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  1. Just going to post and say thanks for the Linux version. What many developers are misunderstanding however is Linux users and potential Linux users. Theres a lot of people who will support a kickstarter like PoE and might pay more for the game due to Linux support. Or simply support it because of the LInux support, without actually being Linux users. I know quite a few of these people, they're Windows users, but they're always very positive about projects or games that actively support Linux, most of them because they want to use Linux in the future, but find that their 'one' favorite game
  2. Encountered an odd bug, looks like prices are multiplied by 100. Have a look at the attached savegame, my character is in the Black Hound. Talk to the innkeeper and notice camping supplies cost 6200, one succulent meal costs 3700. The game was installed completely vanilla off of steam. No mods or anything, never touched the installation. EDIT: for some reason I can't attach the file to this post. So it's on my dropbox instead https://db.tt/60JJlHmk
  3. Wizard is kinda crap, it doesn't really fit in anywhere, cipher and druid do the things the wizard does, but better. That said max out int and might take a few points from con and put into dex to reduce cast time. Focus on aoe spells that knock down enemies, daze them or aoe damage over time.
  4. If you're using nvidia. open nvidia-settings either by sudo nvidia-settings or kdesu nvidia-settings or gksu nvidia-settings and set the monitor you want to be primary as primary in the "X Server Display Configuration" tab and remembering to apply and save to your xorg.conf. If this doesn't fix the issue you have to be a bit more specific to Xorg. By doing gksu gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf go down to the "Section "Screen" " find the option Option "metamodes" and specify the resolutions you want the system to be able to use. Mine looks like this obviously you will have to edit the resol
  5. Barely played the beta outside of messing around with builds in the first area of the beta. Played plenty of Infinity engine games though, so hard it is.
  6. I could've sworn this forum didn't exist earlier... As the title says. Equipped capes don't render either on the character in the character window or on the main screen. And it looks like theres some physics issues with other pieces of cloth as well. Apart from that, no discernable issues. System is x86_64 GNU/Linux
  7. You know, it's actually kinda annoying. There I was thinking I'd make my superhero team with a monk named Superman, a fighter named Batman, a rogue named Batgirl, a cipher named Mysterio, a wizard named Green Lantern, and a ranger named Hawkeye . But when I realised that the capes didn't render, I had to forgo that for now. It's just not the same without capes!
  8. Equipped capes don't actually render on characters, neither in the character screen or on the main screen. x86_64 GNU/Linux
  9. A good way to pass the time whilst waiting for release is watching AMC's The Walking Bread.
  10. They're smart guys. So they'll just do as they did with the beta keys; that is to say add them to our individual obsidian.net profiles, that they required us to setup after the kickstarter concluded. This way they only have to send out one email informing backers that their keys are now ready to be claimed on the backer site.
  11. It is a bit confusing to figure out whats what with all those editions on steam. It should be made clearer which version you're entitled to, depending on your backer level.
  12. It is looking like everything will be shipped pretty close to release day for folks in the U.S.. International deliveries may be a couple of weeks after release, unfortunately. Once we receive confirmation of delivery from Paradox we will let you guys know. That is really dissappointing if it turns out this way. What's the point of having a poll about when to ship the game disks when it doesn't matter for a lot of people in the end? Paradox shouldn't treat europe like second class citizens, escpecially when we backed a good amount of the total money. They might as well ship the disk wi
  13. I will go for the first one. I don't even have a disc drive, I just want that fancy box and a drm free copy for archiving. However I would also want the 'complete' experience of playing a potential new classic RPG on it's release day. And being in Europe, well, waiting usually means a month or so for shipping.
  14. Maybe if they curved inwards and were 2 cm shorter, but they're not and they don't, they hang and curve outwards. Like so many elves in so many korean mmo's http://www.tentaclearmada.com/images/figures/lineage_elf/elf-01.jpg
  15. Unfortunately my first post here will be one of complaining, but it's something that I find deeply troubling; the ears of the wild orlans. They look too much like so many elves from so many popular mmo's, which get their inspiration from the artstyle portrayed in popular shonen anime's, and thats not what I'd like to be a stablehold in a western made rpg, that harkens back to the 'golden years' of Black Isle. I'm glad I pledged to the game and will proudly wear the patch on my jacket when I get it, and haven't found reason to complain. Until now.
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