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  1. I'm ginna be killed for saying this but... Xbox because its easier to get into it. With a keyboard and mouse and a little 14" screen I just don't get into the game. But with a controller and a 25" screen... :ph34r:
  2. umm... its "should not have" which is then shortened to "shouldn't have" which is sometimes shortened to "shouldn't 've" not should've (atleast in the way your using it...)
  3. The lightsabers were kind of glitched... all you have to do is run around and they like stop then you just take them on one on one
  4. And theres the awesome cut scene were (no blood but pretty violent : " )
  5. Revan was 'special' though... and he had to go fight off the 'real' sith lords
  6. And I thought the lucas art forums were bad...
  7. yeah that makes him real buff... lets go force choke are girlfriends...
  8. Bull crap... he would have been ashes if it weren't for Old Ben... I mean in the end Obi-Wan was giving Yoda orders to train Luke!
  9. The Exile forms bonds with people (like Bastilla and Revan) and when they feel pain he feels it as well. During the war when so many Jedi that he formed strong bonds with were dieing he felt the pain (like in the beginning when Kreia has her hand cut off) so he cut himself off from the force (yes he did it to himself, atleast thats what I got from it). That is why Kreia likes The Exile so much, she hates the force and she loves his ability to 'kill' it...
  10. I got the Barab Ore and used it for the last ten minutes of the game... got it off of Sions corpse on Malachor (I was a Jedi Master too... hmm)
  11. I think its a glitch err something. don't remember getting it off of any corpse or out of any locker. It just appeared. Also... On the tomb on Dxun the dead body in the tomb had Freedon Nadd's(I think) short lightsaber and it's bronze... the icon shows it as yellow but its not (Bronze is kind of like a firey color inbetween what I'd imagine orange looks like and red)
  12. Well if you really think about it KOTOR wasn't that great... Taris was tedious and some of the party members were annoying too... but for the most part its 'classic' and I definetly wouldn't say that KOTOR II is better than it.... especially with the ending
  13. I found one but it kind of just appeared in my inventory on Malachor don't know where i got it... it kind of looks like an orange one except it has a reddish glow.... I also found a bronze short lightsaber and in the tomb on dxun you find ... danget i forgot his name Nadd something well its a bronze short lightsaber except it deals as much damage as a reg one its bronze...
  14. hmm... maybe it has something to do with the order you go to each planet(s)? or its just the 'random loot' thing..
  15. The three floating purple lightsabers... rofl! They were harder to kill then Darth Nihilus...
  16. Got my silver crystal on dantooine from the old santa-looking salvager that you find in stuck in the enclave
  17. I think that if there is going to be a kotor III that it will have something to do with this if not everything (and if it dosn't I would be friggin angry!!!) the big question is who would you be? Revan and The Exile are both already pretty much as 'experienced' as they can be so it would be dumb if they had us play them(atleast as the main character) so they would have to introduce a new character and the first thing that comes to mind would be someone like anakin who has always had a stange almoast natural connection to the force and even though they are older then the usual padawan they are trained anyway since the jedi are still quite few and the galaxy is in need...
  18. :ph34r: I like most of the EU but... but some of it goes to far and dosn't always seem to match up with the movies, which if any of you forgot is the beginning of starwars and should be counted as the cornerstone... "
  19. I thought Visas Marr was your apprentice... And was it ever confirmed that Darth Nihilus is MSG?
  20. *yawn* I'm tyred and its only 6:38, 7:38 if we didn't change our clocks...
  21. also - cause trouble for KotOR III... the simple choice of gender seems to mean alot in KotOR II
  22. I don't think so, I mean 'it' is definetly fighting Atris in the wallpaper. Never seen an artifact like that before... I said george lucas, but I think it is the 'female sith lord'
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