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  1. Just saw on board game geek that AD4 finally dropped. Hate to say it but at this point the honeymoon is kind of over. It's my fault I bought the season pass but I really should have been patient but I wanted to support the game, and now I'm just kinda ... Meh. I still like the game but I'm just past the point where the dlc really gets me excited. Someday I'll probably re download the game and try the new paths but I'll most likely wait until everything is done. As far as a "Skull and Shackels" ... No way I'll pay a dime not unless everything is released at once.
  2. Speaking of ... Could any of the devs let us know where they are development wise with the additional adventures ? Like are they complete but going through testing ? Basically I want to know when development on Skull and Shackles will begin
  3. I wouldn't pay real money for chests. I payed the $25 for everything, so all the gold I earn in game gets used on chests.
  4. In my experience you have to be willing to give up those blessings to explore again. I run three to four characters in a party, and I always make sure to have Kyra in that party to heal back the blessings that get discarded for exploration. Another thing I do is make sure I'm placing characters in locations based how strong they are at closing said location. You don't want to put Valeros in a location where the closing condition is based on an Arcane roll. Nothing is worse than encountering a henchman on the first or second draw, and then failing to close the location, knowing you now have to explore the entire deck to shut it down.
  5. Yea my Harsk died during black fang, replayed twice with Harsk and both times it would not give me reward. I guess I'll have to try deleting him and starting a new Harsk.
  6. Which ever you decide, I would hope you f2p people spend some real money at some point. I'm not saying spend the whole $25 ( though it's totally worth it ) and I understand not everyone has the same amount of disposable income, but if you don't support the developer financially, they can't support the game. After playing this glorious app, my worst fear is that they won't continue on with Skull and Shackels and the rest of the expansions. I was soooo pissed at the devs after all the delays, but they were 100% on point when they said it would be worth the wait.
  7. Basically it's everything I've hoped for. It's Pathfinder Adventure Card Game with enhanced flare and flavor, no set up / tear down time, no rule hunting, and it keeps track of all of your characters progress. Best of all, I don't need to find a place to store hundreds of cards. I admit I was really disappointed with the delays, but I can see why now, considering how much extra content was added in. Congrations team, you've done it.
  8. Played tutorial on Nabi big tab. Freaking awesome !!! Well worth the wait. Thanks to the team. Only small gripe is that it's constantly disconnecting and then reconnecting to the server, which caused me to earn zero gold during the tutorial. I'm sure that is just a launch issue though.
  9. I can guarantee Burnt Offerings (as well as the character add on pack) will be available day one. 1. There isn't enough to perils to keep anyone playing for more than maybe a day. 2. They have to have something to sell on day one. I would expect a new adventure every month, and if the game makes money, Skull and Shackles next year.
  10. There is no way they'll force you to play solo with just one character. Pass and play is confirmed so even if this was the case, you could essiantially play pass and play as a solo game. After all, even in the physical game, the only difference between solo and multiplayer is who is controlling the party.
  11. I completely agree, I think everyone is looking way too far into the fact that the initial app is free. There is plenty of money to be made on selling the adventures. I too hope the adventures won't be more than $10 a piece, and hopefully they will have a package deal where you can buy all of them for a discounted price. It's understandable that the physical decks would be $15-$20 because of the actual manufacturing cost and the fact they are collectable, but I don't see why a digital pack of cards would be $20.
  12. I think everyone is worrying too much about free to play tokens. If any of you have ever played games like Summoner Wars or Ascension, the typical model is base game, buy expansion decks. The whole pay for tokens thing wouldn't even work in a game like this. I'm sure the devs are keepin quiet for now because typically the publisher decides the price, not the devs, and they probably still haven't decided exactly how much to charge for the expansions.
  13. While I can't speak for the devs, and it appears they can't say much either, Perils of the Lost coast is only three Adventures (games/rounds) which is just enough to teach the game and get you hooked. Tack on the fact that they didn't say how many heroes you get for free, so it could be 3 for all we know, not to mention the free version could have a limited amount of weapons/items/extra so it's not like they are giving away everything.
  14. Great. Now I have tablet envy. Bastard! Must. Not. Be. Jealous! I'm sure it will look great on my little 9.7" screen. <.< We'll have to compare notes when the game ships this spring. It was on sale back during the holidays for $180. It's perfect for board games. My wife actually got it for me as an early gift because I thought Pathfinder was coming out in time for Christmas. Myself and the kids play tons of board games on it. In fact Nabi makes a "24 model as well. Worth it if your a hardcore board gamer. Now if Marvel Legendary would just release a digital version, my life would be complete.
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