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  1. I don't get why people complain that they will be receiving a box two weeks later than launch date. Just... wait two weeks. It is not like your life depends on it, you'll still be able to play the game at launch date, and check all the digital manuals if you want. It's still reasonable to complain if you're a collector of sealed boxes, and I feel bad for this people if there's no return from that consufing poll's decision.
  2. At this point, it doesn't seem that the 'shipping physical goods first' poll was a good idea to begin with, =s
  3. It would be great if a 'shields up' animation could still be incorporated into the game for release, or at least in the first patch. It's sort of an obvious thing, otherwise shields would be just... useless. It may look like a minor thing, but this kind of animation feedback can make a good difference in imersion. It varies from player to player if imersion is important in combat as it is in the rest of the game though. I personally don't like turn-based combat because of this, it's like the game paused and you entered in a mini-game... but this is personal I know, and it is not the discussion... I'm just saying that, if the combat is RTwP, it should value imersion just as well as strategy and micro-managing. What about the animation feedback for disengagement attack? is it implemented yet in the beta?
  4. Yeah Arden, that's the same pledge that I made. I actually paid $65 for it, but I believe $15 was for shipping outside of the US (might be mistaken). It was not during kickstarter, it was during the 'slacker' backer PayPal period. I remember looking for the cheapest pledge for a boxed copy. TBH, I'm not sure now if there is a digital copy along with it, due to it being after the kickstarter period and all...
  5. I pledged for the cheapest physical copy ($50 I believe) and I was pretty certain it contained a digital key too. But now I checked the goods in my pledge and there is no digital download of the game there. Not quite certain now... that would be a bummer, especially considering the delay with discs delivery. Of course, a bummer out of my expectations, just that. It's nothing regarding how grateful I am for Osidian's work on this game since the beggining. It's just weird how two years passed so fast, sometimes I would even forget about this game, and now I can barely wait for its release! A little bit more than two weeks and it feels to much waiting! Damn, I should look for a distraction...
  6. This will be probably the most unnecessary suggestion someone ever gave here, but... during combat, could the blood stick in the ground for a little more while? Like for as long as the dead body is there. I mean, must be an easy thing to do, and it would add more realism I guess. I know this may sound over-perfectionism, but it pains me to see blood falling to the ground and vanishing right after sometimes =s.
  7. Is there any information about companion's interaction? Will it be huge like in BG2? Because, if so, adding, let's say, 4 companions would mean adding lot's of dialogs with different character combinations (don't wanna do the maths right now, xD) with every possible party formation etc. It is a huge work and it would take time I guess, specially if those added characters had importance in the story. Characters are the reason I love RPG though, I'm all in favor of adding more NPCs, if they're meaningful and not shallow, which I doubt coming from this team. Wilderness areas are the reason I love BG1, the birds chanting, the unexpected encounters. Would love to have that feeling in an CRPG again. What would be of the LotR movies without the walking.at.a.straight.line.on.a.mountain.peak scenes??? I'm all in favor of adding a nice music for the wilderness moments too, xD.
  8. Does new stretch goals mean that will be opportunities for people who didn't know the game till the end of the kickstarter's term to become backers? xD
  9. Awesome features! but, I might just be a little concerned about the companion who stays at the stronghold. I woudn't like to see his/her personality lost in there. Like: "Oh, OK! You want me to stay at your stronghold? Of course! I'll sent you reports every week and make sure your reputation stays good! Bye!". I don't know, for an adventurer, to refuse to go along with you and stay at one place, as a housewife, doesn't seem believeble. Also, is the stronghold going to be mandatory? What if the PC is a humble, poor guy, who despite any kind of royalty, ostentacious stuff? It would be cool if some (not all of them) stronghold features had a counter-option, like putting a guy in the local prison, instead of your own private jail. Also, will the stronghold have an important role in the story? Or act more like a side-story rest house?
  10. As it was already said by some, the fact that a character is annoying and you wanna "shoot him in the head etc.etc." doesn't mean he or she is a bad character. Of course this hole topic is very personal, but, by reading it, as well as other topics about NPCs and companions, it may be possible to think of one element that seem to anger most of the cRPGs fans: Stereothypes. Why are they that bad? It's hard not to fall in stereothypes even in real life, when you meet someone who belongs to a specific culture, is from a specific country or works in a specific area, as exemples. The fact, in my opinion, that makes a character poor is not if he represents a stereothype, wich most of NPCs will do, but if he can be entirely described by one. As if you come up with an idea for a character ("a rich noble girl who claims to sensitize with the poor, and needs to help them") and, once you had that idea, every dialog, every action she makes must follow up that first idea of the character ("so, during a battle for her life, against a beholder, she would definitly shouts 'For the poor!!!' in the middle of a dungeon"). If every character should have to follow up a predetermined concept, than they would never surprise you, they would never change and so on. For me, this is a poor character, one who you know everything about at the very first moment you meet him/her. In the other hand, characters must have their personalities, their beliefs and opinions. And those would, of course, influence their actions. But the extension of that personality is so poor in some NPCs, that it can be resumed by only one phrase. The NPC becomes a plane thing, while every person in the world have more than one facet, and can suprise you, even with a story about something you woudn't know he/she likes. And about annoying characters, most of them are the coolest ones. Anomen is a jerk. Who doesn't know one, or have a friend who is? Would you shoot your friend in the head and blabla...? Also, when a character feels a need to feed his ego that way, it's intriguing. I, at least, want to know him better, his motivations, his past etc. For me, that's what makes Jaheira a very good character too, she can surprise you, you can feel she is in conflict with herself, she changes. Also all the characters from PS:T as well. I haven't played Dragon Age, NWN or KotOR, wich seems to be leaders of NPCs complains. But I've played BG2 and PS:T, and there isn't much to complain about the characters from those games, or much to worry about P:E characters too.
  11. Don't know if someone mentioned this already, but it would be nice if there was a special stealth mode animation, like the character trying to be sneaky, thing's like that, not just becoming half invisible. The rogue could bend his knees and lower the head a bit, nothing to cartoonish like walking with his toes .I don't know if that's to much effort for an not so important end thou
  12. Those FedEx quests, when you gotta deliver something, or some message, to a NPC in the same map, and the other NPC is just to lazy to go by himself. Also bugs. I don't exactly know what the last goal (enhance the entire game) means, but a bug-free game would be nice.
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