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  1. A lot of people still don't know that thing is going on, so if enough people are informed it might work. Also, people just got paid either today or yesterday in a lot of places.
  2. Sure, why not? No harm in letting people know they aren't out of luck yet.
  3. So that's already happened, right? Anything revealed or talked about specifically?
  4. GILF terrorist The worst kind. The Kreia/Traya
  5. Yeah, pretty much means no sale for me this time around. Obsidian were what made that game great. I'm hoping for their next kickstarter sometime soon after the first expansion comes out, though. If there will be one
  6. Aye, the fiasco stuff was sort of overblown, far as I remember. Though it would've been nice to see Obsidian have a bigger cashflow it was more of a negotiation issue than anything else. And Bethesda probably knows that most people by now recognize New Vegas as the better of the two games by most peeps.
  7. I disagree, considering how resting and stuff works in this game, it'd break iron manning and soloing the way the game is set up right now. Unless you restrict random stuff to like, special areas or something, like with the assassins in Defiance Bay.
  8. Can not believe Kana's winning. He seemed like a fun and interesting person with some depth to him. Optimistic in a dark time without being corny or goofy. Hiravias though I get why he's so high on the list, and he's the guy I voted for. There's just something about his voice acting or possibly direction that just doesn't fit the character being portrayed. Or the character portrayed just does not gel with the game, somehow.
  9. Awesome to hear, and it is still going strong on the top sellers lists. Pretty hopeful that they'll make at least 3-400k in sales over all platforms in the coming week or so, and 500k before the first proper sale, possibly this summer.
  10. I'd guess they don't want this to overshadow any PoE news at the moment since that game is still selling in the top 5 spot on several sites.
  11. No. I don't even know how to respond to this other than just saying that simple word, so I won't.
  12. As I just hit midnight, only 4 more days technically till the game hits! And I opted for all digital, sort of regretting missing out on the physical manual but I'd only break it like I did the BG one
  13. I know I keep saying it everywhere, but thank you for making this.
  14. Still no real news about this, right? I'll have to start saving money once I hear it is in the proper planning stages.
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