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  1. The tables have turned! I look forward to getting my first reprimand from you some day, numbers
  2. Moving on, on my mission to replay classic RPGs. I've meant to replay most of them ever since I wrapped up Pillars of Eternity I+II, to kinda travel through and replay the inspirations of those games. I'm going through Dragon Age Origins now - which is a refreshing take on the standard tropes, coming from Neverwinter. But the Bioware formula and character tropes are so very transparent here, even those who made it into Pillars of Eternity (Edér and Alistar having some of the same functions). Still, I actually like these games a lot more than when I first tried them - stripped of the hype and with a good dose of 'judging them by their time', they're decent games. Afterwards I'll be trying the games I never finished: Dragon Age II, Inquisition and then on to the old classics, Arcanum, Fallout 1+2 and then ending the trip with Planescape (know the story, just never got to the end myself).
  3. What hooked you before that? I've been keeping an eye on it and seems to be a diamond in the rough.
  4. Well that is the point of moderated review, after all. Sparing the rest of the board from the worse of the posts, so you don't need to read spam or death threats, between actual constructive discussions. Not saying he did or didn't, just that you would not see any such post, when he's on moderated review.
  5. I've been playing through Neverwinter Nights 1, 2 and Mask of The Betrayer (but not Storm of Zehir), It's been on my bucket list for a few years and I've tried starting a few times, but never managed to get far - mostly due to the horrible graphics :D But stuck through this time, with a druid in all games - and thoroughly enjoyed it! MoTB was not as spectacular as I remembered (but still great) and NWN2:OC was actually a lot better than I remembered. I think Lord of The Rings and High Fantasy attrition was an issue when it was released. Today everything is pretty grimdark, so the campy style seemed more refreshing.
  6. I became Danish Hurlshot apparently.
  7. Does Rosbjerg know? In the words of the famous Admiral Acbar 'It's a trap!!'
  8. I imagine It's a product of two design departments not really working together, like one writing the short prose first and a writing department fleshing it out later.. or a lack of experience or unrealistic time constraints on the writers part, in general. But yeah, it makes me quit a game. I liked L.A Noir's gameplay well enough, but every single dialouge pissed me off, to the point I couldn't enjoy the game.
  9. Maybe, or maybe it simply took much longer. I'm guessing the wheel works as a sort of water mill, in that it both draws energy from the motion of souls, but also directs the stream.
  10. As I understood it, the Engwithans hijacked the natural process by creating a sort of sieve, that allowed the god constructs to collect energy from the souls passing through the Adra to the center of the world - where the actual reincarnation takes places. The gods have then used this energy over time to create their realms and spheres of influence, to the point that they theorize that the natural process might've been disturbed. Which is what Eothas wants to destroy, so that we can return to the 'natural order' and gods and kith can die without 'the wheel' stealing energy from them in the process.
  11. Paradox's Stellaris, is coming to PS4 and XBOX Interesting move - cool to see more classic PC games going to the consoles, with RPGs like Pillars of Eternity and now grand strategy games.
  12. That's exactly when you sell, as you're selling potential growth and revenue and not asking the buyer to save you and take a risk. It's the phase where everyone is bought (unless to get a specific IP) and it's why fans are so bitter, when the next product is mediocre..
  13. Be advised that the multiplayer only runs on official servers that have timed events. So you can't just play whenever with whomever, unfortunately.
  14. I never enjoyed playing a cipher in PoE1, as I feel they're too gimmicky as a single class - but multiclassing they are extremely effective and fun. A rogue/cipher is particularly deadly. The Rogue class gives you mobility and stealth, while the Cipher class boosts your damage and gives you crowdcontrol option and debuffs, which then upscales your damage agin. I consistently dealt ~100 in raw damage (pre nerf) as a Soulblade/Assassin, several times through combat with the soul annihilation + backstab attack.
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