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  1. Was my question somehow difficult to understand? I didn't say there couldn't be a default setup, and I don't know much of anything about programming so I thought maybe they could have checked the x-box memory for certain things. Anyway, my questions been answered, so please direct any more flames to my pm box, if you like.
  2. I was thinking more along the lines of the memory from the x-box...
  3. When I fought the vision of Revan at the Korriban cave, he was using the same lightsaber setup as in my KOTOR game. A purple in the main hand and a red on in the off hand. I was just kind of curious if this was just a coindence or not?
  4. Yes, anyone in your party can do it. One's in the cantina, the other is in the docks area.
  5. Why did the Jedi masters decide to gather when you spoke to them? They said they were waiting for the Sith to reveal themelves, but they never felt that they had? They went back to the enclave just to strip the force from you and were planning to leave again? Did Kreia create the bond, or did you? Maybe both. Who knows? I didn't like the ending too much either, but I liked in both games how certain things were left vague. The thing I wonder about the most though is what happens in Kotor III if there is one? Are we going to see a third mysterious force adept who just stumbles across the path of Revan and the exile? It's going to be very hard to tie four possible past combinations into the new story.
  6. I'm stuck in the trap at the Jekk Jekk tar and can't seem to find a way out. Did I do anything wrong or am I just missing something? I used Mira to open up the emergency exit and leave, which freed my main character, but I can't seem to follow her through the tunnels. I thought I was supposed to follow this guy? Should I just go back through the main entrance?
  7. Try getting the authorization every possible way. I had the exact same problem, and when I killed the droid guy it worked the first time.
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