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  1. So long as there are enough per-encounter spells and so long as spells scale in effect with caster level, then I suppose that will be a good enough fix, though not my first choice. If the devs can't find it in themselves to go with per-encounter spells, then they need to seriously make rods and wands scale in effect with caster level or make passives that dramatically improve them so they feel like something better than throwing darts from BG. I still doubt I'll play a pure wizard though, and I hope Aloth can get some multiclass action.
  2. My most enjoyable experience playing a wizard in a vancian system was playing a fighter/mage character in Baldur's Gate 2. Why? Because the character could stand shoulder to shoulder with the fighters and cut down trash mobs with a sword, then obliterate powerful enemies and "boss" creatures with improved alacrity, spell triggers, and magic missile. Important to note, is that my wizard didn't use spells in most encounters, because of the limitations of the vancian system. Sure, I could have rest spammed, but that's a cheesy crutch to compensate for a fundamentally flawed magic system. A magic system where wizards spend most of their time throwing darts is not a good system. If POE 2 sticks with vancian, all I can say is thank goodness for multiclassing. I think you and I are on the same page for this mechanic!
  3. How about going to a mana/spellpoint system where Constitution gives you an energy pool that spells and abilities draw from? For the sake of simplicity, it could just be a duplicate endurance pool that is drained only by ability use. No cooldowns on abilities beyond the standard action recovery time. Replenished on resting like Endurance as well.
  4. https://youtu.be/r1j9LVVUiFg?t=65 HAAW HAAAW HAAAW! Love that guy.
  5. Hmm, and a DR penalty for going below 10 CON. A useful incentive to prevent dumping.
  6. Sounds like the most optimal Barbarian starts with 13 on each stat, since they need something from all six. Think of all the missed dialogue opportunities with that spread!
  7. Pillars of Eternity 2: Shadows of Aedyr, where your PC discovers their heritage as the spawn of Eothas. This will be followed by the expansion, Throne of Eothas.
  8. If you want to lay the hurt on dump statting, you could double the penalties for each point below 10. That'd really kill the fortitude/reflex/will saves of any character going the dump stat route.
  9. Upon reaching the Black Hound Inn in Gilded Vale, hire the Munchkin Twins for your party. Wild Orlan Fighter 8/18/6/20/6/20 Equip these bad boys with kite shields and hatchets, run them out well ahead of your party, then actually play the other 4 party members as you wish. Don't forget to choose every single defensive skill there is on level up for these little munchkins. The fact that they exist at all is a testament to something, I'm sure.
  10. Hmm, if you're going to add a slider for adjusting the range of area loot, would you consider setting the upper end of the slider to 30 meters? That way the no-area-loot petitioners can pass on the area loot, and a player like myself would only have to click one body in the combat area to sort all the loot. I confess, I do like myself some streamlining.
  11. Ok, I was only joking when I mentioned that it was ridiculous that this game wasn't supporting the occulus rift or 6 monitor setups. Unfortunately it seems ideas have been put into peoples heads now.
  12. Maybe it's a lack of imagination, but I can't imagine a 2d isometric game needing ragdoll physics that are common for 3d environments. On top of that, anything I've seen with ragdolling is prone to those hilarious bugs that Haerski went over. Seriously, if you've ever played a Source game, Unreal Engine game, Bethesda game, GTA, Saints Row, etc. etc., there's no way you haven't seen something so crazy that you have to stop and chuckle. Shoot, I remember giant bug corpses getting caught in my character's legs on Dark Souls, and getting dragged around, up and down ladders, and generally jittering all over until I finally shook them off. Maybe ragdolling can be added to game without such craziness EVER happening, but I'd have to see it to believe it.
  13. I think it's utterly preposterous that this game doesn't support the Occulus Rift. Shucks, I'd settle for 6 panel multimonitor support, but it doesn't even do that!
  14. All I can say is that if there aren't hard restrictions on resting in certain places, make sensible consequences. If you are fighting monsters, brigands, or whatever through the ruins of a castle, and you stop to rest in the middle of some feast hall or throne room, the unfriendlies might find you while you rest (assuming it makes sense for more of them to be in the area, as in, you haven't cleared the place out yet). If you find some store room in a far flung wing of the place, and shut the door behind you, then you might be able to rest unnoticed. Likewise, if there's a timed quest, and you rest every 3rd room, you're going to spend DAYS (in game) just to clear the place and might not achieve the objective in time. Timed quests and ambushes/encounters on rests are something I'm all for, and perhaps rest restrictions to boot. Seriously, there are probably going to be plenty of places where you click the rest button and your NPC companions could sensibly say "You're nuts! We can't stop here! It's far too dangerous!".
  15. Schwingers aside, when it comes to NPC relationships I have no particular preference either way. I think the writers should be the ones to decide whether there should be NPC romances or not. What I do want though, is some sort of a dialogue, acknowledgement, or growing relationship of approval or disapproval depending on how various situations are handled by the player character. Give the NPCs some life, but don't throw in a romance just because it's the cliché thing to do! If there IS a romance of some sort, consider alluding to it at the end of the whole shebang, after the BBEG is defeated, the world is saved, yada, yada. Then we can talk about the PC being toight like a tiger.
  16. Ahh! Inventory management, one of my favorite topics! Why not have a backpack that has no more interior volume than, say, a hiker's backpack? And why not SEE the backpack rendered on each character? And also consider having a pack mule for hauling items that won't physically fit in or on a character's backpack. Having a pack animal traveling with the party would add a new facet to the experience, actually. I can totally see a group of bandits killing or incapacitating a loaded pack animal, thus putting the player's party into a real bind. If that happens to the animal, the party pretty much has to move on and leave the loot/supplies to the bandits, or risk sending someone for help or a new pack horse. I'd really like to see a game that treats luggage realistically, and doesn't fall into the old routine of having characters with superhuman strength carrying around enough suits of looted armor and weapons (in an invisible backpack, no less!) to outfit a battalion of troops. Make the players pick and choose what they can take with them! Throw some consequence into the treasure!
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