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  1. I apologize in advance if the following issues are already known. Bug 1: An intelligence bonus is seemingly extending the duration in which a certain fixed damage is applied. It's unclear for me whether it's just a poor description of the actual effect (more damage in total) or a real bug. Bug 2: If I first add one skill point to Athletics, and then revert the action, then it subtracts too much from the "points spent" and adds too much to the "points left", which means one could possibly spend more points than available. I didn't test if this can actually be applied. In any case, there is some bug that could be fixed. Bug 3: When opening the map, then alt+tabbing out and then opening the game again, the map gets distorted. I want to mention that I didn't get any serious bugs since the patch, so, good work, and thanks.
  2. I paid about 175€, so I chose the "No! I feel I paid about what the game is worth!". In other words, I really don't know what this kind of question is trying to accomplish.
  3. The most immersion breaking issue is that "Du" resp. "Sie" instead of "Ihr". I'm playing the english version because of that.
  4. You are talking about meta-gaming, but whole idea of Might stat for example is meta-game-based. Cause again, I can ingame descripe physically weak but powerfull wizard in old classic RPG system, but can't in this new one. Taking meta out of the equation and just looking at the RPing side then, sure you can. Explicitly because Might does not use the word strength, Might can mean what you want. The might of his soul can translate into several things. Spellpower might, because his soul is 'mightier' than others. He can physically(soul-ly?) do more because of that. I don't understand you, sorry. I want to have physically weak old, very old wizard that can blast mountains with his spells. Or I want to have weak willed charismatic bard. Try to stat them in this new system. I also see this as a problem.
  5. ? One of the in game options (main menu or while playing) lets you change to any of the langauges from the game. I really consider doing that since the German translation is lacking at the moment. But it's really great that you can switch the language in such a simple way. Well done Obsidian.
  6. I noticed that the NPCs address the main character by "du". This is a very familiar tone. Usually, you would use "Sie" or more precisely "Ihr" (since the game takes place in medieval times). It breaks the immersion for me. Is it supposed to stay the way it is? Also, I noticed some typos. Should we make a list of them or is it pointless at this stage of the beta?
  7. Hahaha, awesome, I didn't even know that I also have a beta key. Downloading now.
  8. Maybe, I don't know. I guess, the environment artists will figure out the problem and solve it.
  9. For some reason, I have the impression that the characters are floating over the ground, especially the left one. I don't know why this is the case, but maybe it's because there is no small "shadowy" area around their feet or something like that. hey true, he needs a shadow and doesn't have one ! I not only mean the left guy, though. The right guy also seems to float, even with the shadow, but to a less extent. As I said, I'm not entirely sure why it seems like that, I just notice it.
  10. For some reason, I have the impression that the characters are floating over the ground, especially the left one. I don't know why this is the case, but maybe it's because there is no small "shadowy" area around their feet or something like that.
  11. That reminds me of BG2, where the German translation was in my opinion decent but there were still some strange things. For instance, they translated "adherent" with "Klebstoff" which is the translation for "glue".
  12. I love everything about this update but if I have to name something in particular, then it's the UI. Fantastic. We will probably be working on a shader soon to make ghosts/spectres etc. appear more appropriately... spectral. You could even make it so that such creatures switch between a visible and an invisible or less visible state.
  13. I believe logging into the backer site and doing its thing gives folk the option to pledge more/get some of those things as "add-ons." Thank you, I will try this.
  14. By the way, will we be able to pledge more money? I came too late and missed the kickstarter, so I couldn't pledge for a physical box (maybe collectors edition). I'd gladly correct this mistake.
  15. I voted for "Yes - I think I should be able to choose" However, I think, this option should be available in any mode, not only expert mode. I mean, if it is implemented, there is no reason for not giving the players this freedom regardless of the mode they play.
  16. Now that you say that, I actually agree with you there. Battles in infinity engine games are very "rhythmic". You do something and watch how it "turns"s out. You repeat this for each turn. And you usually exactly know when a round ends after a short amount of time for getting used to this rhythm.
  17. Hello, first, I don't know if someone already made a thread about something like this. If so, I apologize. I'd like to address a feature that found enjoyable in the games of the Infinity Engine, namely rounds. Before you start getting heated, let me explain. It's actually not rounds but the result of attacks and spells being confined in the corset of rounds. I give an example: Since you could (usually) only cast one spell a round, and the spells did have different casting durations (the time from starting the casting until the end of the casting), it needed a different amount of time until you could cast the next spell, i.e., something like (duration of a round - casting time - start time). This seemingly random time introduced some kind of dynamic into the fights (or the illusion of it). And this is what I really liked about the fights. In other words, I don't wish back the concept of rounds, but I not only like randomness regarding, for example, the length of the effect of some spell, but also regarding the casting time as well as the time a character needs to recover from a spell. This randomness can indeed be very small such that it introduces some kind of dynamics while still preserving a large degree of predictability. This could prevent the feeling of very mechanic battles where the characters cast like perfect machines what could damage the immersion. This concept can maybe also be applied to attacks and abilities. What do you think about this?
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