wreck, instead of 4 more years of the current train wreck.
  9. Why does it have to be worse than someone else? Can't bad stuff just stand on its own merits? Off the top of my head I'd say: Ukraine stuff Kid refugees Twitter
  10. I stalled out in Season 1 of Better Call Saul, but I picked it up again recently and am now in season 2. Mike is the best part at this point.
  11. Funny, I have just continued my TB Pillars 2 playthrough. There are a lot of abilities in this game. It is confusing.
  12. None of those words mean anything, SonicMage.
  13. Now that multiple people have corrected Skarpie's very clear misunderstanding of Gromnir's statement, I'm sure he will learn from it and we will all move forward with better communication in the future.
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