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  1. which has approximately nothing to do with that shirt, which has no naked anything as far as I can tell. Attacking that guy with a twitter firestorm was grossly inappropriate. I sympathize with your point on the silly PoE controversy, but if you're defending flooding the guy with thousands of hate messages for the shirt that he wore I lose a *ton* of respect for you. Ohioastro had more than a silly name, But once he read Junta it was all the same, He chose to take part, chose to object, Only his conject did not the subject reflect.
  2. Mungri was an extremely angry man, His behaviour emphasizing the lack of a game plan, Sometimes he would yell, sometimes he would scream, Regardless, his body was soon found drifting downstream. *Note: Mungri is an taekwondo master and anyone who challenges him in single combat will have a problem on their hands!
  3. Osvir was actually a dragon, who knew? A example was needed and so he cut through, The crowd stood back, taken by surprise, As Osvir stepped forth and shed his disguise.
  4. Junta was once a man of many dongs, For his own he needed tongs, In the game he disabled autosave, Out of game he can only misbehave, His shirt oppressed, His mood extremely distressed, He does naught to fight for his cause, Only sits on the forum waiting for applause.
  5. Big ol' PrimeJunta was having a ball His fat legs tumbling as he braced for a fall Luckily for the fatman he landed on his ass Big enough for him to have eaten the whole middle class *Note: PrimeJunta is really an extremely muscular gentleman So fat he looks like a ball Luckmann is more wide than tall Sex is out of the question He can't stand the frustration *Note: Luckmann is in reality a world-reknowned bodybuilder Stun and PrimeJunta went to a bench And planned to do some kissing Stun made a pass, and grabbed Juntas ass, Now two of his teeth are missing *Note: W
  6. ??? Those two camps have nothing to do with eachother. Those "offended over the removal of jokes" weren't offended about anything, and weren't looking to be offended cause of anything or for any reason. That is not the case on the other side of the fence. So no, I disagree; there are not "perpetually offended" on either side.
  7. Except, of course, that it is also physical power. You perform great feats of physical strength in dialogue, with high might.
  8. I'm sure you can see into people's souls too and work out what they think, right? Saying "people who backed the game must love it because they are deluded" is just as pointless as saying "people who criticise the game are just trolling". Neither have any basis in logic or reality. There were reviews also up within minutes of people giving the game a zero, for example because it has "old graphics" or whatever else. There's a lot of stupid people saying nonsensical things from every spectrum. Again, it's funny that you're doing exactly what the OP is cautioning against - assuming
  9. That's not a solution to the problem. That's a removal of a perfectly legit gameplay option. You're saying "don't use these useful features because occasionally you'll pause a split-second after an auto-pause". How about, instead of denying features as you're suggesting, the game offers extra options in the keybinds that completely negate the problem? In addition to the current single keybind for toggle pause on/off, why not add an extra set of keybinds that correspond to always pause and always unpause? I believe Scouting Mode does this, with an available bind for Scout On/Off, plus two b
  10. I hadn't heard of this until today. I am outright confused by the sentiment at play in the complaint. I doubt I can provide anything to the debate that hasn't already been covered in other threads, but I guess I can chime in just to confess being equally puzzles by the topic not being up for further discussion? The thread doesn't break any rules, does it? Why wouldn't it be acceptable to keep the talk going? I don't understand. EDIT: If people want to discuss this topic and aren't breaking any rules, why not allow it? The topic has relevance to the game after all, doesn't it? Again,
  11. I haven't finished the game yet, and I'm playing a rogue main, so keep that in mind with my response... So far, contrary to Josh's goal, you want the heaviest armor possible in all cases. No. No, you absolutely do not. I just switched half my parties armor out as an experiment, and trust me--my ranged Cipher and my priest are both *MUCH* more useful with a much higher action speed. Indeed! Frontliners can wear the heavier garments, but it is wholly gimping if you pop heavy armour on anyone else. I'm only speaking from the perspective of "normal" difficulty, though!
  12. If you learn to position yourself around it, the level one fire spell is just about one of the strongest in the game - at least from what I've experienced so far, including on the lower levels. The fact that your allies are not harmed in the extended AoE (Overseeing and high INT) make the cone of fire ridiculously good, I think. That one spell pretty much carried my first several hours of combat, haha That one made me laugh during play aswell, how my squishy-as-hell wizard is suddenly performing great feats of physical strength in dialogue! One of the charms of the game,
  13. Wrong section. But from what I can gather, you collect taxes on certain "turns", and you only advance said turns, when you complete quests. In other words, go complete quests
  14. Glad to hear I'm not a "save scummer"! Some of those fights though, damn, almost impossible if you don't hire adventurers, cause the natural party makeup is really bad, in my opinion-- Or again, maybe I'm just going too far of the beaten path. Either way, I would assume hiring adventurers and path of the damned go hand in hand, no?
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