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  1. The rest of your post was awesome and insightful. But this line is a silly dig. History teachers aren't experts on every geopolitical situation that has ever happened across the history of the world. We might have a few certain content areas that we are more well versed on than the average person, we are hopefully capable of looking at it through a historiographical lens, and lastly we should be able to teach it in an engaging manner. Pretty simple job, really. They pay me too much!
  2. Oro is great and I always appreciate his perspective. He has made it very clear where he is coming from and why.
  3. Eh, seems pretty reasonable, given some of these actors seem to have very little reason to be so heavily invested. I mean, look at Skarpies signature, and then try to figure out why he cares about all of this from the other side of the world. Has he even vacationed in the US? Does he have family in the US? It's pretty weird. How invested are you in what is happening in Poland?
  4. That's crazy! I don't think it means Obsidian gets another Fallout game. I'm not entirely sure what is means for them. It was kind of nice that they were really the main RPG studio in the Microsoft portfolio. What happens when the next Elder Scrolls game is compared to Avowed? Outer Worlds compared to Fallout? I mean, I'm happy to see both studios putting out games, but I'm worried from a business perspective the underperformer will be in trouble.
  5. Subnautica: Below Zero - I decided to bite on the beta, since I was in the mood for a peaceful swim. It is coming along nicely and looks to be a solid follow up to the original.
  6. The problem is the Republicans have control of the senate, so they have no reason to stall. I mean, of course they will look like hypocrites after stalling 4 years ago on Garland, but nobody seems to care about hypocrisy if it helps their team win. Go political sports team go.
  7. I'm not sure that it is a shame though. Your average 12-year old is blessedly naïve about the about the world around them, and I don't know that we need to really rush to crush that with realities of power and manipulation in government.
  8. Fun Fact: My lesson on Machiavelli is one of my favorites. Less fun fact: Very few students remember or understand it.
  9. Magnum Dopus - The Making of the Jay and Silent Bob reboot. This was better than the film. I am a big Kevin Smith fan. He is just a positive guy, and he tells a good story. His podcasts are still the gold standard. Sure, he isn't recapturing the magic of his early films anymore, but I still love to hear him talk about the process, pop culture, and superheroes.
  10. Unwilling and incapable are two dramatically different situations. I will bend over backwards trying to help the incapable kid find some success. There is always a path forward, it just might not look like it did for the rest of the class. Special education teachers basically live in this world. They are all excellent at celebrating the small successes instead of focusing on the failings. Unwilling...eh. If a kid wants to space out all period, there is only so much I'm going to do to try and engage them. People need to own their education. I'm bummed when a kid fails because of lack of effort, and I will extend plenty of opportunities to jump on board the learning train, but I'm not going to lose sleep over it. Heck, it gives me more time to focus on the kid who needs and wants the help. That all being said, I do see it as my job to engage the students. If a good chunk of the class is not picking up what I'm selling, then it is on me to shift gears. I swear some teachers just assume it is the students job to always be attentive, no matter how boring they are being. My attention span is a pretty good indicator. It is not long. What were we talking about again?
  11. So what would voting for Trump be like voting for?
  12. Yep, the reality of diabetes in this country. I do a charity ride every year called the Tour de Cure. My father-in-law died last year of diabetes related causes, and one of my ride buddies has a son who lives with type 1. Our ride is coming up. http://main.diabetes.org/site/TR?px=15363308&pg=personal&fr_id=13008
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