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  1. Sorry for the late update, but re-starting with a new group sorted this problem. Thanks.
  2. Agree with everyone on here, I've not been able to claim gold for days. I try to log in around the time that it tells me the next payment is due, only to be greeted with another timer that gives me a fresh, seemingly random waiting period. Why can't they simply pay you on your first log-in for each day, the way every other game does it. This is utterly hopeless and I certainly won't be paying for gold when the current subscription expires. Ridiculous system!
  3. Will do, Aarik, thanks. Got a chance for a brief blast last night, but didn't beat it! I think I need to get fired or something, there's not enough time these days for the things that really matter in life....
  4. Thanks a lot, yes, I also saw that leaving the app open isn't recommended. I'm going to give it a bash with a different group and see where it goes. Thanks....
  5. Hi, thanks for replying. I can't actually remember the characters I used to beat it the last time, but it was a party of two. I'm just playing on my own with permadeath off? I suppose if I can't find a workaround, I'm a bit stuck, which isn't great..... It allows me to complete the first scenario and sort out my deck, but when I move on, the second scenario is still locked. It did open on one occasion before and I played the opening cinematic, but I had to stop at that point and when I returned, I was back in Brigandoom and the second scenario has remained closed. Any help?
  6. I am running this on my old ipad 2 with effects turned on - zero issues, runs really well...
  7. Hi - just a quick query, I'm very new to this. I have beaten Brigandoom twice now but the next scenario - The Poisoned Pill - remains locked for me. Is that a bug or is there some reason why that should be? Thanks for any help...
  8. Edit - thanks, worked it out! It is easier with one in the party, the number of boltholes is significantly reduced. Now, I just need to get better at everything else!
  9. Hi trashcondor Thanks for coming back, that's a useful tip, I will give that a go. I'm fairly confident that I've got the hang of the cards and everything else, I was just struggling to affect the outcome in time. One other very newbie question - how do I actually alter the make-up of my party, I've been struggling to find a way to do that. I seem to be stuck with a party of six and I can't find a way to alter or reduce it. Thanks very much RC
  10. Hi I am new to the game and I've started playing the new ios version and it's good fun, but I am still stuck on Brigandoom. I'm beginning to think I must be doing something wrong. I tend to run out of turns before I have managed to close down the locations and corner the villain, I have tried keeping the party together and splitting it up in various ways, but I can never seem to get near winning. I appreciate that it's difficult, not having seen my attempts at play, but if there is any advice anyone can offer, that would be great. Thanks a lot RC
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