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  1. Crud. I chose to go steam specifically because I wanted access to these items. I would've preferred the GoG version if I'd've known a potential alternative was in the making.
  2. As the title says, I have a glitch in my Stronghold. It reported that Bandits were on their way, and I chose to manually resolve the situation. Rather than fading to black and putting me back in the Keep when the situation was resolved, as has happened with every other encounter, I remain outside. Whenever I return or exit a building, the team of bandits is once more in the Courtyard, killing my hirelings. It's become somewhat frustrating.
  3. Very nice! I like the direction that the monk is taking. Also, gotta say, I'm big on the concept art.
  4. I'm all down for harder punishments for context-sensitive criminal acts. Exclusive opportunities that are tied to the main storyline, or major side-quests? Sure. That could be extremely interesting, particularly if the quest in question had various ways for you to approach the situation. Perhaps it would be particularly more difficult and time consuming to do things the non-illegal way, or something bad could happen if the quest is not commit with haste. In a world like Project Eternity, where greyer definitions of morality are encouraged, this could be a useful story element. Don't make
  5. Mmm, I'm unsure if this is related or not, but I think context sensitive death animations for the party could be an interesting (although probably costly and intensive) thing to implement. For being murdered by a random party of mooks, nothing special, just the standard stock animations or a "game over, must reload" screen. But for various bosses within the game? Example: you're going up against Johnny Johnson, Murderator of All Things Pure and Innocent. Your standard hack-and-slash dude who's a mega-brawler. Your party wipes to him and his backup. Johnny Jonhson then runs you thr
  6. In a way, I would like it to be a blend of something like the Greek Gods and the Faerun/Forgotten Realms Gods. One of the things that always fascinated me about the Greek Gods in particular was just how dynamic they were, and how actively involved in the mortal world. The gods didn't offer salvation or good tidings for all. They were more like mortals with unbelievable power, some were good, some were bad, but most were a mix of many traits. They were capable of vanity, jealousy, wrath, and any number of things. They interacted with each other like a large extended family. Some of them g
  7. HK-47 - A snarky, perpetually insulting, sardonic companion with an immense love of killing. Not only did HK-47 undermine you at every feasible opportunity if you didn't see eye-to-eye, but he painted the world in a delightfully poetic fashion. Murder and destruction just seemed so much rosier with him around. And if there's one thing I appreciate, it's someone who makes evil seem fun. Not some intense chore to blow up the world over some childhood grievance. Not someone that twirls their mustache and says that you'll 'rue the day you crossed me', but someone who likens love to making an
  8. I'd actually prefer we steer AWAY from the "old posh English" accent to emphasize antiquity. It's already ridiculous enough that they have English accents for Romans and Greeks, we don't need English accents for a fantasy world. Furthermore, since this is being released to... well, an American (and global) audience, I would think that American accents would be suited, and accents as a whole should be reserved for foreign characters. Made up accents, or more obscure ones that the standard European could be refreshing and help the immersion experience since we're dealing with an entirely new
  9. Having drinking games and down time would be amazing. Imagine the strange, mundane, and hilarious dialogues you might be able to interrupt. Perhaps if you successfully sneak into something of these encampments during their downtime and get a certain distance in, it can trigger a dialogue window?
  10. A spell-writing mechanic for high level wizards could be fun. Obviously to limit the hassle of implementing something like this, you could limit the levels of the design and be given a certain number of "points" assigned to various sections of the spell. You could have break it up where they would design whether or not the spell was a passive spell like a buff, a defensive spell, or an attack spell. From there you could decide its various effects an invest your "points" into either the power of the spell and its damage, or how many turns the buff/defensive ability lasts. You could also det
  11. Yes! I was thinking of something along those lines especially. That way you're unfamiliar with the area when the affect takes place. Exploring said area is optional to begin with, that way you aren't forced into having that encounter. Because the environment is foreign to the players (and maybe happens on say, the first time of exploration), you won't be sure what type of monsters or scenery to expect, making it even harder for the player to separate hallucination from reality. I hadn't thought about that, before! A cipher could be a really good candidate for something like that.
  12. I actually like the direction that they're taking Paladins in, as it personally defines them as more of a separate class to me than the cleric/fighter hybrid they were in game. It also gives you a great deal more range in character alignment than those of the traditional Baldur's Gate Paladins. If I want to play a character who is extremely devoted to a god and ready to kick ass in His/Her name, I'll just do a priest/ess. So far nothing mentioned by the devs suggests that priests aren't capable in battle. I'm curious to see what kind of buffs or passive abilities they get? Perhaps somethi
  13. One of the thing I'm tired of is companions who blubber all over you. Yes, they have problems, and I know and respect that. And for some companions, it's in character to blubber, or be indecisive to some extent. But as a whole, I feel that being of the adventuring suicide-journeying sort means that you're of a hardier stock. Having a companion that can state what's wrong with them without constantly going to you for your opinion and for validation would be nice. Points if they decide to do a romance where the characters aren't complete needy angst machines.
  14. The Flooded Dungeons in the title made me think of the Water Temple from OoT, and I had a brief flash of frustration. But anywhos... I think that this would be really interesting to implement, and make for a lot of monster encounters otherwise unavailable to you. Aside from it just looking cool as far an environments go, you're certainly opening up a lot of possibilities for combat. Creatures you can't easily see, and therefore would have difficulty hitting. You could also have a special creature type that will attempt to drown characters it has grappled if you don't manage to release
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