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  1. Where did you get that portrait? Very close to the original artstyle.
  2. I don't think they'll start developing a Pillars of Eternity 3 until TOW2 and Avowed are finished. I hope so, actually. I don't think working at this many big games at the same time is a good idea. Probably TOW2 and Avowed will have a robust post-launch support, maybe expansions. Then, it will be a better time to start working on a PoE3 I think.
  3. lol, don't worry about it. I like that your portraits also fit PoE's style. I'm adding them to my collection as well, since we share the same taste. I'll go back to working 9-to-5 this week, so I'll probably not be able to do these so often anymore, but you can send one more if you wish!
  4. Thanks! I think I found a new hobby, lol. There you go, friend:
  5. I gave it a try, but noticed just now that there is a headspace in the convo portrait. Sorry. Maybe you can adjust the image size and crop it to get rid of the headspace, but that would lower its resolution a little bit (I didn't save the original edit. I am just starting to tinker with these watercolor portraits. My mistake.)
  6. Nevermind, I decided to just follow the Photoshop tutorial and BAM! I think I'm happy with the result. Sharing for everyone (The first one is based on art from Kieran Yanner. I'm not sure about the second one):
  7. Hi, Could some humble soul make a watercolor version of this beauty? The illustration is from Kieran Yanner. I just increased the size of her eyes a little bit. EDIT: Also this one, if it hasn't been done yet.
  8. My goods also arrived in Brazil this week. I had to exchange a dozen e-mails with Dan first, to make sure that the distributor sent the replacement and informed me the tracking number.
  9. I am having an issue with the shipment of my goods to Brazil, and damn the support from Obsidian is poor indeed. I first contacted then by email on 10th of September, because the shipping to Americas was supposed to be completed by then, except mine. Got no response, so I contacted Versus/Evil and Obsidian Facebook, they answered me on Facebook saying they would look into it. Then almost a month later (1st October) they aswered my email saying they had problems with the distributor and now I heard from them again on 30th October, for me to talk directly to the distributor, since my order has been through some issues. So yeah, it's been almost TWO months since I first contacted them (when I was supposed to have gotten my goods) and I still haven't even got a tracking code...
  10. Dan, I live in Brazil and still got no sign of my goods! I checked the spam for any email and there's nothing. I've tried to contact you guys through support email and Facebook and Versus Evil through support email (it's been a few days), but absolutely no one answered me yet. So I'm a bit helpless here. From what I read, the shipping to the Americas is supposed to be complete. Thanks for any help.
  11. Same here, also on "Shipping Soon" it's been a while... but living in Brazil. Any news regarding South America? (did any south american receive their goods yet?)
  12. Finished reading "American Gods" yesterday for the first time. Good read, although I'll give all the credit to Gaiman's basic concept (mixing ancient gods and modern america) and his writing style. The story per se starts well but I didn't like the way it evolved after the first third, and the ending is almost cringy, relying on some unnecessary plot twists.
  13. Pardon my ignorance, but what's wrong with the american healthcare? Ah, all of Scandinavia feels like paradise. Is it Norway that's adopting early projects of reducing work time from 8 to 6 hours a day? Or Universal Basic Income? I can't remember. Anyway, from what I hear, you guys seem to be thinking ahead on life quality improvement. I also love seafood! However, the only norwigian movie I watched is called "Olso 31. august" and it's depressing as **** so it kinda left this dual impression in my head.
  14. Lol, you're the kind of people who enjoy pizza with 6 different kinds of meat on top of it?
  15. What would these delusions be? I gotta say, besides the cold weather, I find your country one of the most attractive places to move to. It seems open-minded and polite (maybe because of your president?) and I hear they are encouraging foreign students and young couples to join the country's workforce (to help paying the retirement of the elderly or something). I didn't know there were other native languages in the US besides english. I have to ask: what is yours? One of the reasons I started this thread was to know if there's any icelander in here to ask how they like living in there. It seems like paradise: very organized, stable and it has beautiful landscapes (there's the extreme cold as well, but maybe I'll get use to it).
  16. Since there are people from all over the world here, I think that's an interesting discussion to have. 1- What country do you live in? What are the things you like/dislike about it (e.g: economy, culture, lack of security, lack of freedom etc.) 2- What country would you prefer to live in? Why? And maybe if you live in a country someone else would like to live in, convince him to do so... or not to do so.
  17. Well, Croatia won two matches on penalties after regular time tie, so I guess that's even. Considering the three extra-times, they played an entire game more than France. As much as I'm not fond of France (they all seem arrogant for some reason, specially Mbappé), I'll root for them at the final, since they played the best football so far. Croatia is so praised for their strong midfield, but I think their play has been kinda ugly to watch, relying too much on high crosses to the area.
  18. It was. Too bad the only goal was a header from the corner-kick... kinda boring way to win imo.
  19. Nah, I wouldn't say South American teams are lacking individual talent yet. That has been the talk in the last two World Cups (and this one seems to be the same): collective and organized team work >>> individual talent. 2010's Spain consolidated the revolution of "tiki-taka" style of play, passing the ball with very small error percentage, even in the opponent's side of the field! 2014's Germany also met that high standard of team work. Of course, Iniesta and Schweinsteiger are outstanding players, but it's the collective that won those World Cups. Their teams had an incredible flow: everybody who's not controlling the ball is moving all the time, to give more passing options with low error percentage. I found Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and even Uruguay haven't reached that level of collective training yet. The goals are usually born out of direct long passes or individual talent. Uruguay's current midfield play is terrible to watch. Belgium and France's games have been delightful to watch so far. Both have absurdly efficient counter-attacks, but I put more faith in France's ability to attack fast and precisely when the adversary's defense is all set and structured. Rooting for Belgium though
  20. So excited for Belgium x France already. More so than the final... whatever it may be.
  21. I can say brazilians also make fun of and are annoyed by Neymar's diving and over-reacting faults, however he's more admired as a talented player than hated as a diver. As a football fan, I must say the faking I hate the most is when a player covers his face with his hands whenever there is a slightest touch anywhere near his face. Some even check if they aren't bleeding, uh... An easy solution for flopping to pass the time would be to use a countdown clock that stops whenever the game stops, like in basketball. Let's say for 30 minutes per half-time?
  22. Oh, got it. I am also screwed in my pool. I thought Germany 2006 was great. Fair enough. To be honest I only remembered the Brazil knock-out and the final being very boring games to watch (except for Zidane's play and headbutt), while in 2010 and 2014 we had two finals decided in extra-time (also 2010 had that amazing match between Uruguay and Ghana and 2014 was also fairly entertaining, with 7 x 1 etc.).
  23. C'mon, it's been entertaining too watch. It can't be more disappointing than 2006's Cup. Until now we had: - An awesome C. Ronaldo x Spain tie decided in the last minute with a wonder goal, - Germany turning around against Sweden with a wonder goal in the last minute, - Brazil winning against Costa Rica in the last minute, - Japan passing through thanks to less yellow cards, - Germany being knocked-out by Korea, - Argentina's ressurection in the group stages with a goal in the last minute against Nigeria, - Amazing match between France and Argentina with 7 goals, - Denmark's goalkeeper defending a penalty in the last minute of extra-time against Croatia, - Belgium turning a 2x0 against Japan with a last minute counter-attack, There've been tons of matches decided in the very last moments: Iran x Morocco, England x Tunisia, Uruguay x Egypt and I'm sure I'm forgetting a few... Even Colombia today scored a goal during extra-time to tie the game and make it to penalties (too bad they lost though).
  24. I didn't know there was all this hate against my national team among foreign football fans. What's the problem with Brazil winning the World Cup again?
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